8 top free apps for your startup

Equipping the employees with the top engaging free apps is a high priority for any startup as it helps move forward the business without fail in terms of communication and workflow.

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When speaking of startups, Scott Belsky, Behance co-founder, nailed the point in one quote:

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Fairly frequently, entrepreneurs have developed brilliant ideas and manned their startups with a strong pool of talents, but the business still suffers immensely due to the lack of free apps needed to implement the strategic plans successfully and quickly.

Equipping employees with the top engaging free apps is a high priority for any startup, as it helps move the business forward in terms of communication and workflow.

Achieving enterprise-wide app usage and finding the ones that would satisfy your team’s needs is no small feat.

Below you will find a highly recommended list of top free business apps we're inviting you to look through as they are perfect startup solutions addressing the issues in:

  • team communication
  • time project management
  • email marketing
  • facilitating sales.



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It is a team communication app with multiple functions that lets users chat and share docs, task descriptions, and assignments from one channel.

Quipp is a productivity Swiss knife. It combines a task manager and communication tool and is easily accessible from a web browser or mobile device.
It is a handy app for creating plans, checklists, and meeting notes.

Your employee will be notified of messages, assigned tasks, reminders, or getting the shared documents directly.
It makes everybody’s contribution to your startup's success immediate and effective.


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It is a perfect messaging app that works best for establishing collaboration in teams. It is an exclusively business chat channel that guarantees you will never lose any details concerning your project.

Every message in Slack is stored and indexed, which makes it easily searchable. A user can access the most recent 10000 messages on the free plan.

You can create a separate chat room that will be your reliable collaboration tool for a separate project.

This app helps create an effective workspace and makes onboarding new employees a matter of several clicks.

All the files and documents are stored in the holders, so a new team member will not have any trouble diving into a project on the go.

Time Project Management


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We bet you have had a day that you remember with dread because, despite being tired, you cannot recall the time utilization.

There were important tasks but they stayed uncompleted, because first there was a morning meeting, then it was an email notification you could not ignore, and then you were distracted with a call.

The only way to avoid such a mess is to start calculating time.

Applying TMetric means that you and your team will get accurate reports on time allocation and tasks that you completed.

Startup success is often defined by the first projects, so if you fail to meet the deadline, it might be a grave pitfall for the business.

Time tracking prevents such an unfortunate twist of events and makes every minute you and your employees spend on work accountable.


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Use your account to access the web-based application with a click, enabling you to master your tasks easily.

The functionality range of this app is truly impressive: you assign tasks to yourself or your team members and prioritize the tasks with three levels of importance.

Flexibility is a great advantage for a successful startup launch, so you need a tool to adjust in case of changes: Freedcamp lets you comment on tasks and make alterations.

To stay accountable, you set due dates on tasks and projects, and this way, you tackle your tasks from start to finish.



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It is a free email marketing app that will bring visitors to your startup platform.

This app is a reliable assistant when it comes to maximizing lead collection.

It enables you to create customizable, device-friendly pop-ups, banners, landing pages, or website widgets. It also supplies you with accurate real-time analytics so that you can track conversions through a diversity of lead collection methods.

One of the unbeatable advantages of Privy is its rich integration list: if you use popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, you can connect Privy with the software.

You can start with a free plan, which provides you with all the necessary features; in case you want more flexibility in strategizing your email marketing, there is a paid plan starting from $24 per month.


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It is one of the best sales tools that has a clear and efficient posting algorithm, which makes it irreplaceable for startups marketing and sales.

Choosing the network is a zero-obstacle road for fast content distribution and elimination of spam or irrelevant content.

The diversity of responsive options (likes, marking the number of views, and applying flags for inappropriate content) lets you get an insightful overview of your content in terms of its quality.

The audience you reach goes beyond the limit of your friends’ number, as sharing and commenting will enable your content to appear in the feeds of your friends’ connections.

If you have 500 connections, you can appear in the feeds of thousands of people.



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It is the app delivering the sales solution to your startup. It combines engineering excellence, best practices in sales lead generation, and a customer-centric approach to support.

With SalesLoft, all sales communication is kept in one place. It lets you receive and receive personalized emails and calls, access sales tasks, and self-monitor your performance.

It streamlines your workflow as it creates diverse options with scheduling and accountability.

All your team's interactions will be tracked, which will facilitate the analysis of your project.

The rich data SalesLoft provides will be useful for your startup business prospects.


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Sticking to old-fashioned tools might cost your startup valuable time.

Hubspot is an app that has everything you need to make sales accountable, as it helps match people who buy and sell fast.

The app will provide you with a large database of buyers (including their email addresses and phone numbers). The tools used to identify prospective buyers make this process prompt and smooth.

Hubspot analyzes the engagement of prospects visiting your site and supplies you with insightful view for accurate sales forecast.

In conclusion

Equipping your startup with the right apps can give your business a competitive advantage from the early stages of work.

Effective communication and streamlined workflows facilitate a smoother launch, better decision-making, and a more adaptable team.

Remember, the key is finding the tools that best suit your needs and preferences. Experiment and get feedback from your team.

As you learn and grow, revisit these tools and explore new ones to keep your team connected and your projects on track.