Best of Breed Time Billing Apps to Get Paid

Billing software is a cost-saving solution for your business. We offer a list of 11 billing apps that will help you estimate how hard you are working and find the best suitable software for propelling your business growth.

Best of Breed Time Billing Apps to Get Paid

The app universe is expanding faster than we could imagine.

With over 2 million apps that users can choose from major app stores, it is no wonder that billing apps are getting more popular.

Billable tools

They simplify business life as the billing software is a cost-saving solution to speed up the business routine, focus on what has been done, and enhance your business with high productivity and transparency.

Below is a list of 11 billing apps that will help you estimate how hard you are working and find the most suitable software for propelling your business growth.


It is a powerful billing tool that enables invoicing your clients on recurring basis.

Billable tools

What makes it work for you?

  • Seamless in-billing (choose who receives invoices and what date/time)
  • Flexible dashboard (helps you get access to invoicing templates instantly)
  • Storage of timesheets
  • Reports on recurring invoices
  • Tracking cost spending on the go
  • Scheduling the business resources
  • Linking invoices to the projects.

💸If you operate on 5 invoices per month you can enjoy Avaza for free.


This software introduces billing options within time tracking. Applying it on mobile, desktop, web, or browser app allows you to manage your billable hours with a click and translate time into money.

Timekeeping and billing software 1

What makes it work for you?

  • Project budgeting
  • Monitoring the accountability of billable hours
  • Flexible billable rates by client, person, project
  • Invoicing in one tap with the option of creating the finance-related documents
  • Integrations with the apps your team uses
  • Tracking tasks hours and project expenses for accurate billing
  • Generating reports on billable hours
  • Automatic salary calculation
  • Processing payrolls.

💸Billable rates, invoicing and money tracking are available on Business Plan for $4 per month.

Intuit QuickBooks

This software is ideal for fast payment processing at low cost. Available on web, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android.

Timekeeping and billing software 2

What makes it work for you?

  • Quickbooks statements enable frequent billing
  • Integrating with time tracking software
  • Built-in invoice sending
  • Easy expense tracking
  • Integrated payment processing for simple invoice-creating
  • Indicating the customer's taxable status
  • Bills tracking.

💸Quickbooks offers several pricing plans starting with 7 euros Simple Start Plan monthly for tracking sales and sending unlimited invoices.


How can you create an intentional balance between budgeting project costs and actual spending? By applying Elorus software, which provides billing accuracy and, hence, boosts your estimating skills.

Timekeeping and billing software 3

What makes it work for you?

  • Creating professional invoices online
  • Built-in exchange rates for easier billing and invoicing
  • Automated recurring invoices
  • Reusable branded templates
  • Exporting the reports on billable time to a single zip file
  • One-click bills upload
  • Scheduling recurring invoices

💸On its Free Plan, you unlock the billing options for 1 user and unlimited transactions with 3 of your customers/suppliers per month.

Sage Timeslips

This billing software has been on the market for over 25 years. Its application enables fail-proof tracking of billable hours, which results in increase of profitability.

Timekeeping and billing software 4

What makes it work for you?

  • Ensures billing practices for the variety of business needs
  • Customized statements
  • Preparation of bills
  • Reconciling payments
  • Managing client databases
  • Integration of Sage Timeslips with major accounting software and Microsoft Office productivity solutions
  • Providing insights into business analytics

💸The starting price for enabling payment processing service is $274.00 (one-time payment for 1 user).


This software provides for the streamline payments that assists your business growth and lets you always have reliable access to the documents you need.

Timekeeping and billing software 5

What makes it work for you?

  • Sending invoices across any device
  • Getting home screen notifications on a mobile version
  • Contacting your clients via email or message instantly
  • Marking invoices as paid
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Getting previews for billing and invoicing documents
  • Converting estimates and bills into invoices with a tap.

💸 Choose among three plans according to your business needs: you can start with $9.99 per month for 1 user for billing and invoicing up to 25 customers.


The software assists you in managing your accounts with the option of customized template-building for invoices.

Timekeeping and billing software 6

What makes it work for you?

  • Professional timeplates
  • Detailed invoices
  • Billing by time, flat rate, daily rate
  • Billing by project
  • Billing by quantity of purchased products
  • Analysis of your financial data
  • Built-in invoice sending.

💸On Freelance Plan, you get 5 Invoices, 5 BillingPro statements for the unlimited number of Clients and unlimited projects for $5 per month.


This tool is your ideal billing manager performing inventory tracking and bill paying. It lists products and services in an easy-to-observe spreadsheet grid.

Timekeeping and billing software 7

What makes it work for you?

  • Reporting on expense
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Creating invoices within the invoice builder
  • Sending invoices
  • Monitoring costs allocation
  • Automated saving the added products.

💸After the free trial you can choose among three plans (Starter, Standard, Premium). On Starter Plan that offers operations with multiple currencies, you pay $20 per month for sending 5 invoices and quotes, entering 5 bills, reconciling 20 bank transactions.


This is a great tool for streamlining payment with the option of recurring billing. It enables you to get paid promptly regardless of your location by creating customized branded email invoices that let your customers pay with one click.

 Billing software 1

What makes it work for you?

  • Automated Billing Schedules
  • Supporting billing services within your online storefronts
  • Configured payment forms
  • Generating sales reports
  • Providing personalized experience for your buyers
  • Enabling shopping services on social hubs
  • Automated collecting payments from your customers

💸Though the price is not specified, the platform vendor offers 'a low monthly price with no contracts and no cancellation fees' with the offer of the generous discount in case you process more than $50000 monthly.


The software is available on Windows upon installment. It suits any type of business and greatly simplifies billing by saving you time on accounting.

 Billing software 2

What makes it work for you?

  • Creating quotes (proposals) and invoices
  • Managing recurring billing cycles
  • Password protection for finance sensitive content
  • Support for the unlimited number of customers
  • Emailing and printing for your invoices
  • Professional branded invoices
  • Full technical phone/email/forum support.

💸Downloadable for free trial software. One time $99 payment. The software updates are paid separately.