The Best 25 AI ChatGPT Alternatives Free and Paid

Explore the top 25 free and paid alternatives to ChatGPT, providing similar AI-powered chatbot capabilities for your business or personal use. Compare features, pricing, and performance to find the best AI chatbot platform for your needs.

The Best 25 AI ChatGPT Alternatives Free and Paid

In recent years, AI chatbots like ChatGPT have revolutionized the way we interact with technology, but did you know there are many other free and paid alternatives available?

What are the benefits of using AI ChatGPT alternatives?

Diversifying perspectives

Different AI models have their own training data, biases, and limitations. Thus, using alternative AI assistants, users expand the range of information and insights they receive.

Customization and specialization

Alternative AI assistants offer specialized features or capabilities that better align with specific needs. For example, some assistants may focus on specific industries and deliver tailored assistance compared to a general-purpose AI assistant.

Different user experiences

Trying out alternatives gives users the opportunity to find an assistant that best suits their individual communication style, interface preferences, and requirements of cross-platform availability.

In this post, we'll explore the top 25 AI chatbot options that can help you automate tasks, answer questions, and enhance your customer service experience.


Swift & boundless, – ideal for businesses

Standout features: Bard is a highly precise AI chatbot due to its connection to Google's resources πŸ’». It's worth considering for reliable customer service or robust analytics.

Getting started: You need to sign up for Bard in order to access its features and services.

Price: Free


Rich prompts library, – ideal for task management

Standout features: Aside from powerful conversational capabilities, it offers a big library of prompts πŸ›οΈ in the categories of Productivity, Marketing, Copywriting, and Social Media, which makes it an ideal tool for achieving excellence in task performance.

Getting started: To start using the service, simply sign up and create an account on a website or mobile app.

Price: Free chat on 1 device for 1 user. On Selendia Plus Plan, which offers a wider functionality, the cost is $22.95 monthly.


Personal touch and unique conversational style

Standout features: Its responses are more nuanced and creative 😍 than those of other chatbots. You can initiate a talk by selecting one of the available categories, such as Get Motivated, Brainstorming Ideas, Discover Books, etc., and the chatbot will begin an engaging conversation.

Also, it offers voice activation for its responses, giving users the option to choose from six different voices.

Getting started: Users need to sign up to access the service.

Price: Free


Instant response to finance-related queries

Standout features: This chatbot is an indispensable resource for financial professionals who require rapid and precise information about over 50,000 companies πŸ‘©πŸΏβ€πŸ’», making it an ideal knowledge base for anyone in the finance industry.

Getting started: Requires sign-up.

Price: Free

Albus Beta

Live board for keeping all the notes in one place

Standout features: Albus AI introduces a groundbreaking live board that empowers you to delve into any topic users are passionate about, offering fresh perspectives and visualized ways to explore πŸ“Š and discover.

Getting started: Requires an account.

Price: Free

AI Debate

Art of debating taught by AI

Standout features: It is a cutting-edge web-based platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide tailored feedback on your arguments πŸ“£, evidence, and delivery. It offers real-time analysis and suggestions to enhance debate strategies. Among minuses, it displays too many ads.

Getting started: You can use it without signing up for a limited number of queries. Then, it requires to create an account to use the service.

Price: Free


Image generation with minimal input

Standout features: It uses advanced AI technology to accurately and quickly identify images and generate multiple results πŸ–ΌοΈ by 5-word prompts. PicFinder also prioritizes user privacy by not collecting or storing any personal information.

Getting started: It requires creating an account that includes details on the user's billing address.

Price: $0 for 100 images per day. On the pro plan, the cost is $6.5 per month with access to unlimited images.

Business Generator

Tailored business ideas brainstorming

Standout features: Business Generator delivers what it promises, – well-grounded ideas to launch your big project πŸ’―. It is designed to streamline the search process as you navigate the complex landscape of starting a business.

In just a few clicks, users gain access to a wealth of actionable advice on MVP, target audience, and pricing strategies, all tailored to meet their unique needs and goals.

Getting started: No signup.

Price: Free

Odin AI

Summarizing all the related searches in one click

Standout features: OdinAI delivers real-time, reliable data on any topic, enriched with personalized insights. Unlike other tools, it compiles chat metrics into a convenient document πŸ“.

Getting started: By signing up.

Price: Free for limited use. On the Pro Plan, it costs $30 monthly.


Comprehensive chat experience

Standout features: It allows you to chat along with sending documents, images, and data, as well as create workflows πŸ›£οΈ, ask to generate images, and deliver answers on the pre-crafted prompts.

Getting started: Requires to sign up.

Price: Free with limitations. On the Basic Plan, it is $9 with access to unlimited messaging.


Straightforward distraction-free search

Standout features: This innovative tool not only utilizes top-notch search results from Google in multiple languages but also integrates the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT ⛓️.

This means users receive lightning-fast and unparalleled accuracy in search results. One disadvantage of using this platform is that it exhibits an excessive amount of advertisements.

Getting started: No signup.

Price: Free (YouChat)

Generating highly detailed responses to queries along with citing sources

Standout features: The unique feature that makes chatbot unique is its advanced natural language processing capabilities. It is designed to understand and respond to user queries in a more human-like manner, providing accurate information along with cited sources πŸ”–.

Getting started: Requires signup.

Price: Free. On Pro Plan, it is $9.99 for unlimited services.


Easily accessible chatbot with unlimited conversational capabilities

Standout features: This chatbot, developed by Hugging Face, is an open-source tool that can serve as a general-purpose chatbot or be tailored to meet specific requirements.

It is trained to contextualize the queries, adapt to different domains, and be funny 🀭.

Getting started: You need to sign up for HuggingFace with the account.

Price: Free


Free chatbot with wide functionality

Standout features: It is the next generation of searching. This platform empowers you to ask questions and get instant, accurate, factual answers πŸ’‘including academics, forums, and book sources while maintaining privacy.

Getting started: No signup.

Price: Free


Easy to interact with chatbot

Standout features: It is a simple and straightforward chatbot πŸ’¬ with high capabilities for searching and analyzing users' queries, with the option of clearing the chat history. Available in 5 languages.

Getting started: No signup.

Price: Free


All types content generation in a click

Standout features: Franks is an AI-driven accurate search πŸ” and content and image generation platform that offers users an ad-free experience while conducting searches and brainstorming.

Getting started: You need to sign up.

Price: Free for 20 messages. On the Basic Plan, it is $16.99 per month for 15 daily messages.


Advanced searching and summarizing

Standout features: This AI assistant is designed to engage in conversations that are meaningful and contextually relevant, creating an experience that resembles interacting with a real person.

Getting started: Create an account. By installing the Monica extension for Google Chrome, users get access to its AI-powered features.

Price: Free with limited functionality. The paid plan is $8.3 per month.


Highly customizable chatbot suite

Standout features: Bing AI chatbot is a conversational agent developed by Microsoft that uses artificial intelligence to interact with users and provide helpful information πŸ’πŸΏ. Aside from multi-platform support, it has a high contextual awareness and delivers comprehensive responses instantly.

Getting started: For a smooth experience, sign in with an account.

Price: Free

Responses backed by logics

Standout features: It is your personal 'AI powered logical advisor' that stands for being 'Neural Efficient Reliable Data-driven Brilliant Responsive Artificial Intelligent Network' 🌐.

Getting started: You need an account.

Price: Free with limitations.


Course-building content delivered instantly

Standout features: Courseau chatbot is designed to help content creators personalize learning paths for their audience. It is a superb tool for those who build courses online and strive to create customized learning experiences.

Getting started: You need an account.

Price: On the Free Plan, users can create 1 mini-course, with full AI support; for a monthly fee of $39, users can produce up to 8 mini-courses.


Visualized collection of search results

Standout features: It is a visualization board that collects articles, podcasts, videos, and documents related to your query in one place πŸ’― and summarizes πŸ“‘ them in a coherent text.

Getting started: Requires a signup.

Price: On the Free Forever Plan, users can create 50 and 5 AI knowledge cards. The paid plan starts at $7 per month with access to unlimited cards.


Rich link list to respond to a query

Standout features: It offers an advanced search engine and personalized recommendations and insights based on user data, making it a valuable tool for businesses seeking to get fast responses⚑ to queries of any complexity.

Getting started: No signup.

Price: Free


Content generator in various tones

Standout features: It has the ability to seamlessly escalate the conversation to a human agent πŸ‘±πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ if necessary and generate content to match the branding of a business with a chosen tone (journalistic, informative, witty, formal, etc.).

Getting started: Users can sign in with an account.

Price: At no cost, one user can use up to 8,000 tokens. If they opt for the enhanced plan, they get 1 million tokens for a monthly fee of $19.


Streamlined search for the best response

Standout features: Perplexity AI is a powerful tool that provides advanced natural language processing capabilities πŸ™ŒπŸΏ for the automation of various industries, including customer service, healthcare, finance, and e-commerce. It stands out due to its accuracy and versatility.

Getting started: To use the chatbot, you need to have an account.

Price: Free. On the Pro Plan, it is $20 per month with access to more comprehensive answers.


Choices backed by AI

Standout features: Simplify complex decisions with this cutting-edge AI decision-making tool. Leverage 4 powerful decision-analysis techniques βš–οΈ, including cost-benefit analysis, pros & cons lists, SWOT analysis, and multi-option analysis. Make informed, unbiased decisions quickly and easily.

Getting started: Requires an account. Available in multiple languages.

Price: It offers 53 credits on the free plan; with the upgrade, users get 200 credits for $9.99 monthly.