5 tricks to boost yourself instantly with productivity apps

If you use proper productivity apps, you will avoid making typical mistakes that often lead to time mismanagement.

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Procrastination got you clinging to your to-do list like a sloth on a eucalyptus tree? Or are you a productivity powerhouse, a cheetah sprinting through your tasks in a flurry of focus?

When it comes to getting things done, there are two distinct personalities: the productivity sloth, slow and steady (but mostly just...slow), and the productivity cheetah, a whirlwind of energy which tackles goals at lightning speed.

While the cheetah might seem to have the upper hand (who wouldn't want to be a conquering whirlwind of efficiency?), there's hope for our slothier counterparts. Enter the magic of productivity apps!

These digital tools can be your personal trainers, whipping your inner cheetah into shape.

To-do list apps like Trello or Asana keep your tasks organized and prioritized. At the same time, TMetric time tracker can transform you into a laser-focused hunter, working in concentrated bursts like a cheetah on the chase.

There are even apps to tackle that procrastination monster, like Freedom, which blocks distracting websites, keeping you on the cheetah track and away from the allure of that midday online shopping spree.

So, even if you currently channel your inner sloth with the right productivity app arsenal, you too can unleash your inner cheetah and conquer your to-do list with fierce focus and feline finesse.

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🚀But wait, there's more to becoming a productivity cheetah with more useful apps!

Magic Trick #1 Stop Multitasking

Just like a cheetah focuses on one gazelle at a time, you, too, must conquer your tasks with laser focus.

Multitasking might seem like a superpower, but it fries your brain, making you slower and more error-prone.

Instead, channel your inner cheetah by tackling tasks one at a time.

Silence notifications, put your phone on silent, and tell your coworkers you're entering "cheetah mode" – they'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a focused sprint.

Think of it as giving your brain a clear runway – the faster you can take off on a single task, the sooner you'll be lounging in the satisfaction of completion, just like a well-fed cheetah basking in the sun after a successful hunt.

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Magic Trick #2 Stop running from boredom

Nowadays, once we start to feel the first signs of apathy and boredom, we get panic and try hard to accelerate speed.

Admitting that we feel bored means confessing the sin of procrastination, and when at work, we are expected to do whatever but not procrastinate.

But while trying to escape boredom, we do not notice that we are actually running on a hamster wheel, which is totally unproductive. The routine can take a toll on you; nobody can deny it.

So instead of rushing forward at whatever cost, take a break. Embrace your boredom. You are one step closer to refreshing and looking at your life with renewed curiosity.

Magic Trick #3 Stop making long to-do lists

Get realistic. It’s easy to compose, and I genuinely wish to complete a long to-do list.

It is ironic, but lengthy to-do lists slow you down instead of propelling you forward.

But if you prioritize and limit your goals to achievable targets, your day will get much more productive.

The app that will help you not to lose track of what’s really important is Bear.

It is exponentially fast and extremely pleasant to use.

It has a rather simple design: in the scope of your visibility, there are only three columns (the one for the current note, the one for notes you can list in reverse-chronological order, and the one for the tags you’ve created).

When you write a note, you can add as many hashtags as you like inside the text. You can also export your notes as PDFs or HTML documents.

Magic Trick #4 Stop time mismanagement

Some people believe an ordinary wall clock or a regular stopwatch is enough to manage your time efficiently.

It may be a wrong assumption, costing you a day of work.

Time tracking software is a great assistant in time management.

It helps you control your work hours, especially when they are billable, and determines the payroll accuracy.

Nowadays, digital time tracking is probably the only way to stay focused on a task without compromising the quality of your work.

It is no wonder there are many time-tracking tools available for business needs. With them, you will be a time management pro.

Time trackers do multiple things:

  • calculate the time you spent on the task
  • store your productivity data
  • arrange the information into a neat report on time consumption
  • provide prompt invoicing.

Magic Trick #5 Stop killing your motivation

Tapping into your motivation means unlocking your productivity. You need to stay motivated even if you don’t have a deadline.

Fabulous is definitely a helper when it comes to keeping you motivated.

The app combines targeted health tips and useful habits, integrated fitness programs, and space for setting daily goals. Its bright (truly fabulous) interface will easily foster a creative approach.

Now you will have no excuses for not achieving your long-term dreams.
Keep your motivation to be efficient, to expand your expertise and become knowledgeable about things worth your focus and attention, and the results you will get will amaze you.

Returning to a build-up of that cheetah image...

The secret of building a ‘productive cheetah’ mindset is quite simple: time management is not about filling your time with long to-do lists but about managing your attitude and wisely choosing what you dedicate your efforts to.

It will instantly elevate your productivity to a new speed level.

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