7 hacks to be less stressed at work

Let's face it: if your work is evaluated on the basis of pre-defined standards, you are doomed to feel work-related stress.

7 hacks to be less stressed at work
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Let's face it: if your work is evaluated on the basis of predefined standards, you are doomed to feel work-related stress.  

Whether it is a tight deadline, unfair criticism, or a tax bill to handle, your mind and muscles immediately switch on 'hit-and-run' regime that you feel by increasing blood pressure and body tension.  

This is our evolutionary mechanism of response to stress. It prompts us to act without delay but the modern life and the office routine, in particular, put certain restrictions.

You need to know stress-management strategies if you want to avoid the chronicle stress associated with headaches, upset stomach, weight gain, and heart diseases.

Fortunately, researchers offer us some time-proven and scientifically based techniques that would help decrease stress without fail.  

'Think stress-free' hack #1

When you begin to feel stressed you need to...chew the gum. The Japanese scientists announced the results on their research upon observing 50 volunteers. It turned out that fourteen days’ gum chewing may improve the levels of anxiety, mood and fatigue.

The obvious pluses of this technique are low level of required investments and its simplicity👍 .

'Think stress-free' hack #2

If you want to be stress-resistant during the day, you need to start with organizing your night.  According to the results of sleep survey, in case you experience the shortage of sleep hours or poor quality of sleep you are more likely to feel over-stressed.

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As trivial as it sounds but you must take care of yourself and have 7-8 hours of night rest. In addition, you can use an app that can help you monitor your sleep to get insightful about its quality and improve it accordingly.

'Think stress-free' hack #3

Use the software, like Trello and TMetric, to allocate your work time and calculate it with precision, which will surely help you avoid overloads.

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In case the idea of planning fills you with boredom, imagine the chaos you will have to deal with if you miss the deadline. Besides, scientists claim that repetitive tasks like filling in the time entries or everyday planning help your brain feel at ease and increase your focus ability.  Measured means managed. This rule beats it all.

'Think stress-free' hack #4

Take 'smart' breaks
Some people call switching from typing the document to watching cats in Facebook a break. Do not repeat this mistake. The 'smart' break is switching to a new activity, preferably, out of office. Take a walk, even for 5 minutes, it always works.

'Think stress-free' hack #5

One of the stress management strategies that you can apply is... to feel amused. Good laughter will help you feel 'endorphins hit', which creates a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

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'Think stress-free' hack #6

You might notice that having to respond to some draining situation you feel like eating (or even worse, overeating) chocolates. Emotional eating is a frequent reaction to the stress.

Try to 'cheat' your brain by giving it what it craves for. But instead of 10 candies, make it a piece of dark chocolate. Certain chemicals in chocolate help relax the blood vessels, thus, guarantee to reduce stress in the long run.    

'Think stress-free' hack #7 (radical)

By the way, you can measure your level stress here.

If it shows a high rate, give a try to 6 of the hacks above. Still feeling anxious? You can always change your fast-paced job🏁 and opt for a stress-free career, for example, of a librarian 📖 or choose from the list of jobs that do not require high stress tolerance.