A Case Study on Streamlining Efficiency with TMetric & Notion

Learn how the Cahill Strategies firm was able to increase productivity overall and streamline its time tracking procedures thanks to the effective integration of TMetric with Notion.

A Case Study on Streamlining Efficiency with TMetric & Notion

About Cahill Strategies

Located in New York, Cahill Strategies is a full-service communications and government relations agency. Their areas of expertise are advocacy, communications, and lobbying at the state level in New York.

  • Services: Communications, lobbying, government relations, and advocacy.
  • Team: Skilled experts who work together as a team.
  • Clientele: A varied assortment of clients.
  • Company culture: strong values, a focus on working as a team, and respect for their connections and experience.

About Notion

Notion is made to serve as your one-stop hub for all things work-related. It integrates capabilities from multiple productivity tools into a single platform, enabling you to take notes, manage tasks, arrange data, and work with others.

Task management: To organize tasks and projects, Notion provides calendar views, kanban boards, and to-do lists. You can effectively allocate projects to teammates, set deadlines, and monitor progress.

Note-taking: Rich text formatting, multimedia embedding, and web clipper capability allow Notion to grab information from any source and perform exceptionally well when taking notes. You can use linked pages, databases, and tags to arrange your notes whichever best suits you.

Collaboration: Working together on projects in real time is made possible with Notion. Members of a team can share files, edit pages collectively, and write comments on the site.

How TMetric helps the Cahill Strategies team

While searching for a time tracking solution, our main goals were to precisely record work hours, establish rates, and produce thorough reports for each activity. After exploring options, we found TMetric and adopted it motivated by positive reviews and its ease of use.

The ability to create thorough reports every month that offer insightful information on the amount of time spent on projects is one particularly noteworthy feature.

The integration process of TMetric and Notion was smooth. Everything works as planned, without encountering any significant challenges or disruptions.

About the Author: This story is presented by the Senior Vice President at Cahill Strategies LLC.