The Best 10 Overtime Calculators and Trackers to Manage Your Pay

Discover the top 10 overtime calculators and trackers to efficiently manage your pay and ensure accurate compensation. Learn how these tools can streamline your earnings tracking process.

a person with a big calculator and a clock for overtime calculations

Many employees commonly work beyond regular hours in the present-day, flexible work environment.

However, it raises a concern – are you fairly compensated for your additional time?

Fortunately, various tools assist you in tracking your hours worked and ensure you receive the appropriate payment.

Overtime Calculators Features for Accuracy and Compliance

The best overtime calculators offer a range of features to assist individuals in accurately calculating their overtime pay.

  • Input Flexibility: Ability to input hourly rate, standard workweek hours, overtime multiplier, pay period, and currency.
  • Automatic Calculations: Automatically calculate overtime rate, total pay, and annual wage based on the provided inputs.
  • Overtime Rate Options: Allow selection of different overtime rates or custom multiples.
  • Compliance with Labor Laws: Ensure overtime calculations adhere to labor laws and financial regulations.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Provide robust reporting and analytics tools for insights into work hours, overtime, and employee productivity.
  • Accurate Time Tracking: Enable accurate recording of work hours to ensure fair compensation and compliance with labor laws.
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring: Monitor productivity during overtime to assess efficiency and work quality.
  • Real-Time Payroll & Invoicing: Offer real-time payroll and invoicing capabilities for immediate and accurate financial transactions based on tracked work hours.
  • Customization Options: Allow customization of reports based on collected data for tailored insights.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Provide an easy-to-use interface for seamless calculation and understanding of overtime pay.

Our guide examines the top ten overtime calculators, discussing their attributes and enabling you to select the most suitable tool for managing overtime remuneration.


Overtime, Over Easy: Automated, Accurate, Assured
TMetric overtime calculator

Within its timeline, TMetric has a built-in overtime calculator designed to simplify the often-complex process of tracking and calculating employee overtime pay.

✅It leverages TMetric key features.

Automatic Overtime Calculation

TMetric calculates overtime based on pre-defined work schedules and pay rules. You can set your standard workweek and daily hours, and the system automatically calculates overtime when employees exceed those limits.

Monthly Balance

This metric reflects the cumulative difference between worked hours and your set work schedule.

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A practical guide to different types and practices of work schedules. Learn how to create the best work schedule for your staff, and understand why work schedule management is important to all businesses.

TMetric displays a "Monthly Balance" which reflects overtime hours. A positive balance indicates overtime worked, while a negative balance shows undertime.

Using TMetric's overtime calculator offers several advantages.

Instant Calculations: Eliminate manual calculations and potential errors. TMetric automatically tracks worked hours and compares them to your work schedule, providing an accurate overtime balance.

Improved Compliance: Ensure adherence to labor regulations by clearly identifying overtime hours.

Tracking Overtime Expenses Against Project Budget: It helps you catch issues early and take corrective actions to stay on track.

Setting and Tracking Project Budget

Enhanced Cost Management: Gain insights into overtime trends, proactively manage workload, and minimize excessive overtime costs.

💡It caters to various scenarios

  • Freelancers & Contractors: Easily track project hours and identify when overtime pay applies based on agreed-upon rates.
  • Small Businesses: Manage employee overtime effectively, ensuring accurate compensation and cost control.
  • Remote Teams: Monitor work hours across different locations and time zones, maintaining transparency in overtime calculations.

Toggl Track

Turning Extra Time into Extra Insight
Toggl overtime calculator

Toggl overtime calculator provides a basic yet convenient solution for tracking overtime.

  • Overtime Calculation: Toggl tracks logged hours and displays them alongside your manually entered standard hours. Any time exceeding the standard counts as overtime.

✅Toggl Track overtime calculator offers several advantages.

Easy Accessibility: The calculator is readily available within the Toggl interface, eliminating the need for external tools.

Flexibility: The manual entry system allows for customization based on your specific workweek or workday length.

Cost-Effectiveness: As a free feature within Toggl's core functionality, it's a budget-friendly solution for basic overtime tracking.

💡Toggl's overtime calculator caters to specific needs

  • Individual Freelancers: Track project hours and identify potential overtime based on pre-defined project budgets or client agreements.
  • Small Teams with Simple Overtime Structures: Manage basic overtime for hourly employees with consistent work schedules.
  • Quick Overtime Estimates: Get a preliminary idea of potential overtime accrual during busy periods.


Master Your Overtime, Effortlessly
HiveDesk overtime tracker

HiveDesk automates overtime calculation, eliminating manual tracking.

✅Enable it and set employee hourly rates – it will help you comply with labor laws and simplify payroll processing. The app calculates overtime pay at 1.5x the regular rate for hours exceeding 40 per workweek.


  • Automatic: Saves time and reduces errors compared to manual tracking.
  • Easy Setup: Simple activation and hourly rate entry.
  • Compliance-Focused: Ensures adherence to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guidelines.

💡Perfect Fit

  • Businesses of all sizes with hourly employees.
  • Ensuring accurate overtime pay calculations.
  • Simplifying payroll processes.


Streamline Time, Perfect Your Payroll
Jibble overtime tracker

Jibble simplifies overtime with automatic calculations based on employee schedules.

Key Features:

  • Automated: Tracks time and calculates overtime based on set schedules.
  • Flexible: Configurable for various workweeks and overtime rules.
  • Approval System: Managers review timesheets for accuracy before payroll.

💡Perfect for

  • Businesses with diverse work schedules and overtime policies.
  • Streamlining timesheet approvals and payroll processing.
  • Identifying overtime trends for better workforce management.


Simplify Overtime, Empower Your Team
kiwiHR overtime tracker

✅It offers functionality for streamlined overtime monitoring.

  • Automatic Calculation: Tracks hours and calculates overtime based on pre-defined schedules.
  • Configurable Rules: Set daily or monthly overtime balances and define accrual rates.
  • Time in Lieu Support: Manage time off earned through overtime hours.

💡Suited for

  • Businesses with complex overtime structures and leave policies.
  • Managing time in lieu alongside overtime tracking.
  • Gaining insights into employee work-life balance through attendance data.


Tracking Overtime, Transforming Workdays
truein overtime tracker

✅In the world of payroll, accurately calculating overtime is crucial, and this tracker steps up as a potential solution for streamlining this process.

  • Automated & Compliant: Tracks hours and calculates overtime based on your company's policies, ensuring adherence to labor laws.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduces errors and saves HR time with automated calculations.
  • Real-Time Data: Provides clear visibility into overtime accrual for informed decision-making.

💡Ideal for

  • Businesses of all sizes seeking accurate and compliant overtime tracking.
  • Simplifying HR tasks and minimizing payroll errors.
  • Gaining insights into workforce overtime trends for better resource allocation.


Capture Overtime, Enhance Efficiency
timenotes overtime calculations

✅Timenotes offers a user-friendly approach to overtime:

  • Multiple Marking Methods: Track overtime with hashtags (#overtime) or dedicated projects for easy identification.
  • Detailed Reports: Visualize overtime data in customizable reports for clear insights.
  • Budget-Friendly: Free overtime tracking within Timenotes' core features (for individual and small teams).

💡Great for

  • Individuals and small teams with basic overtime needs.
  • Freelancers tracking project hours and potential overtime.
  • Gaining a quick overview of overtime accrual during busy periods.


Free Overtime Calculator On-the-Go
OmniCalculator for overtime calculations

✅Omnicalculator provides a simple and accessible overtime calculator:

  • Free & Online: Calculate overtime pay directly on their website, no software is required.
  • Flexibility: Supports various workweek lengths and overtime pay multipliers.
  • Basic Functionality: Ideal for quick estimates or occasional overtime calculations.

💡Optimal for

  • Individuals in need of a no-frills solution for basic overtime calculations.
  • Freelancers estimating potential overtime based on project budgets.
  • A quick reference tool for understanding overtime pay basics.


Simple Overtime Calculator for Everyone
InchCalculator for overtime calculations

✅InchCalculator offers a user-friendly online tool for overtime:

  • Straightforward Interface: Easy-to-use interface for quick overtime calculations.
  • Multiple Rates: Supports standard time and a half, double-time, and custom overtime rates.
  • Free to Use: No software download or subscription is necessary.

💡Prime for

  • Individuals and businesses that lack occasional overtime calculations.
  • Understanding potential overtime pay based on different pay multipliers.
  • A convenient on-the-go solution for basic overtime estimates.


Overtime Tracking for the Field
busybusy overtime calculator

✅Busybusy simplifies overtime tracking for mobile workforces:

  • GPS-Enabled: Tracks employee location and work hours for accurate overtime calculations.
  • Project-Focused: Identifies overtime based on assigned projects and budgets.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Generates daily reports with overtime details for easy payroll processing.

💡Ideal For

  • Construction companies, field service businesses, and other mobile teams.
  • Simplifying overtime management for geographically dispersed employees.
  • Gaining project-level insights into overtime accrual and cost control.


Resources for in-depth reading on how to calculate overtime with precision.

🧮 ADP Overtime Calculator: ADP offers a comprehensive online overtime calculator that allows users to input their regular hourly pay rate, standard work week hours, and overtime multiplier to determine their total pay including overtime earnings.

🧮 Gusto Overtime Calculator: Gusto’s online overtime calculator is popular for businesses and employees looking to calculate accurate overtime pay. Users can input their hourly rate, standard workweek hours, and additional factors to generate detailed results showing regular pay, overtime pay, and total earnings.