10 Best Legal Podcasts

Lawyers are the busiest professionals. Apart from time-saving, listening to podcast is hugely beneficial. What are the best podcasts for lawyers in 2020? Read on to know more.

10 Best Legal Podcasts

Lawyers belong to the professional group whose every working hour translates into money due to the billable-hour system that most big firms adopted as the way to charge clients.

With the requirement to stay constantly updated, podcasts for lawyers come as the optimal means of alignment with the constantly evolving law business environment.

Podcasting Industry: Facts and Numbers


Podcasts show the tremendous rise from 75 million of avid listeners in 2018 to 164 million monthly podcast consumers predicted for the year of 2024.

Podcasts about law and their popularity among the audience are easy to explain:

  • They are applicable to any topic pertaining to business or personal life.
  • They have a simple format requiring the technological minimum for performance.
  • Despite the format simplicity, the content can be introduced in diverse forms (from audio book reviews to interviews and panel discussions).

Currently, the demand for podcasts is expected to grow faster due to advertising opportunities, further technological advancement, and $659 million of ad podcast revenue forecast for 2020.

Breaking down the numbers, 78.5% of podcasts consumers reported listening to podcasts while commuting. It means that investing time in podcasting can be easily implemented even within the busiest schedule.

With over 800000 podcasts available for consuming, the legal podcasts continue to gain massive popularity.

What resources are worth your time for guaranteed legal insights?

1. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

🎙️It has been on the Internet for fifteen years, which makes its top position unquestionable.

Choosing this podcast opens the channel for getting relevant information on a diversity of legal topics.

With J. Craig Williams' expertise on examining the most burning issues in the legal industry (from discussing website accessibility litigation to censorship and hate speech), listeners get a golden opportunity to take a look at the wide legal landscape.

2. Lawyerist

🎙️Hosted by Sam Glover, Aaron Street, and Stephanie Everett, this weekly show is the definite place of success: any viewer is guaranteed to benefit from listening to highly professional lawyers and authors invited to the discussions.

The scope of questions they tackle is reaching far beyond law practice issues and includes exploring leadership, productivity, goal-setting, strategic vision, marketing tactics, management of remote work, etc. Being a part of Legal Talk Network, it is also available on Apple, Google Play and Spotify.


🎙️With the legal industry leader Guy Alvarez hosting the programs, listeners get invaluable insights on the latest strategies that legal professionals can implement at law firms and legal technology companies.

It offers lots of 'how-to' podcasts that can assist in business growth and promotion of law firms success. The episodes are available for download, instant sharing, and subscription. The section presenting Podcast Notes shows what practical tip (Takeaways) the listener gets.

4. Filevine

🎙️It is Klondike of podcast resources for legal professionals. Knowledgeable experts in the legal industry share the valuable insights about law practices in these law firm podcasts and give analysis of the current news.

They cover the diversity of subjects, from what it takes to become a virtual attorney to affordability of legal education. In addition to high-quality audio, there are full transcripts and suggestions on related topics. An absolute 'must-hear' for anyone interested in law.

5. Bloomberg Law

🎙️With June Grasso hosting the programs, listeners have the unique opportunity to hear prominent attorneys and legal scholars speaking on legal issues and detail of cases in the news format.

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of aspects of legal profession, you need to search no further: the invited guests discuss a wide variety of topics from the impact of Weinstein's sentence to defense of intellectual property rights.

The running time is indicated in the preview, which makes it easier to schedule listening, and instant sharing options add value to consumer experience.

6. Lawfare

🎙️ The listeners evaluate the podcasts presented by Lawfare as 'consistently excellent' for a reason: the topics cover the most complex legal questions of cyber and national security ranging from the status of political ads on social media to the regulation of online speech. Presenting results of quality research, hosts invite guests of the highest caliber when it comes to expertise in law practice and public service.

At present, there are four podcasts, The Lawfare Podcast, and additionally, there are three podcasts by independent producers (Rational Security, Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, and The Jihadology Podcast).

7. Law in Action

🎙️Interested in what legal lessons Brexit teaches? Or fancy to know what is behind the scenes of top courts in the UK? Or would like to get a better understanding of the controversial status of facial recognition technology?

With Joshua Rozenberg presenting Radio 4's long-running legal podcast on BBC, you can become an expert on law-related matters in no time.

The podcast is updated every week and all the episodes are available either for instant listening or download for indefinite period of time.

8. Legal Speak

🎙️ This show is published weekly, and the range of topics discussed speaks for itself: interaction with the global legal market, legal tech trends, mentoring in legal profession, maintaining work life balance on the broad side of the spectrum as well as topics dictated by the latest news like cancellation policies under the conditions of crisis planning in pandemic situations.

For an ease of navigation, the episodes can be filtered by two categories, Business Law and General topics.

9. New Solo

🎙️This podcast is presented by Adriana Linares, a law practice consultant and legal technology coach whose guests discuss a variety of topics from changing a law firm to a solo practitioner status and law practice management to implementing technology in legal jobs search.

The host is there to give answers to the tricky questions that law entrepreneurs have to deal with during their solo career.

You will feel greatly encouraged when it comes to keeping on learning and increasing your professional skills. Among guests, there are lawyers and most prominent legal professionals.

10. The Happy Lawyer Project

🎙️ If you need to feel inspired and know real people behind the professional masks, then you land on the right site. Created by a practicing attorney, this podcast introduces lawyers whose advice will be of great help for achieving goals while taking your professional journey.

It is an ideal resource for solopreneurs, small firms owners and lawyers wishing to stay updated on topics pertaining to establishment of successful legal practice while 'living a happy life' however hard it may seem within the industry.

As a Bonus

The Leading Lawyer Project with Sam Burrett

🎙️ The Leading Lawyer Project holds a top position in our must-hear list. It is not only a podcast but also a blog distilling the habits, traits, personalities and experiences of high-achieving lawyers and legal leaders.

Sam Burrett interviews Partners of Law Firms, General Counsel of large corporates, founders of Alternative Legal Service Providers and CEOs of Legal Technology companies to profile the skills of successful people and share insights into how the legal industry is changing.

The podcast has ranked in the Top 5 Careers Podcasts in the ITunes Australia Charts, regularly appears among the most popular podcasts in the legal industry and has listeners in 59 countries.

⚖️And More

Not strictly legal but highly entertaining when it covers the law-related issues and criminal cases, Parcast platform is about mysteries and stories packed with tons of amazing facts and useful tips.

In Summary

In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, podcasts often offer the most up-to-date insights.

Offering a platform for legal discourse always serves to strengthen a community of like-minded individuals.

Hence, podcasts for lawyers we listed above are greatly beneficial for everyone as the questions on the agenda are always enlightening and stimulating.

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