The Best 8 Automatic Time Tracking Tools for Employee Administration

Our blog post highlights the top 8 automatic time tracking software that are game-changers in employee administration and team productivity. Read more!

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Technology has come a long way in recent years, making it easier than ever before to automate various aspects of our lives. One such area where this is particularly evident is in the realm of work time tracking.

Though automatic time tracking is a relatively new concept, it has proved to be helpful for those who want to become more efficient and productive.

Below, we list the best free automatic time trackers for employee administration.


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TMetric is an excellent automated time tracker designed specifically for employee administration but is also suitable as a personal automatic task time tracker due to its rich reporting analytics.

Prime features

Real Time Tracking 🌟 It records time spent on tasks, projects, or clients

Billable Rates 🌟 It sets different billable rates for various tasks or team members

Detailed Reporting 🌟 It generates in-depth reports which can be exported in multiple formats

Team Monitoring 🌟 It offers advanced capabilities to monitor team productivity

Project Management 🌟 It integrates with 50+ tools that enable managers to track projects stress-free

Time Off Management 🌟 It automates tracking employees' vacations and PTO

Payroll Management 🌟 It enables businesses to automate payroll processing

Client Access 🌟 It allows restricted client-side access for transparency in billing and project status.

Pricing model

Free πŸ’΅ Available to up to 5 users with time tracking and reporting features

Professional πŸ’΅ For $5 monthly, it offers advanced reporting, billable rates, and project cost estimation

Business πŸ’΅ For a $7 monthly payment, users get all Professional features plus team activity monitoring and client access.

Platform compatibility

🧩 TMetric is an automated time tracker for Mac and Windows, also available as a web application, desktop software, and mobile app, ensuring compatibility with multiple operating systems.


toggl screenshot

Toggl belongs to automated time tracker software; it is a user-friendly and versatile time tracking tool that emphasizes ease of use, robust analytics, and team collaboration, making it ideal for employee administration.

Prime Features

Auto-Tracking 🌟 Records time automatically based on user-defined triggers.

Timesheet Approvals 🌟 It features approving and locking timesheets for accurate billing.

Advanced Reporting 🌟 It offers exportable reports in various formats

Project Dashboards 🌟 It delivers real-time insights into project progress and team productivity.

Billable Hours 🌟 It helps set billable rates for tasks or employees for straightforward invoicing.

Integrations 🌟 It features seamless integration with productivity tools.

Pricing Model

Free πŸ’΅ Basic time tracking features

Starter πŸ’΅ $10/user per month; includes billable rates and advanced reporting.

Premium πŸ’΅ $20/user per month; includes all Starter features plus timesheet approvals and priority support.

Enterprise: Custom pricing; includes all Premium features plus additional enterprise-level functionalities.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 Toggl boasts impressive versatility by offering multiple ways to access its services, whether via web application, desktop software, or mobile app, thus catering to diverse user preferences and requirements.


clockify screenshot

Clockify is a highly flexible and customizable time tracking tool that is designed to facilitate employee administration through extensive analytics, project management features, and seamless integrations.

Prime Features

Automated time tracking 🌟 Users can initiate and halt timers effortlessly or input customized work hours for precise time monitoring.

Timesheet generation 🌟 It efficiently records employees' weekly tasks in a matter of minutes.

Kiosk Mode 🌟 Users can utilize a communal device for clocking in via a personal identification number.

Calendar View 🌟 It provides a graphical overview of your time allocation and pre-scheduled activities.

Pricing Model

Basic πŸ’΅ $3.99 per user per month for basic time tracking and reporting

Standard πŸ’΅ $5.49/user per month; includes time off tracking and invoicing

Pro πŸ’΅ $7.99/user per month; includes scheduling, budgeting, and estimates

Enterprise πŸ’΅ $11.99/user per month; offers audit logs and priority support.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 Clockify ensures broad platform compatibility by offering a web-based interface, desktop applications for Windows and macOS, and mobile apps for Android and iOS.


timecamp screenshot

TimeCamp is a feature-rich time tracking tool that specializes in automated tracking, detailed analytics, and multifaceted project management, making it an optimal choice for employee administration.

Prime Features

Automatic Time Tracking 🌟 It is automated time tracker device software that logs time spent on applications and websites.

Billable & Non-Billable Hours 🌟 It segregates time into billable and non-billable categories for precise invoicing

Task and Project Tracking 🌟 It offers a comprehensive project management suite with task hierarchies.

Invoice Creating, Client Invoicing 🌟 Integrated invoicing system to directly bill clients based on tracked hours.

Pricing Model

Free πŸ’΅ For solo users, includes unlimited projects and tasks, geofencing

Starter πŸ’΅ $2.99/user per month; offers attendance and time-off tracking

Basic πŸ’΅ $5.99/user per month; includes billable hours tracking, project archiving

Pro πŸ’΅ $7.50/user per month; includes all basic features plus invoicing, and timesheet approval.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 TimeCamp is well-known as an Apple automated time tracker that offers wide-reaching platform compatibility through its desktop clients and Chrome plugin.


timely screenshot

Timely is one of the best automatic time trackers that employs AI-driven monitoring to offer granular insights into employee productivity, making it a top choice for employee administration.

Prime Features

AI-Powered Automatic Tracking 🌟 Utilizes machine learning to automatically categorize time spent across different tasks.

Project Timelines 🌟 Provides a visual timeline for projects to gauge progress and make adjustments.

Budget Tracking 🌟 Allows setting budgets for projects to manage costs and resources effectively.

Real-time Dashboards 🌟 Offers live updates on project status and team performance.

Resource Allocation 🌟 Helps in distributing workloads effectively among team members

Billable Hours 🌟 Enables setting billable rates for team members or tasks.

Tags and Labels 🌟 Customizable tags and labels for better project organization.

Pricing Model

Starter πŸ’΅ $9/user per month; basic time tracking and up to 5 users and 20 projects

Premium πŸ’΅ $16/user per month; includes team management, API access

Unlimited πŸ’΅ $22/user per month; includes all Premium features plus capacity management and advanced analytics.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 Timely is highly compatible across platforms, offering a web-based interface, desktop applications for both Windows and macOS, and mobile apps for Android and iOS.


hubstaff screenshot

Hubstaff is a robust automated screenshot time tracker and employee monitoring tool designed to offer precise tracking capabilities, extensive reporting, and workforce management solutions ideal for effective employee administration.

Prime Features

Employee monitoring 🌟 Hubstaff provides advanced monitoring options such as random screenshots, app, and website monitoring

Online timesheets 🌟 Users can easily create and manage timesheets to keep track of worked hours for payroll and client billing purposes

GPS tracking 🌟 For remote or mobile teams, Hubstaff offers GPS tracking to monitor the location and movement of employees in real-time.

Pricing Model

Free πŸ’΅ Basic time tracking for a single user.

Starter πŸ’΅ $4.99/user per month; includes time tracking, project budgets

Grow πŸ’΅ $7.50/user per month; includes all Basic features plus invoicing, scheduling, and expanded reporting.

Team: $10/user per month; includes all Standard features, plus payroll and time off

Custom: Custom pricing; tailored solutions for larger businesses that include VIP support, unlimited job sites, and higher limits on public API use.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 Hubstaff is widely compatible across multiple platforms, offering native apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, in addition to its web-based dashboard.


harvest screenshot

Harvest is a versatile automated time tracker app that integrates effortlessly with a range of other software platforms, offering intuitive functionalities for both time management and invoicing, thereby making it an excellent choice for employee administration.

Prime Features

Easy Time Tracking 🌟 It offers a simple interface for instant tracking time spent on tasks and projects

Expense Tracking 🌟 Allows for logging and categorizing project-related expenses

Invoice Generation 🌟 Automated invoicing based on tracked time and expenses

Team Scheduling 🌟 Enables planning and adjusting team schedules for better resource allocation

Project Budgets 🌟 Allows setting and monitoring project budgets to prevent overages.

Pricing Model

Free πŸ’΅ For one user and two projects; includes time tracking and reporting.

Pro πŸ’΅ $10.80/user per month; unlimited people and projects, timesheet approval, and additional reporting capabilities.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 Harvest offers robust platform compatibility with native applications for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as a feature-rich web interface.


rescue time screenshot

RescueTime ranks as one of the best automatic time trackers designed to provide in-depth insights into employee productivity through automated activity logging and advanced analytics, making it ideal for comprehensive employee administration.

Prime Features

Automatic Time Tracking 🌟 Effortlessly logs time spent on apps, websites, and activities

Focus Time Module 🌟 Enables distraction-blocking modes to encourage focused work

Goal Setting 🌟 Allows users to set and monitor specific productivity goals.

Detailed Reports 🌟 Provides granular analytics on employee productivity, project time, and more

Alerts and Notifications 🌟 Sends real-time alerts for goal achievements or time spent on distractions

Custom Categorization 🌟 Allows for custom activity categorization for nuanced productivity analysis.

Pricing Model

Lite πŸ’΅ Free; includes basic time tracking and goal setting.

Premium πŸ’΅ $12/user per month; includes advanced reporting, FocusTime, and unlimited data history.

Platform Compatibility

🧩 RescueTime ensures comprehensive platform compatibility by offering applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, along with browser extensions for major web browsers.

Advantages of Automatic Time Tracking

infographics on time tracking benefits

Tracking working hours might feel tedious, but it actually brings plenty of advantages when it comes to productivity.

Peak Productivity Insights

Through automatic time tracking, you gain valuable insights into your productivity patterns and habits. It helps you:

  • understand peak productivity hours
  • identify distractions
  • optimize your workflow for maximum efficiency.

Time Management and Accountability

Automatic time tracking promotes accountability and assists in effective time management. By visualizing your time usage, you can:

  • set realistic goals
  • prioritize tasks
  • eliminate unproductive activities, leading to better time management.

Efficiency and Focus

By tracking your activities automatically, you can identify patterns of distraction and improve your focus. It enables you to:

  • minimize multitasking
  • allocate dedicated time for specific tasks
  • maintain better concentration on important activities.


Automatic time tracking offers insights into your work habits and time management skills. It helps you:

  • become more self-aware of how you spend your time
  • support personal growth and development.

Automatic Time Tracking VS Manual Time Tracking

When it comes to keeping track of your time, there are two main approaches:

  • automatic
  • manual.

With automatic time tracking, specialized software or tools do the heavy lifting for you, monitoring your digital activities like website visits, app usage, and document access. This data is then transformed into a timesheet or report, giving you a crystal-clear view of how you spend your time. No more guessing or trying to recall how long you spent on a task!

On the other hand, manual time tracking requires you to keep track of your tasks and activities by writing them down or using a dedicated app. While this approach may seem straightforward at first, it can quickly become overwhelming and prone to errors. Imagine having to manually log every email you send, every meeting you attend, and every minute you spend on a project.

Automatic time tracking is not only convenient but also incredibly accurate. By eliminating the need for manual input, it saves you time and energy while minimizing the risk of errors.

Ultimately, the choice between automatic and manual time tracking comes down to personal preference and your unique needs. But if you want a hassle-free way to optimize your productivity and achieve success, automatic time tracking is definitely worth considering.

How to Choose Ideal Automated Time Tracking Tool

When hunting for the perfect automated time tracking tool, keep these key considerations on your radar:

Identify Your Objectives βœ… Are you a solo player, or are you part of a team? Know what you're aiming to achieve β€” whether it's individual task management or collaborative time tracking.

Usability Matters βœ… Scan for a tool that promises a seamless user experience. The less time you spend figuring it out, the more time you save.

Software Synergy βœ… Look for built-in compatibility with your current tech stack. The goal is a tool that integrates smoothly with existing software and devices.

Interface & Accessibility βœ… Mobile apps? Web-based dashboards? Make sure the tool’s user interface works wherever you go.

Feature Set βœ… From customization options to unique workflow capabilities, ensure the tool can be tailored to fit your operations like a glove.

Precision is Key βœ… Zero in on tools that offer meticulous time tracking and in-depth reporting, giving you the insights you need for optimal productivity.

Bonus Features βœ… Some tools go the extra mile with invoicing, expense tracking, or payroll integration. If these are on your wishlist, make sure your chosen tool delivers.

By ticking off these boxes, you're well on your way to landing a time tracking solution that not only fits like a glove but also amps up your productivity game without making things overly complicated.


So, what's the final verdict on automated time tracking systems? In short, they're a total game-changer for managing employees!

They do so much more than just logging hours – they bring accuracy and ease to attendance tracking, simplify payroll, and keep your business compliant with labor laws. But, be warned, not all time tracking systems are created equal.

When choosing the best one for your business, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • user experience
  • integration with other software
  • value for money.

Make the right choice, and you won't just have a new tool – you'll have a streamlined HR process that saves time, reduces errors, and makes life easier for everyone involved.