Apps for Lawyers - Best 25 Applications to Run a Law Firm

Applications designed for lawyers enable legal professionals to switch from physical presence in the law office to remote work mode instantly. So in case you want to create the best work environment at your law firm, you will surely find these 25 apps for attorneys to be of great use.

Apps for Lawyers

Attorneys running law firms opt for using apps as facilitators of workflow and proven productivity boosters. Applications designed for lawyers enable legal professionals to switch from physical presence in the law office to remote work mode instantly.

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So in case you want to create the best work environment at your law firm, you will surely find the 25 apps for lawyers we list below to be of great use.

TMetric: Track the lawyer's time with accuracy

When to apply: Timekeeping for a law firm is the foundation of its smooth operation. Hence, having a reliable tool that will enable lawyers to get precise work time calculations effortlessly is of great importance when creating the app ecosystem.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

In addition to the option of setting different billable rates for different clients, legal professionals can operate on a diversity of functions like:

  • rounding time
  • generating lawyers' productivity reports
  • budgeting recurring projects to save time on administrative routines.

Legal time tracking solution implies that a time tracker should directly connect to a billing system, and project management as well as provide for creating invoices within the app menu and generating diverse reports.

TMetric is a tool that matches these requirements.

Pricing, Platforms: Free for a team of up to 5 members. You can also download the iOS app and Android app

Google Docs: Create, edit and share documents

When to apply: Attorneys and lawyers cannot do without software providing an efficient editing process with the option of simultaneous participation of multiple parties. Applying Google Docs caters to this professional need perfectly.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • With the existing Template Gallery, creating the document will be a matter of seconds.
  • It goes without saying that getting access to the same version of a document when it comes to legal practice is of exceptional importance. The same pertains to providing the parties involved with access to the drafts at the stage of making amendments to the document.
  • Choosing this cost-friendly app will save tons of time and technology dollars.

Pricing, Platforms: Available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Clio: Optimize law firm management

When to apply: When you need to deliver synchronicity to complex working processes of your law firm.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • Clio is a great all-in-one tool with the ability to simplify management within a law firm and turn traditionally hectic hours into a breeze through easy navigation on the dashboard.
  • With its leading position among cloud-based software for legal professionals, lawyers will reap the benefits of its application instantly, especially in the area covering client relationship management (CRM).

Pricing, Platforms: Starts at $49 per user. Available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play

LawStream: Law practice management

When to apply: It is a great integrating solution for usage in law firms that helps unlock a new level of management and productivity for attorneys.

LawStream is one of the outstanding innovators in the legal software world voicing legal professionals' needs in terms of application technology.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • Law practice management software features almost everything you can have in full-fledged management service including billing, invoicing, document management, trust accounting, CRM, catering management, and legal case management, except time tracking.

Pricing: On Cloud Plan which includes IT support, monitoring, and maintenance, the fee is $145 per staff member per month

Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Ed: Research on-the-go

When to apply: Lawyers belong to a professional group that does research on an ongoing basis, and having access to resources with a scientifically-proven database of terms is a must.

There has been no better source of legal language than Black's Law Dictionary for over a century.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • The 10th Edition of the famous Black's Law Dictionary supplies hyperlinks for related terms, definitions, bookmarking, and audio pronunciations.
  • By applying Black’s Law Dictionary, law firms use a reliable source of information for legal professionals, which has been in use for over 100 years.
  • The 10th Edition offers the most comprehensive data in terms of precision of definitions that cover 50,000 terms.

Pricing, Platforms: $54.99, available on Apple App Store

Law Dictionary Offline: Access to law terms online & offline

When to apply: The introduced Law Dictionary contains all the terms used in law with their short descriptions for each word in a clear manner; the Search option is also available to find out the word in an alphabetical manner.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It's a practical law dictionary edition that provides a comprehensive source of clear legal terms' meanings and saves tons of time on research.
  • In addition to a free legal dictionary, you will get a business law dictionary, legal terms translation, and a legal jargon translator. The app has been installed over 100000 times so why not join such a big community?

Pricing, Platform: Available for free on Google Play

Westlaw: Legal research service

When to apply: Westlaw app is the optimal solution for research purposes. It is a legal research app that has been awarded and celebrated by industry professionals many times.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It features sharing, emailing, printing, and downloading the necessary documents.
  • Its design makes it easy to navigate when working on an iPad or directly from iPhone.
  • You can navigate among various premium options (WestSearch, KeyCite, Search Filters, Folders, History, Notes, and Highlighting) to complete your research mission in no time.

Pricing, Platforms: Available on Apple App Store. Free. Paid access to premium features.

GanttPro: Manage law firm projects with ease

When to apply: When you need to bring project management at the law firm to the level of accelerated efficiency.

GanttPro screenshot

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • This project management tool is based on Gantt charts. It allows the multiple creations of tasks in the hierarchy you need: subtasks, groups of tasks, subprojects, projects, etc.
  • Users get an intuitive and visually appealing timeline with assignments and dates.
  • Moreover, GanttPRO offers other robust project management features for collaboration (through comments, attachments, and mentions), resource management, better time management, and more.

Pricing, Platforms: $7.99 monthly on Basic Plan. Also available in Apple App Store and Google Play

PathLegal: Your law firm branding solution

When to apply: The choice of PathLegal software solutions means that the law firms will get access to an extensive directory of legal databases, which, potentially, can help expand the client database.

legal forum app

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It can boast of the best legal forum
  • The users enjoy the delivery of daily legal blog and article listings.
  • This app became a research solution for over 100,000 legal professionals and law firms worldwide.

Pricing, Platforms: Free in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Lawyer's task manager: Manage legal tasks easily

When to apply: Lawyer's task manager is an optimal solution for law firms that would like to encourage attorneys and other legal professionals to use it to plan and manage tasks.

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It is a mobile application geared towards lawyers and lawyers' interns involved in public and private organizations. It records and tracks hearings, appeals, meetings, client rates, and default interest accruals.
  • The built-in e-Reminder can work by SMS and email.
  • It is optimized and fully usable for Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Slovenian lawyers.

Pricing, Platforms: Available on Google Play for free

Lawyer Case Diary: Digital planner for legal professionals

When to apply: When you need to improve the planning and strategizing of your law firm business.

Legal time management software 2

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • This tool is developed for employees of law firms to assist them in managing their Case Diary/Legal Diary and increase their availability.
  • It features options that enable lawyers to manage client details, contact details, and case portfolios.
  • It also has the option of reminding you of scheduled cases.
  • It also has options for instant viewing the clients' database, adding and editing new cases, working with the documents (databases are accessible in offline mode, updating hearings in one click, and managing court lists.

Pricing, Platforms: For pricing details, consult a vendor. Available on Google Play

Dropbox: Document and storage management solution

When to apply: Innovation has always been a facilitator of a productivity boost, especially in the legal profession with its detail orientation. Dropbox is one of the best free software recognized by millions of users that moved productivity to a new level.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • For legal purposes, it can be applied for storing, editing, and sharing documents.
  • With the support of over 20 languages, it is an ideal solution for international legal practice. It keeps active status even in the offline mode and provides up to 18 GB free of charge storage.

Pricing, Platforms: On Plus Plan, the cost is $9,99 per user. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Smart Advocate: Litigation software

When to apply: Introducing legal case management applications, we cannot do without Smart Advocate. It was developed for attorneys and paralegals engaged in active legal practice. Implementing this software will let you manage documents and tap into an overview of any case.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It features dashboards that let lawyers track cases and handle client flow. Its easy navigation enables users to search for a text by keywords related to cases and their descriptions.
  • For streamlining work processes, law firms can get an all-in-one solution that addresses multiple issues within the office routine, integrates into 125+ apps, and helps enhance employees' productivity.

Pricing: For pricing details, order a call back from the vendor.

iManage: Document and email management

When to apply: The difference between this app and other similar apps pertains to incorporating artificial intelligence into document and email management, which results in getting valuable insights into cases and estimating resources more successfully.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • Legal professionals work with various kinds of documents daily, and the challenge that any law firm faces is associated with optimizing the process of storing and sharing files across departments, which this app solves in a seamless manner.
  • iManage is a secure legal document management system for providing efficient collaboration by delivering automation of the flow of legal documents within your organization.

Pricing: For pricing details, contact the vendor.

Needles: Legal case administration

When to apply: It is an example of efficient case management software that facilitates workplace routines through the ready-made checklist samples presenting the complex workflow process on one screen.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • Choose among a variety of templates for creating a highly customized and powerful workspace suitable for various types of practices including Personal Injury, Family Law, Insurance Defense, and Mass Torts.
  • You have the opportunity to assign responsibilities and mark such critical items as, for example, limitation dates.
  • Get access to cases instantly. You can also contact your clients, sync your tasks with your calendar, and take notes within one platform.

Pricing: For pricing details, contact the vendor.

TrialPad: Evidence presentation

When to apply: One of the best apps for court presentations. It gives instant access to tons of options in terms of facilitating legal professionals' work.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • TrialPad is the gold standard for courtroom presentations: make compelling and effective presentations in hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and trials by organizing and annotating all your evidence
  • Keep a presentation log, presenter notes, and evidence reports with dates and times.
  • Video clips or surveillance images can be edited or captured as snapshots.
  • Create witness and issue folders to organize your evidence.
  • TrialPad has the best features and functionality as it easily integrates with other services (for example, Dropbox) and allows for keeping a large number of documents under control.

Pricing, Platforms: TrialPad is available in the Apple App Store for free with in-app purchases

iLegal: Legal research suite

When to apply: It is a simple but powerful solution for facilitating lawyers' work in the area of doing legal research.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • iLegal is sourced directly from the UK National Archives. In addition to Acts texts, you can perform dynamic re-sizing, search legislation by title, bookmark, email it, or print the selected pieces via AirPrint.

Pricing: It is available in the App Store, and you can download it to try for a free trial. Further implementing this resourceful app into your work will require purchasing either an annual ($69.99) or lifetime ($199.99) subscription to get access to all the relevant legislation that is regularly updated.

Legal Cheek: Legal news aggregator

When to apply: Staying updated on news in the industry that you strive for being a professional, is a must. Subscribing to newsletters from various sources would be time and energy-consuming. Implementing lightweight and highly informative Legal Cheek seems like the perfect solution.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It contains the most recent news and stories related to law practice as well as over 200 independently written profiles of the UK's leading law firms (say that you are awesome, and they will hire😊), and chambers, which helps international lawyers feel the part of the professional community.

Pricing, Platforms: Free on Apple App Store

Business Card Reader: Digitalize paper business cards in a flash

When to apply: Scan your business cards, and let this app do the rest. It can help you to keep track of all the important contacts you have in one place, so you know who to contact for what.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • The Business Card Reader app is just what a lawyer needs to save tons of time on searching the contacts and the information linked to their professional profiles as now everything can be stored in one place and be accessible with a click.
  • It captures data instantly: the app functionality works for 25 languages. It also comes in handy when you need to make any introductions prior to a meeting by emailing relevant contact details.

Pricing, Platforms: Available for free with offers of in-app purchases in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Lawrify: Search for errors in contracts

When to apply: With this powerful contract scanner Microsoft Word add-in, searching for errors is automated so that your clients are 100% sure of zero ambiguity in the contract.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It delivers document verification and review using AI.
  • Lawrify highlights all the terminology that has been used but not defined.
  • Lawrify is an effective tool for reviewing cases, helps decrease delays, and increases accountability and productivity

Pricing: $9.99 per user per month. Free trial.

Rocket Lawyer: Legal docs management and legal consultancy

When to apply: Rocket Lawyer works as a legal virtual assistant giving access to consultancy and document management services on the go.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It streamlines the drafting and signing of legal documents making it an optimal choice for handling documents and clearing the theoretical intricacies of services associated with law practice.
  • Users can ask legal questions and get attorney advice.
  • Lawyers can choose among hundreds of verified documents tailored to specific law firms' needs. Moreover, you make copies and sign the processed documents online upon downloading them for sending or printing.

Pricing, Platforms: $3.99 per month. Available for download in the Google Play

HelloSign: Best e-sign app for lawyers

When to apply: With HelloSign, you and your law firm clients can ensure that your contracts are authentic.

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Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • A few of the key features of HelloSign include legally binding signatures, multi-party signing, audit trails, two-factor authentication, and user permission codes.
  • A secure electronic signature solution, HelloSign stores and encrypts all of your documents.

Pricing: A monthly fee of $50 is charged for HelloSign's Business plan.

Press Record: Professional audio recording and transcribing

When to apply: Along with providing consultancy and solving legal issues, transcribing is an essential part of any legal professional's job.

Apps for law firms 10

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • With the Press Record app, a lawyer will get the perfect app for recording and transcribing conversations and meetings.
  • Its capacity covers the function of the unlimited amount of recording time as well as transferring the records to the phone.

Pricing, Platforms: Available on Apple App Store for $4.99

DeepLegalAI: Ask a legal question

When to apply: If you want to optimize time for search and generate more efficient work, AI-empowered tools like DeepLegalAI work best.

Legal bot

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • A quick search is a must-have in facilitating documents and legal case management.
  • The generated output is the factually authentic information of the advisory and educational character.

Pricing: Available for free

Speak and Translate Languages: Voice to text and text translator

When to apply: It provides a full-fledged service of voice-to-voice translation. It will be a worthy app in the tech stack of lawyers working by voice typing or translating into multiple languages.

apps for law firms

Benefits of applying for law firms:

  • It's very common for law firms to need to translate phone calls, meetings, and documents for clients, – this app provides high-quality service for this particular need.
  • Applying this app means enabling a vast number of options like saving translation history in conversations/chats and activating the speech-to-speech mode for 100+ languages.

Pricing: Available for free on Google Play

To Conclude

The smooth running of a law firm implies the synchronicity of compound procedures.

It can be achieved by choosing the software with the functionality of reliable assistants and facilitators of the office routine when it comes to:

  • managing documents
  • providing adequate feedback
  • accelerating the research.

The last few years have seen a lot of amazing apps enter the law firm productivity field.

Applying the 25 apps we listed above guarantees to help law firms increase client intake and business profitability as well as improve legal professionals' productivity.