The Best 10 HubSpot Time Tracking Apps (Free and Paid)

Discover the top 10 HubSpot time tracking apps, both free and paid, to increase productivity and efficiency in your business. Choose the best tool for your needs and start tracking your time effectively.

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Are you finding it challenging to navigate through the multitude of time tracking apps that are compatible with HubSpot?

Indeed, choosing the right tool can make all the difference in boosting your productivity and streamlining project management.

Background Context📝

HubSpot is a central platform for managing customer relationships, encompassing sales, marketing, and service hubs.

🌟It provides tools for email marketing, social media marketing, content management, and more, aiming to attract visitors, convert leads, and delight customers.

The list below presents the top 10 HubSpot time tracking apps🔢 encompassing free and paid options.

💡We'll explore their features, ease of use, and specific benefits, enabling you to optimize your workflows in HubSpot with a guarantee.


TMetric offers a native integration with HubSpot, allowing users to directly track time spent on HubSpot tasks within the TMetric interface.
tmetric for hubspot

TMetric is a straightforward HubSpot time tracker with unique features, including idle detection functionality, manual entries, bulk editing, and timeline view.

This integration provides several benefits, including:

  • Simplified time tracking ( You can start and stop timers directly from HubSpot tasks with a single click)
  • Automatic data syncing (Time entries are automatically synced between TMetric and HubSpot, eliminating manual data entry)
  • Improved reporting (Generate comprehensive reports in TMetric that combine project data from both platforms).

Integration Capabilities

Time Tracking on CRM Activities: Users can track the amount of time spent on various activities within HubSpot, such as email correspondence, call logging, deal management, and task completion.

Automated Billing and Invoicing: By capturing the exact time spent on customer-related activities, businesses can automate the billing process, ensuring accurate invoicing based on the actual work done.

Project Management and Reporting: TMetric allows for detailed project management within HubSpot, enabling users to create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: By tracking time directly within HubSpot, employees can remain focused on their tasks without switching between different applications.

Implementation and Usage

Implementing the TMetric integration within HubSpot is straightforward. It typically involves installing a TMetric extension or add-on from the HubSpot marketplace.

Once installed, users can start and stop timers directly from within HubSpot interface. They can also link time entries to specific contacts, deals, or tasks for granular tracking.

💲The free tier of TMetric offers unlimited projects, clients, time tracking, basic reporting, and a convenient integrated timer button.


PSOHub for HubSpot represents a winning combo of project management and CRM functionalities aimed at streamlining operations, particularly for service-based businesses.
psohub for hubspot

This integration leverages HubSpot robust CRM capacity to enhance:

  • project management
  • task coordination
  • financial forecasting.

Integration Capabilities

Automated Project Creation: Projects in PSOHub can be automatically created from deals won in HubSpot, ensuring a smooth transition from sales to execution.

Task Synchronization: Tasks and milestones can be synced between PSOHub and HubSpot, allowing for real-time updates on project progress within the HubSpot dashboard.

Time Tracking and Budget Management: PSOHub provides tools for tracking time spent on projects and monitoring budgets, with the ability to report this information back to HubSpot for a comprehensive view of profitability.

Data Insights: Integration offers deep insights into project performance, client interactions, and financial metrics, all accessible within HubSpot, facilitating informed decision-making.

💲PSOHub typically offers a free trial period, allowing teams to test the integration and features before committing to a paid plan. The Essentials Plan price of this time and project management software is $25 per user per month.  


Jibble, a mobile attendance and workforce management platform, can be integrated with HubSpot to streamline employee management, improve communication within businesses, and create a more centralized platform for customer relationships.
jibble for hubspot

Automatic data synchronization between Jibble and HubSpot ensures your CRM reflects the most up-to-date employee information, leading to better decision-making and reporting.

Jibble doesn't offer a direct integration with HubSpot. However, third-party integration services can help you achieve a level of connection between the two platforms.

  • Zapier: This platform allows you to create "Zaps," which are automated workflows connecting different apps. You can set up triggers in HubSpot that trigger actions in Jibble or vice versa.

Integration Capabilities

Employee Data Synchronization: Jibble automatically syncs employee data, including contact information, departments, and job titles, with HubSpot, ensuring your CRM reflects your latest employee information.

Leave Management: Jibble's leave management features can be integrated with HubSpot, enabling employees to request time off directly through the Jibble app. Approvals and rejections can also be managed within the platform.

💲Jibble offers powerful time tracking for free. The upgraded plan with access to more features starts at $3.99 per month per user.


Teamwork seamlessly integrates with HubSpot to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and centralize information, offering multiple benefits to users.
teamwork  for hubspot

Integration Capabilities

Data Synchronization: The integration allows for real-time synchronization of contacts and companies between HubSpot and Teamwork. This ensures that any updates made in one platform are automatically reflected in the other, maintaining data consistency and accuracy.

Project Management within CRM: Users can create and manage Teamwork projects directly from HubSpot. This capability is particularly useful for sales and marketing teams that initiate projects based on customer interactions recorded in HubSpot, enabling a smoother transition from sales to project execution.

Task Coordination: Tasks in Teamwork can be linked to HubSpot records, such as deals or contacts. This feature enables teams to track the progress of specific initiatives related to their CRM activities, ensuring that project tasks are aligned with customer expectations and timelines.

Enhanced Communication: The integration supports improved communication by allowing users to send messages or notes from HubSpot that are automatically logged as comments in the corresponding Teamwork project.

Customizable Workflows: Businesses can set up automated workflows that trigger actions in Teamwork based on specific events in HubSpot (e.g., initiating a project when a deal is closed).

💲Teamwork offers a free plan with basic features, which can be suitable for small teams. Paid monthly plans start at $9.99 per user monthly for more comprehensive project management features.


Freedcamp integration in HubSpot empowers users to automate workflows and centralize project and customer data between the two platforms.
freedcamp  for hubspot

Integration Capabilities

Centralized Customer and Project Information: This integration allows for a seamless flow of information between HubSpot and Freedcamp, ensuring that all customer interactions, project details, and tasks are centralized.

Automated Project Creation from CRM Events: With the integration, new projects in Freedcamp can be automatically initiated based on specific triggers or events in HubSpot, such as closing a deal.

Task Synchronization: Tasks and milestones in Freedcamp can be synchronized with HubSpot records, allowing sales, marketing, and project teams to stay aligned on project deliverables and deadlines.

Improved Communication: The integration enhances communication by allowing team members to seamlessly share updates, files, and feedback between Freedcamp and HubSpot.

💲 Freedcamp offers a free tier with a basic project management feature. Its paid monthly plans start at $1.49 per user and offer advanced task options, file storage, and premium support.


The integration between Harvest and HubSpot brings together Harvest's time tracking and project management capabilities with HubSpot's comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) features.
harvest  for hubspot

Integration Capabilities

Seamless Time Tracking for CRM Activities: By integrating Harvest with HubSpot, businesses can track time directly on sales and service activities recorded in HubSpot to boost efficiency and close more deals.

Automated Project Creation and Management: Projects in Harvest can be automatically initiated based on specific triggers or events in HubSpot, such as closing a deal.

Enhanced Billing and Invoicing Capabilities: The integration allows the generation of detailed and accurate invoices based on Harvest time tracking that can be managed within HubSpot.

Customizable Workflows and Automation: Businesses can set up customized workflows that automate processes between Harvest and HubSpot. For example, updating a project's status in Harvest can trigger a corresponding update in a HubSpot record.

💲 Harvest provides a free plan for individuals or small teams, with basic time tracking and invoicing capabilities. Its paid plans start at around $12 per user per month and offer additional features such as unlimited projects, advanced reporting, and integrations.


The integration of TimeCamp, a comprehensive time tracking and project management tool, with HubSpot, a robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform, creates a synergistic relationship aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.
timecamp  for hubspot

Integration Capabilities

Detailed Time Tracking on CRM Activities: Integrating TimeCamp with HubSpot enables businesses to meticulously track time spent on various CRM-related activities, including communications, deal management, and customer support.

Automated Project and Task Creation: The integration automatically generates projects and tasks in TimeCamp based on specific triggers within HubSpot, such as initiating a new deal or completing a sales milestone.

Enhanced Billing and Invoicing: With time tracking data from TimeCamp, businesses can generate precise and detailed invoices for services rendered directly from within HubSpot.

Rich Insights and Reporting: The combination of TimeCamp's time tracking with HubSpot's CRM data enables the creation of comprehensive reports that offer insights into project profitability, customer engagement, and team productivity.

Streamlined Workflows and Process Automation: Customizable workflows can be established to automate processes between TimeCamp and HubSpot, such as updating task status or logging time against specific customer records.

💲TimeCamp offers a free plan for solo users, providing basic time tracking functionalities. Its paid plans start at approximately $7 per user per month.


ClickTime specializes in time tracking and project management, offering detailed insights into employee productivity and project cost management. When integrated with HubSpot, it enables businesses to leverage detailed time tracking data alongside customer interaction histories.
clicktime  for hubspot

Integration Capabilities

Comprehensive Time Tracking on CRM Activities: Integrating ClickTime with HubSpot allows for detailed tracking of time spent on various CRM activities, including sales calls, client meetings, and email correspondence.

Project Management and Reporting: The integration facilitates creating and managing projects in ClickTime based on customer interactions or deals logged in HubSpot.

Enhanced Billing and Invoicing: By leveraging time tracked in ClickTime for various customer-related activities, businesses can generate accurate and detailed invoices directly through HubSpot.

Automated Workflows and Notifications: The integration allows for the automation of workflows between ClickTime and HubSpot, such as automatically logging time against specific customer records or deals when certain conditions are met.

Improved Resource Allocation and Insights: With detailed time tracking data from ClickTime and customer interaction data from HubSpot, businesses gain valuable insights into how resources are allocated across projects and customers.

💲 ClickTime offers a range of pricing plans starting from a basic level, suitable for small teams looking to manage time and projects efficiently. The pricing for ClickTime's plans typically begins at around $10 per user per month.


The integration of Clockify with HubSpot allows businesses to effortlessly track time, manage projects, and gain valuable insights to drive productivity and success.
clockify for hubspot

Integration Capabilities

Quantify Resource Allocation within HubSpot: Gain insights into how much time their team spends working within HubSpot, providing valuable data for decision-making.

Eliminate Manual Time Tracking: Save time and effort by automatically capturing time spent in HubSpot, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Detailed Project Management: Assign time entries to specific Clockify projects for clear project costing and resource allocation. Sync Clockify projects and tasks with HubSpot deals, contacts, and companies

Automatic Data Capture: Eliminate manual data entry by automatically capturing relevant contact and project information from HubSpot.

Enhanced Reporting: Leverage Clockify robust reporting features to analyze time spent on HubSpot activities and gain valuable insights.

Improved Client Billing: Easily track billable hours associated with HubSpot interactions for accurate client invoicing.

💲 Clockify offers a free plan with basic features for tracking time. Paid plans with additional features like project management, advanced reporting, and integrations start at $9.99 per user per month.


The integration of Toggl with HubSpot is a compelling amalgamation designed to merge time tracking and project management capabilities with customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities.
toggl for hubspot

Tracking time in Toggl can be automatically synced to the corresponding deal or contact in HubSpot, providing valuable insights into your team's activity and workload.

Integration Capabilities

Time Tracking for CRM Activities: This integration's core functionality allows users to track the time spent on various activities within HubSpot, such as emails, calls, meetings, and task completion.

Automated Time Entry Creation: Time entries in Toggl can be automatically created based on specific actions or events logged in HubSpot, reducing manual entry and ensuring that all billable activities are accurately captured for future analysis or invoicing.

Reporting and Analytics: The integration enables enhanced reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to generate reports that combine CRM data from HubSpot with time tracking data from Toggl.

Streamlined Billing Process: For businesses that rely on time-based billing, the integration can streamline the invoicing process by using tracked time data to generate detailed invoices directly from HubSpot, leveraging the records of customer interactions and activities.

💲Toggl offers a free plan with basic time tracking features, suitable for freelancers or small teams. Their paid monthly plans start at $10 per user for detailed reporting and project tracking.

Time Tracker

Most Outstanding Feature


Simplified time tracking with a single click, automatic data syncing, improved reporting.


Automated project creation from deals won in HubSpot, smooth transition from sales.


Employee data synchronization with HubSpot, CRM reflects latest employee information.


Real-time synchronization of contacts and companies, maintaining data consistency.


Centralized customer and project information, automated project creation from CRM events.


Seamless time tracking on sales and service activities recorded in HubSpot.


Detailed time tracking on CRM activities, automated project and task creation.


Comprehensive time tracking on CRM activities, enhanced billing and invoicing.


Enhanced time tracking for CRM activities, eliminating manual time tracking.


Time tracking for CRM activities, automated time entry creation based on HubSpot actions.

How to Select the Perfect HubSpot Time Tracking App in 4 Steps

Here's a roadmap to finding the ideal HubSpot time tracking app.

Following these steps, you can easily select the time tracking app that empowers your business to thrive.

Know Your Budget and Must-Have Features🪙🔢

  • Set a budget: How much will you invest in time tracking?
  • Identify essential features: Do you need multi-project tracking, detailed reports, or mobile access?

Explore and Compare Apps

  • Research: Look for apps that fit your budget and offer desired features.
  • Read user reviews: Gain insights into user experience and effectiveness.
  • Consider team size: Choose an app that scales with your growing team if applicable.

Define Your Time Tracking Goals⏱️

  • Team size: How many people will be using the app?
  • Project volume: How many projects do you typically handle?
  • Reporting needs: What level of detail do you require in reports?

Feature Focus: What Makes the Cut?🏁

  • Multi-project tracking: Track time spent on different projects efficiently.
  • HubSpot integration: Ensure seamless data flow between the app and HubSpot.
  • Reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights into project performance.
  • Customization: Adapt the app to your specific workflow and preferences.

Now, you can unlock hidden efficiencies and transform your project management with the perfect time-tracking companion.

Can TMetric and HubSpot Be the Perfect Marriage for Your Business?

The combination of TMetric and HubSpot combines the best of both worlds, the precise time tracking of Toggl with the customer-focused insights of HubSpot CRM.

The goal? To make billing more accurate, manage projects more effectively, and boost productivity.

Overall, TMetric and HubSpot integration offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to:

  • Improve billing accuracy and optimize revenue streams
  • Enhance project management capabilities and ensure successful project delivery
  • Boost team productivity and streamline workflows
  • Gain valuable insights into sales and customer service performance
  • Create a central hub for data-driven decision-making.