The timekeeping software for small businesses that win customers

The tech breakthrough allows you to reach your potential customer instantly, but it results in the increasing competition. Not to lose it, SME owners need to pay attention to assisting software.

The timekeeping software for small businesses that win customers
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The marketplace has dramatically changed with evolving innovative technologies. The tech breakthrough allows you to reach your potential customer instantly.

On the flip side, it results in the increasing competition, which means that businesses that want to be ahead of their competitors need to invest into assisting technologies so that the forthcoming projects were a guaranteed success.  

The choice of the time tracker might make a positive impact on the small business on the scale of generating more profit in less time.

If you work without time tracking it will be like involving yourself in the game of snake and ladders - you seem to step up that ladder and then you slip down again simply because you do not get access to valuable insights that time tracking software provides for.  

So play or be played.

Below there is a list of tracking software that benefit small business in terms of enhancing productivity and keeping your team accountable.  


A time tracking tool facilitating the office routine with keeping time entries stored on TMetric user account. Its wide functionality covers team management, hourly and project rate control, creating invoices and offline tracking for reaching the highest precision on work time calculations.    

Ideal for small businesses as it enables wide options for remote hiring and fully accountable collaboration.

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What you get

  • Accurate workday time calculations
  • Employees' attendance monitoring (including breaks, vacations, days off, sick leaves)
  • Team management tool for flexible managing your onsite employees and remote workers  
  • Generating finance-related reports showing profitability of your business
  • Budgeting options including project progress and actual project costs
  • Creating invoices in a couple of clicks
  • Highly customized settings on hourly/project/client rates

What you pay

It is a free time tracker for the team of up to 5 people. The Professional Plan subscribers pay $4 per month.

For $6 per month you 'Tmetricize your time' with Business Plan opening the options far beyond basic time tracking.

Time Doctor

It is a time tracking tool that upon login enables clients' access to the employee's account. Managing the team by keeping them accountable gets an easily accomplished mission. Eliminates decision fatigue and saves tons of time by removing the routine timekeeping tasks from the daily agenda.

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What you get

  • Automated time tracking
  • Time entries on performed tasks/projects
  • Complete control over online distractions
  • Employees' URL and app usage monitoring
  • Desktop screenshot recordings (optional)

What you pay

Time Doctor costs $9.99/user/month for accessing the full functionality of the tracker. There is also a $5/month plan for one user. Keep in mind that a free plan gives you access to limited tracking options.


It positions itself as the only completely free time tracker, which makes it a desirable choice for small and medium size businesses. It promises to send you notifications in case you forgot to launch the timer so that you stayed accountable for your work.

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What  you get

  • integrations with apps your team use on everyday basis
  • quick start with a simple keyboard shortcut
  • manual adding the entries on projects and tasks
  • seamless switch between apps
  • insights on activity level within the project completion

What you pay

There are four plans: free, and three paid plans ($10 monthly for Plus, $30 monthly for Premium, and $450 monthly for Server) enabling the additional features like locking timesheets, maximizing data privacy, etc.  


This tracking software gives you above-the-average-level overview of your projects. Once your work week starts, Timely will offer to estimate the expected duration of a project and your share of work in it. This way, small business owner can easily accomplish the

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What  you get

  • accurate timesheets
  • Memory Tracker keeping your data in a private timeline
  • AI-enabled suggestions on the time entries
  • Timely AI is 'trainable' to improve the predictability of timekeeping routine  
  • Integrations with favorite apps  

What you pay

For solo users, time tracking with Timely will cost $7 per month; the Essential and Company Plans offer a variety of additional features for $14 and $21 per month respectively.


It is available on Mac, which limits its usage but does not diminish the benefits you get. Timing memorizes your tasks and sorts out your activities by categories.
The multi-layer timeline shows time allocation and the actual tasks you perfromed.

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What  you get

  • smart timeline for quick overview of your workday
  • assignment of activities
  • suggestions on project descriptions
  • built-in calendar events
  • optimized time picker

What you pay  

Being a full-fledged time and productivity tracker, Timely offers its service on Productivity Plan for $39, Business Plan for $69, and Expert Plan for $99 that includes invoicing options.  


This software has been on the time tracking market for 8 years. Its brand feature is a clockodo stopwatch that launches manually and keeps track of work time across any device currently in use.  

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What you get

  • precise time entries on projects you and your team carry out
  • individual reports on customer, project or any date given
  • employees' performance and attendance reports
  • easily retrieved data on sick days, vacations. etc. for payroll department
  • team events within a calendar view    
  • retrospective time tracking

What you pay

After 14-day free trial, you can use this tool for $6.50 per month per user. In case you have a big team, you get a considerable discount and pay only $3.50 per month starting from the 11th employee.


With keeping words 'simple and effective' in mind as the motto, MyHours creators offer small business owners a product that greatly assist with keeping the small business team focused and motivated.

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What you get

  • precise tracking the tasks and projects time
  • shareable reports
  • perfect time tracking
  • accountability on employees' attendance
  • setting hourly rate pay

What you pay

While it is free for solo user, the teams are invited to join a Pro plan for $6 per month for unlocking the functions of invoicing and exporting data into spreadsheet format.

Wrap it up

With growing popularity of cloud-computing systems for entrepreneurs, tracking your time when you are a small business owner is important in terms of exercising self-control and accomplishing the most ambitious business goals.

To get more insights on benefits of time tracking for small business, click here.

Do not let the lack of flexible technologies hold your business progress back. Choose to gain accountability on your work time not to lose efforts and make your business grow and thrive.