20 Bizarre Work from Home Jobs

With 70% population being employed, there are 5 billion jobs available. We tell you of top 20 that can be performed from home and propel you to fame without stress of competing with millions of other people.

20 Bizarre Work from Home Jobs

With 70% population being employed, there are 5 billion jobs available.

Here is top 20 home-based jobs that can propel you to fame without stress of competing with millions of other people.

Start countdown on the most exotic jobs you can imagine.

Ethical hacker

The job of an ethical hacker ( aka white hat hacker) is absolutely legal.

To become a certified (!) ethical hacker, you need to pass an exam approved by the European Council.

MacBook Pro

And then, sitting in the comfort of your home, get down to 'good hacking business', i.e., penetrate computer systems and networks like hackers do but with the owners' permission to identify security vulnerabilities.

The average starting salary for a certified ethical hacker is $95,000.

The online dating ghost writer

Do you know that presenting oneself on the dating site with a couple of sentences is so yesterday?

Now, there is a special service that will guarantee that your profile will stand out. Although it is costly as the price for the service reaches $900 per profile, people will surely be hooked with witty lines in your self-description.

Happiness engineer

The entrepreneurial world nowadays lives and breathes customer support as the mandatory part of any business success story.

It results in emerging vacancies for Happiness Engineers that must be responsible for getting insightful about big and small businesses customers’ needs and providing solutions promptly.

person holding Happy by Alex Lemon book

Well, the job title is adorable but, to be fair, it is just a fancy name for home-based customer care agent.

Color consultant

multicolored tinted glass architectural building in closeup photo

If you feel confident enough about telling the difference between citrine and cornsilk hues of yellow, then you are a true color expert, and your chance to become a color consultant is high.

Color consultants are on big demand as lots of businesses face the necessity of color choices for their products.

Color consultants have varying costs for their service. A beginner color consultant earns from $15 to $50 per hour but a color consultant with lots of experience may charge up to $150 per hour.

Travel ambassador

If you love the idea of travels and feel that you can excite other people to do the same, you can earn $$$ sitting home and writing about visiting the most fascinating places on earth without a single move from the comfort of your armchair.

Due to globalizing trend for all kinds of travel, working as a travel ambassador seems like an easy option.

The cost of your service will start with $17 per hour.

bizarre work from home jobs 1

Personal branding consultant

Personal branding service delivers brand strategy and positioning.

Additionally, the service may include brand design (style guide, logo, colors, fonts), brand photography, brand voice, and even copywriting for 'I-brand promotion'.
There is no fixed pay rate for personal branding consultant but good earnings are guaranteed (for example, if a customer expects to get a guide on brand style, the consultant service might cost up to $5000).

Feng Shui expert

Feng Shui translates like 'wind and water' but a feng shui consultant deals not only with these two elements. Being an expert in feng shui means knowing how to create the balanced environment in customers' offices and homes and 'energize' the space. There is no special training for such a job though there are feng shui schools that issue certificates.

You pay Feng shui consultants per consultation, on an hourly rate basis.

Working full time can bring them from $20,000 to $60,000 per year. The feng shui consultants with wide clientele could make up to $250,000 per year.

There are 3 billion fortune cookies made annually, which means 3 billion lines of fortune telling to be written.

If you are a smart cookie with writing skills, why not try such a delicious job?

bizarre work from home jobs 2

Chief Listening Officer

Chief listening officers are responsible for monitoring both outside and inside communications in organizations including global chain companies that often hire remotely for holding such a position.

The central focus is on collecting and storing information provided by customers and employees for facilitating the business relationship dynamics.


There was no such profession in the 20th century (there was no such word either). But with over 500 million active users browsing Instagram daily, the demand for 'influencers' skyrocketed.

Instagram logo in space gray iPhone 6

Disclaimer: you will need around 10,000 followers before they can start 'Instgrammer career'.

But once you did it, you can monetize your service or your interest in clothes, crafts, and reach a status of an influencer with a million subscribers that can bring you the pay rate $10,000 per post.

Personal historian

Although the Association of Personal Historians closed there are still lots of local and online groups that provide personal historians with great job opportunities.

People are fascinated with the idea of discovering their family stories in the historical context. Believe it or nor but people are ready to pay to make their family story shine.
Personal historians charge by the project; for open-ended ongoing projects the hourly rate can apply. From start to finish, the personal history projects can take anywhere from two months to a year depending on how your family story unfolds.

So if you want to check if by any chance your ancestors had been dukes you can hire a personal historian.

Product tester

Do you fancy the idea of testing websites, smartphone apps, or tangible products? This job can pay you up to $30 per hour for actual testing and providing an honest review. There are plenty of sites that have remote vacancies for testers.

Speaking of testing apps, some platforms pay you $10 for each test. Usually, these tests will take up to 20 minutes to complete.


Being a gum taster seems like an envy of friends and family alike.

Chewing gum is the easiest job you can imagine.

bizarre work from home jobs 3

The only thing required is having the ability to distinguish between various flavors with the number rising to 70 (!) ingredients in a typical piece of chewing gum.

Gemologist writer

green gemstones

A gemologist is an expert on precious and semi-precious stones. You need to be professionally trained to become a Certified gemologist.

In this case, you can provide personalized consultation services on diamonds and jewelry for customers.

The gemologist's services including verification of stone authenticity and overall helping to make a decision on such a costly purchase start at $250.00 per hour.

Tarot reader

It seems like a surprising job in the 21st century when people explore space and other planets. But if you open any job marketplace you will see a lot of employment offers for Tarot readers.

bizarre work from home jobs 4

It is a huge opportunity for those who love helping, advising, and consulting. With Tarot cards as a time-proven source of wisdom, the clientele might be surprisingly big. By the estimation of employment platforms, the salary rate of Tarot readers reach $72K.

Netflix tagger

Have you ever thought that you can be paid for watching TV all day long?

Well, seems like a real option with Netflix. You need to have certain skills though. It appears, that for creating tags that optimize search for views, you will have to be equipped with critical thinking, visionary perception, and the ability of editorial analysis of the content. And, of course, you need to have an understanding of how TV programs and shows are related to each other.

bizarre work from home jobs 5

Web search evaluator/Google ads quality rater

This job requires only the access to the net and lots of patience.

You have to grade the ads to help marketing agencies and companies get realistic metrics regarding their ad campaigns. The position of evaluator is usually geographically restricted though but once you meet the criteria you will be hired to perform the easy-to-handled job.

bizarre work from home jobs 6

Apology expert

bizarre work from home jobs 7

To err is human. So is to say sorry but for some people, it is hard to pick the right words.

So in case saying sorry is your second nature, then there is an excellent job opportunity for you, an apology expert.

The companies at times require an apology service because saying sorry is an art, and the cancellation of D&G fashion shows in China proved it.

The wrongdoer can use an apology expert to send a formal apology on their behalf. The service costs about $95 for a phone or email apology.

Nail polish namer

Sounds like a dream job for Polishaholics: you get inspired with designs and name the product. (Would you resist seeing what hides behind the name Peaceful Paranoia, Ceremony of Secrets, or Psycho Candy? Me neither).

person hand showing nail polish

And if you present a brand that is popular enough then you might be lucky and auction the choice of the next name for $10K (yes, a true story!)

Remedial massage home-based therapist

Remedial massage techniques are not that easy to learn.

Remedial therapists should have a diploma rather than a certificate as this type of massage is suitable for people with injuries and sore shoulders.

It translates into a wide clientele as practically all office workers suffer either from sore shoulders or stiff necks.

Now, when you check that you are qualified enough to perform such a job, just set up a home massage room with a relaxing space. Invest in a professional-quality massage table and soundproof walls.

The hourly rate pay of a remedial massage specialist starts at $25.

To sum up

Passion and contribution come from work you love doing however unusual it might seem to others.

And what exotic and bizarre jobs would you add to the list?