How to Boost AI Writing with 10 Best Quillbot Alternatives

Looking to boost your AI writing capabilities? Explore the top 10 best Quillbot alternatives that offer similar features and functionalities to enhance your writing process. Find the perfect AI writing tool for your needs and take your writing to the next level.

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Quillbot is a popular AI writing and paraphrasing tool known for its ability to rephrase sentences and enhance the writing process for students, professionals, content creators, and anyone looking to improve their written communication.

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When looking for alternatives to Quillbot, it's important to consider the specific features you're seeking.

Paraphrasing ModelsOffers multiple models for different writing needs: general, creative, and more.
Grammar and Spell CheckIncludes tools to identify and correct writing errors.
Plagiarism CheckerChecks writing originality against a vast online content database.
SummarizerCondenses long texts into concise summaries, preserving main ideas.
Tone AdjusterAllows adjustment of writing tone to formal, casual, or persuasive.

Paraphrasing Modes

Quillbot offers multiple paraphrasing modes to cater to different writing needs, from general paraphrasing suitable for everyday writing tasks to more creative and unique paraphrases, often used for marketing or improving the flow of the text.

Grammar and Spell Check

Quillbot also includes a grammar and spell checker to help users identify and correct errors in their writing.

Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot offers a plagiarism checker to help users ensure the originality of their writing by comparing it against a vast database of online content.


Quillbot summarizer feature allows users to condense long texts into shorter, concise summaries, preserving the main ideas and key points.

Tone Adjuster

This feature enables users to adjust the tone of their writing, making it more formal, casual, or persuasive, depending on the desired outcome.

Some users might prioritize tools that offer advanced writing assistance, while others might look for sophisticated paraphrasing capabilities or a focus on summarizing and checking functions.

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Below are 10 alternatives presented, along with a description of those features that may be particularly helpful.

DeepL Write

Perfect Paraphraser for Free

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DeepL Write is one of the best AI writing assistants. It is a free advanced text editing and enhancing tool created by DeepL, a company renowned for its highly accurate translation services.

It offers choosing among 4 writing styles, including simple, business, academic, and technical, and helps users:

  • refine their writing
  • improve in style and clarity
  • check grammar.

The Outcome: It guarantees the achievement of more polished and effective communication in British/American English and German.

Slik Write

AI Writing Checker for Free

slik write banner

Slick Write is an invaluable tool for bloggers, creative writers, and students alike, aiding in refining any written work.

It offers a robust, complimentary service that:

  • enhances writing by checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • spots potential stylistic errors
  • evaluates vocabulary variety.

The Outcome: Slick Write is designed to elevate the quality of your writing, no matter the context.


Free Tailored Paraphraser

aiseo banner

Among AI writing tools, Aiseo Paraphraser stands out as a free online tool that uses advanced algorithms to generate unique and human-readable content that maintains the original meaning of the text.

The tool offers a wide range of writing modes, allowing users to transform text into:

  • undetectable cohesive text
  • creative forms
  • tailored for either a general or expert audience.

The Outcome: Users get access to an innovative tool that provides instant, AI-driven rewording of text, improves readability, clarifies meaning, and detects plagiarism, serving as a reliable and efficient alternative to Quillbot.


Free Summarizer

smry banner offers a free instant summarizing service for online articles.

This cutting-edge tool allows you to:

  • summarize long articles
  • access content without hitting paywalls
  • utilize advanced AI technology to provide a deeper understanding of the material.

The Outcome: aims to save users time by allowing them to read less and learn more efficiently. Its capabilities could serve as an alternative to Quillbot, particularly for users seeking quick, AI-powered summaries of web articles.

Paraphrasing Tool

AI Writing Suite

paraphrasing tool banner

This software package provides a comprehensive set of tools that can help you:

  • polish your writing by checking grammar and spelling
  • build better sentence structures
  • improve vocabulary usage
  • turn text to handwriting
  • proofread your writing for relevant citing
  • check for plagiarism (on the premium version)
  • outline the main points in the text of any length.

The Outcome: With this tool, users can conveniently complete a variety of writing tasks in a single location, including paraphrasing, summarizing, formatting, and verifying quotes. This streamlines the writing process and eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications or platforms.


Free Grammar and Spelling Checker

scribens banner

It is a writing tool that provides:

  • advanced grammar and spelling checks
  • suggestions for improving sentence structure
  • relevant word choice
  • word count
  • readability level
  • reading and speaking time
  • detailed statistics on sentence usage.

The Outcome: Scribens is a strong alternative to QuillBot for users seeking a free, user-friendly platform with a focus on grammar checking and enhancing writing clarity.


Free Online Paraphrasing

wordfixerbot banner

If you're seeking a versatile writing tool that goes beyond basic paraphrasing, WordfixerBot is an excellent choice.

  • It is designed for paraphrasing texts in 10 writing modes, with 3 modes (casual, neutral, and informal) available for free.
  • Users can input up to 3000 characters for instant paraphrasing without losing even the smallest nuances of the original texts.

The Outcome: WordfixerBot offers diverse features, accurate rewrites, and affordable pricing, which makes it a compelling alternative to Quillbot.


Free French Grammar Checker

grammalecte banner

It is a great alternative to QuillBot in the following scenarios:

  • It offers a comprehensive set of tools for grammar checking, spelling correction, and typographic adjustments tailored specifically to the nuances of French.
  • Grammarlecte is open-source, which is a significant advantage for users who prefer transparency. This aspect is particularly appealing when users are concerned about data privacy or want to customize the tool for specific needs.

The Outcome: Since Grammarlecte is specialized in French, it includes features uniquely suited for the language, such as gender agreement, conjugation, and specific syntax rules that might not be adequately addressed by a more general tool like QuillBot.

Wordvice AI

Free Paraphrasing and Grammar Checking Tool

wordvice banner

The Wordvice AI is a good alternative to QuillBot for several reasons:

  • It offers multiple modes for paraphrasing, including Fluent, Academic, Professional (formal and friendly), and Creative, providing tailored rephrasing to suit various contexts.
  • It emphasizes natural rewording using AI technology, ensuring the paraphrased output maintains the original meaning while sounding authentic.
  • It's designed to help users avoid plagiarism by altering syntax and terminology.

The Outcome: Wordvice AI usability extends to a wide audience, including students, researchers, and business professionals, making it versatile for different writing needs.


Free Writing Editor and Proofreader

typely banner

Typely excels as an alternative for users seeking detailed proofreading services, as it:

  • emphasizes error detection in grammar, spelling, and stylistic issues
  • offers comprehensive feedback to improve writing quality.

Typely's advanced algorithms are designed to detect subtle errors and inconsistencies in writing, such as awkward phrasings, overused words, and passive voice, which can help users refine their writing style and clarity.

Its detailed feedback on stylistic elements encourages writers to develop a more engaging and effective writing voice, essential for both creative and professional writing.

The Outcome: For users prioritizing thorough proofreading over basic rewording capabilities, Typely stands out as a strong choice.

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Wrap Up

In conclusion, we've explored ten outstanding alternatives to Quillbot that can help you take your writing to the next level.

Each of these AI writing tools offers distinct features and capabilities, so you're sure to find one that fits your specific needs.

Whether you need advanced paraphrasing, impeccable grammar and spelling checks, plagiarism detection, or efficient summarization, there is an AI tool on this list that's up to the task.

These Quillbot alternatives don't just match its functionality; they often exceed it with innovative features like tone adjustments and style-specific writing aids.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you are guaranteed to produce high-quality work that showcases your expertise and resonates with your audience.