Asana Time Tracking: Tips and Practices

Applying TMetric time tracking while managing your tasks in Asana, you don't have to put a stopwatch on the projects that might become huge milestones in your career.

Asana Time Tracking: Tips and Practices
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With adding over 10000 teams monthly, Asana reached the status of a must have task management software.  

Opting for some other team-management software once you tried Asana feels unthinkable. Let alone the perfect usability, it offers tons of useful options but one particular option stands out: it is seamless integration with TMetric timer that pairs with your favorite task management smoothly and, thus, turns it into a full-fledged project management tool.

Offering the diversity of tracking options was proclaimed as the core of marketing Asana campaign back in 2016. Users got the opportunity to add sub-tasks, customize lists and facilitate search by applying filters.  

Asana is indispensable in terms of keeping task progression under control. For example, for an update status it offers you the traffic light system to indicate that the task is off track (with red color), or it requires special attention (yellow), or in the task is on track (indicated with green).

time tracking asana

The expanding diversity of tracking functions meant the demand for seamless time tracking from any task, list, board, conversation or sub-task.

Asana time tracking integration with TMetric lets you complete any project faster as it provides precision of work time calculations for any action you take in Asana.

Now your tasks can be surely managed in a professional way in accordance with management standards, which translates into meeting deadlines and keeping within budget estimates.

Once you integrated TMetric with Asana, follow the 3 easy steps.

How to apply TMetric in Asana  

1. Open the Asana task. Just below the task title you will see TMetric icon Start timer button.  

 time tracking with asana

2. Fill in the info on task and project. Optionally, add tags. Click on the Start timer button.

asana time tracking

3. You are done: since launching the timer all your time entries and all the information related to your Asana projects will be stored in your TMetric account.

asana time tracking integration

Besides tracking time from the task, you can also apply tracking work time when working in the calendar. To enable it, you need to open the calendar, click on the calendar entry and it will open the task window within calendar view.  

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When you mark your Asana tasks as completed, you can stop TMetric time tracking. The data will be automatically saved. It lets you and your team stay informed and never lose track of the progress you make.

Applying TMetric time tracking in Asana empowers your project management process. This combo will be a perfect fit for small teams that are engaged with handling multiple projects. It is an affordable tool that unlike other software packages visibly boosts productivity as it leaves a lot of flexibility when it comes to setting and adjusting goals to the project.  

Tips to keep in mind

It works both ways to track time whether you organize your work in Asana by lists or boards.

By implementing integration of TMetric in Asana lists/boards, you instantly get:

  • the accurate time calculations on tasks you perform;
  • multi-gadget applicable integration, which means you work across any device;
  • various reports on team performance and task summary in a click;
  • invoice creating without leaving Asana;
  • fostering more transparent and effective communication;
  • full accountability of your project;
  • settings for estimating budgets on the tasks;
  • options for setting flexible rates for a task assignee;
  • monitoring tool for evaluating team members' activity level in real time.

Wrapping up on TMetric+Asana integration

Asana strategy implies the abundance of project tracking options.

Applying TMetric time tracking while managing your tasks in Asana,  you don't have to put a stopwatch on the projects that might become huge milestones in your career.