About TMetric

About TMetric

TMetric is a time tracking web app for freelancers and any size businesses across a variety of industries.

Its Benefits:

  • Great control over time intervals
  • Monitoring project budgets
  • Setting flexible billable rates
  • Crystal clear reporting
  • Transparent team monitoring
  • Tons of integrations, all wrapped up into a light interface.

Most importantly, it delivers calculation on how much time is spent on certain projects, clients and tasks in an instant.

Who is it for

TMetric offers time tracking tailored to professional needs. It is a perfect fit for:  

Get TMetric hand-on experience as a team lead or apply it for your personal needs. In both cases, you enhance your time and team management expertise.  

How it works

We want you to track your work time both easily and accurately. TMetric timeline has it all:

  • time tracking with precision
  • client billing scenarios
  • invoicing with confidence
  • reports in amazing diversity
  • project budgeting
  • project management options
  • 50+ integrations with your fav apps.

To get the full feature view, proceed here.  

Transparent Pricing

If you need TMetric for yourself or your 5-members-team, you get FREE access to:

  • an accurate time tracker
  • diverse reports
  • all integrations.  

Or try TMetric full functionality for a month.    

What is behind the name

TMetric Story

It all started four years ago...

We feel grateful to our users: TMetric became a tool for thousands of customers.

But then we flew at higher altitudes, and it made us happy.

Besides, in 2018, our users scored TMetric 4.8 out of 5 in terms of its functionality and perfect usability for IT, finance, and design industry experts and rated their customer satisfaction as 100%!

During 2019 remarkable winter, our customers named us among High Performers.

In 2019, the number of integrations our users can enjoy, crossed 50.

During 2020 our achievements continue to grow and we gathered more and more rewards.

The geography of TMetric application is the WORLD with users located in more than 100 countries including the USA, Brazil, Germany, India, Canada, UK, Poland, Philippines, Netherlands, France, Australia,  Italy, Japan, Israel, South Africa, Argentine, Mexico, Portugal.

And it is not the end of the story because we are still growing and creating it for you!

Contact us about TMetric pricing, features, integrations, or just to say hi on Facebook or Twitter.