The Best 4 Salesforce Time Tracking Software in 2024

Discover the top 4 Salesforce time tracking software options for 2024 that can help streamline your business processes and enhance productivity. Compare features and find the best fit for your needs.

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Time tracking is crucial, especially for building an efficient customer relationship management system.

Finding the perfect time tracking app for Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, isn't as simple as picking one. A thorough and discerning evaluation is crucial in this diverse market.

Here are three key aspects to consider.

Seamless Compatibility: Ensure the application integrates flawlessly with your existing Salesforce environment. This avoids data silos and guarantees streamlined communication between systems.

Feature-Rich Functionality: Prioritize applications boasting a robust feature set that caters to your organization's unique time tracking requirements. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal efficiency and productivity.

High Scalability: Assess time tracking software scalability, so it can grow with your business. Imagine having a system that can handle increased traffic and data volume without breaking a sweat. Also, consider top-notch customer support for instant troubleshooting.

With these criteria in mind, we now list the top 4 scalable time tracking solutions for Salesforce that can boast robust integrations, extensive features, and tailored pricing.


Accurate Salesforce Time Tracking for Smarter Decisions and Enhanced Profitability
TMetric for Salesforce

When discussing top Salesforce time tracking solutions, TMetric is often a standout option, recognized for its comprehensive features and seamless integration capabilities.

TMetric Integration with Salesforce

Seamless Integration: TMetric flawlessly connects with Salesforce, enabling real-time data synchronization for efficient and accurate time tracking.

Direct Time Tracking: Users can track time forthwith against specific Salesforce records like accounts, contacts, and opportunities, linking work hours to CRM activities.

Unified Workflow: The easy integration creates a unified workflow, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.


TMetric offers a wide range of time tracking capacities catering to diverse business needs, including:

  • automatic work time tracking
  • detailed reporting
  • project management features.

It allows users to accurately track time spent on various projects and tasks directly within the Salesforce interface, enhancing productivity and accountability.

It also provides insights into team performance and project profitability, helping managers make informed decisions.

Plus, TMetric supports budgeting features that enable businesses to set project budgets and monitor financial performance in real time.

Best Practices for Using TMetric

  • Automate Time Tracking: Minimize manual entries and ensure accurate data with automated time tracking
  • Set Project Budgets:  Allocate specific time or financial resources beforehand to ensure project profitability. Manage resources effectively and avoid overruns by setting project-specific time budgets within a tool.
  • Exercise real-time financial monitoring: Gain immediate insights into project spending and adjust strategies as needed.
  • Utilize Detailed Reports: Using reporting data, identify productivity trends and make data-driven decisions to optimize team performance.

How TMetric Integration in Salesforce Improves Decision Making

  • Increases Efficiency: By automating time tracking and reducing manual data entry, TMetric frees up your team to focus on high-priority tasks.
  • Offers Data-Driven Solutions: Detailed reports allow you to address issues and re-prioritize tasks.
  • Improves Resource Management: Distribution of work time helps see areas where your team is overloaded and readjust resource allocation efficiently.

TMetric Pricing for Salesforce Users

The Professional plan, priced at $5 per user monthly, offers extra functionalities, including project and task management, alongside invoicing features.

Users can enjoy one free-month trial to explore the features and find the right plan for their needs.


Optimized Salesforce Journey for Peak Productivity and Sharp Analytics
Hubstaff for Salesforce

Hubstaff shines as a Salesforce time tracking solution, packing powerful features for businesses seeking streamlined time management and insightful productivity analysis.

Integration with Salesforce

The connection between Hubstaff and Salesforce is seamless and automatic.

Time data is transferred directly into your relevant Salesforce records, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring its accuracy.

This streamlines project and client management by providing all the necessary information in a single platform.

Features Breakdown

Hubstaff automatically tracks work hours, ensuring accurate records and saving you valuable time. Additionally, it features:

  • Activity Monitoring for insights into work patterns
  • GPS Location Tracking (Premium Plan) for remote or mobile teams and tracking travel time
  • Detailed Project Tracking for identifying potential bottlenecks and improving efficiency
  • App Usage Monitoring to See which applications are most helpful for more efficient work
  • Customizable Reports for generating reports on project progress and completion.

Best Practices for Using Hubstaff

  • Utilize automated time tracking: Minimize manual entry and improve accuracy by leveraging Hubstaff automatic features.
  • Set alerts and budgets: Manage project costs and deadlines by setting up alerts and budgets within Hubstaff.
  • Analyze productivity: Gain insights into team performance with Hubstaff reports and activity monitoring to identify areas for improvement.
  • Enable mobile app for remote workers: Ensure accurate time logging for remote and field employees by encouraging using the Hubstaff mobile app for seamless time tracking.


Hubstaff offers a flexible pricing model that includes a free tier for basic time tracking needs. The paid plans with access to integrations start at $7.50 per user per month.


Easy and Simplified Time Tracking
Jibble for Salesforce

Jibble emerges as a prominent player in the Salesforce time tracking landscape, offering distinctive features that appeal to businesses focused on enhancing workforce management and operational efficiency.

Integration with Salesforce

Jibble's integration capabilities with Salesforce are centered around streamlining time tracking for customer-related activities and projects within the CRM platform.

  • Automatically log time spent on Salesforce tasks and records.
  • Gain a unified view of project tracking and client billing.


Jibble facilitates precise time tracking within Salesforce, enabling users to effortlessly record their work hours from anywhere, utilizing various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Facial Recognition: Secure and efficient clocking in/out (minimizes time theft)
  • Attendance Tracking: Instant visibility of the workforce eases the distribution of workload
  • Project Time Tracking: Ensure accurate billing and project management
  • Detailed Analytics: Gain insights for operational improvement and resource allocation
  • Mobile App: Track work hours for remote employees.

Best Practices for Using Jibble

Initiate your work session via the web and conclude it on your mobile device with ease, ensuring efficient time management within the Salesforce environment.

  • Utilize facial recognition for secure clocking.
  • Set clear guidelines for time tracking on projects.
  • Regularly review analytics to improve operations and resource allocation.
  • Encourage mobile app use for full work-hour coverage.


You can integrate your Jibble account with Salesforce for free using Zapier. On Ultimate Plan, the cost of service is $7.99 per month.


Powerful Time Tracking that Fits Your Salesforce Workflow
TimeCamp for Salesforce

TimeCamp is a versatile and powerful Salesforce time tracking solution, catering to a wide range of business needs with its rich feature set and integrative capabilities.

It offers a dependable time tracking service integrated directly within Salesforce, enabling users to accurately monitor the hours dedicated to each project.

Integration with Salesforce

  • Track time directly within Salesforce for tasks and interactions.
  • Real-time data sync ensures accurate project & client data.

The integration facilitates a unified workflow, enabling users to track time against specific Salesforce tasks and projects, thereby enhancing project management, customer billing accuracy, and overall productivity.


TimeCamp offers a comprehensive suite of time tracking features that facilitate accurate and automated tracking of work hours, project progress, and productivity analysis.

  • Automatic time tracking that captures every minute spent on tasks and projects, detailed timesheets that offer insights into work patterns, and powerful reporting tools that provide granular data on productivity, project costs, and budget management.
  • TimeCamp also features a keyword-based time entry categorization, allowing for the automatic allocation of time spent on specific tasks or projects based on predefined keywords.
  • Additionally, its billable hours tracking and invoicing features streamline the billing process, making it easier for businesses to manage client accounts and finances.

Best Practices for Using TimeCamp

  • Utilize automatic time tracking for effortless capture of all work hours.
  • Leverage reports and analytics to gain valuable insights and optimize your workflow.
  • Set up billable/non-billable tracking for easy invoicing and accurate client billing.
  • Encourage team-wide adoption to ensure complete time tracking and accurate data.

The listed practices allow you to foster a culture of accountability and accuracy while keeping data integrity when working in Salesforce.


Aside from a free plan, TimeCamp offers paid tiers starting at $ 2.99 per user per month.


The four Salesforce time tracking software options for 2024—TMetric, Hubstaff, Jibble, and TimeCamp—offer unique integration, functionality, and scalability strengths to meet diverse business needs.

  • TMetric stands out for its seamless Salesforce integration and accurate stress-free time tracking
  • Hubstaff features activity monitoring and GPS tracking
  • Jibble has a user-friendly interface and facial recognition, enhancing the Salesforce experience
  • TimeCamp offers comprehensive time tracking and powerful reporting tools.

By carefully considering these options against your business requirements, you can enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and make smarter decisions for your organization's growth and efficiency.

These tools facilitate accurate time tracking and contribute to better project management, client billing accuracy, and overall operational excellence within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Streamline your workflow with TMetric integration in Salesforce. Sign up for a free plan and experience the difference.