Best 10 Employee Appreciation Ideas

Discover proven employee appreciation ideas that staff truly love. Learn how to show your employees gratitude and recognition for their hard work and dedication.

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Gallup research shows that the average person spends a significant chunk of their life working, totaling over 81,000 hours, roughly equivalent to nine years.

Given this extensive commitment, recognizing the value of employee appreciation becomes crucial. It involves recognizing and rewarding employees' contributions, efforts, and achievements.

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The approach to employee appreciation can vary widely, depending on factors such as the industry, the nature of the work, company culture, and available budget.

Breaking appreciation ideas into categories can help organizations tailor strategies to effectively acknowledge and motivate their workforce.

The Evolution of Employee Appreciation

  • Introduction of Employee of the Month (1995): Companies begin to widely adopt 'Employee of the Month' programs to recognize outstanding workers, makring a growing trend in structured recognition programs to motivate and acknowledge employees.
  • Rise of Customized Rewards (2000): Businesses start offering personalized rewards, reflecting the individual's interests and hobbies. This marks a shift towards more individualized recognition.
  • Social Recognition Platforms (2005): The emergence of social recognition platforms allows peers to appreciate each other's work publicly. The use of digital platforms for recognition highlights the incorporation of technology in the workplace.
  • Wellness Programs (2010): Companies incorporate wellness programs, emphasizing the importance of health in employee appreciation. This points towards a holistic approach to employee well-being, beyond just job performance.
  • Remote Work Flexibility (2015): Flexibility with remote work becomes a form of appreciation, acknowledging work-life balance. This reflects the changing nature of work environments.
  • Virtual Team Building Activities (2020): The pandemic leads to virtual team-building activities to keep remote employees engaged and appreciated.

Here's a comprehensive list of ideas for employee appreciation by category.

Idea #1: Reward Employees Monetarily

Studies have found that inadequate total compensation is among the top factors contributing to workplace disengagement, highlighting why monetary rewards are crucial in expressing employee appreciation.

monetary rewards for employee appreciation

Surprise Bonus

In addition to the annual bonus cycle, surprise an employee with a spot bonus for exceptional work on a project or consistently exceeding expectations.

Team Bonus

Did a team absolutely crush a goal? Reward the entire team with a shared bonus that recognizes their collaborative effort. Let them decide how to spend it on a celebratory team lunch or activity.

💡Pair a bonus with a public announcement of the employee's accomplishment. This can be done at a team meeting, company newsletter, or even social media (with the employee's consent).

Idea #2: Invest in Employee Professional Development

professional development for employee appreciation

Go beyond mandatory training

Focus on offering various training opportunities aligned with employee interests and career goals. This could include courses on new software, project management, leadership skills, or industry trends. Partner with employees to identify training needs through surveys or one-on-one discussions.

Consider micro-credentials and certifications

Provide training that leads to recognized micro-credentials or certifications. These can be valuable additions to resumes and showcase employee expertise to clients or future employers.

Offer virtual communication coaching

Provide coaching or workshops to help employees get the most out of the visual experience. This could include pre-conference training, tips on networking, setting goals for the virtual events, or following up with contacts made.

Samsung's "Applause" Builds Teams Through Appreciation

Samsung has gained attention for their online peer recognition platform called "Applause,". Employees use it to award points and recognize each other's contributions.

The company highlighted the importance of this recognition in building strong, trusted teams and collaborative work culture, emphasizing that whether it's coming from a CEO or an entry-level employee, appreciation can have a profound impact​​.

Idea #3: Implement Recognition Programs

recognition programs for employee appreciation

Enrich the title

Instead of just "Employee of the Month," consider having categories that reflect different strengths or contributions, like "Team Player of the Month" or "Innovation Champion." Also, do not expand recognition beyond sales figures. Recognize achievements in customer service, problem-solving, or going the extra mile.

Tiered recognition

Consider having bronze, silver, and gold levels of awards for different milestones or project complexities.

Peer-to-peer awards

Allow employees to give small, team-specific awards to recognize their colleagues' contributions within their department. Allowing colleagues to nominate each other fosters a sense of teamwork and appreciation among peers.

💡When someone nominates an employee for an award, encourage them to provide specific details about the accomplishment and its impact on the company.

💡Dedicate a section of your company newsletter or internal communication platform to showcasing employee achievements and stories. This personalizes recognition and allows employees to get to know each other better.

💡Complement the title with a small gift card, extra paid time off, or the chance to choose a perk like a better parking spot or a work-from-home day.

Idea #4: Support Work-Life Balance

work-life balance for employee appreciation

Break New Ground

Offer core working hours where everyone is expected to be online/available, but allow flexibility outside those times. This caters to employees with different preferences (early birds vs. night owls) and those who juggle personal commitments.

💡For some roles, consider compressed workweeks (e.g., 4-day workweek with the same workload completed). This extra day off shows appreciation for their efficiency and boosts morale.

Flex time bank

Implement a system where employees can accrue "flex time" for working extra hours or completing tasks early. This allows them to use the banked time for personal needs or extended breaks, demonstrating appreciation for their adaptability.

Trust-based approach

Shift the focus from "hours worked" to "results achieved." This empowers employees and shows appreciation for their time management skills.

Mental health days

Offer a set number of paid mental health days to encourage employees to prioritize their well-being. This demonstrates appreciation for their overall health and reduces stigma around mental health issues.

💡Organize mental health awareness campaigns to educate employees about mental health topics, provide resources for seeking help, and promote a culture of open communication.

Idea #5: Prioritize Employee Health and Wellbeing

health and wellbeing for employee appreciation

Exceed standards of basic memberships

Partner with a gym that offers perks like group fitness classes, personal training consultations, or discounts on fitness gear.

Ergonomic equipment stipend

Offer a stipend as an appreciation gift for employees to purchase ergonomic furniture or equipment for their home offices. This acknowledges the challenges of creating a good home workspace.

Stress management workshops

Collaborate with a therapist or counselor to offer workshops on managing stress, building resilience, and improving work-life balance.

Meditation or mindfulness sessions

Help employees de-stress with guided meditation sessions or mindfulness training programs.

Provide healthy snacks

Stock the break room with healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, and yogurt to encourage healthy daily choices.

Offer comprehensive coverage

Consider plans that cover preventative care, mental health services, and alternative therapies to show a holistic approach to well-being.

Provide on-site health screenings

Partner with healthcare providers to offer regular screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health markers to encourage preventative care.

Promote healthy habits through incentives

Offer rewards for participating in health screenings, completing fitness challenges, or taking online wellness courses.

Surpass expectations

Hold regular meetings at the retreat location, but schedule additional bonding activities like stargazing, bonfire nights, or board game tournaments.

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Idea #6: Celebrate Employee Achievements

social appreciation for employee appreciation

Milestone leave

Reward employees with extra vacation days for reaching milestones (work anniversaries, project completions). This personalizes appreciation and acknowledges their contributions.

Offer leadership development opportunity

Reward a high performer with a spot in a leadership conference or training program relevant to their career goals.

The Gift of Time

Everyone needs a break, especially high performers. Offer an extra vacation day, a prime pick for scheduling vacations, or a "get out of work free" card for a special occasion as a sign of recognition of an employee's achievements.

Empower teams

For team achievements, give them the opportunity to choose a small improvement for the workspace - a new piece of equipment, a team-building activity, or a charity donation in their name. This fosters a sense of agency and reinforces the value of their contribution.

Idea #7: Offer Personalized Gifts

personalized gifts for employee appreciation

Choice boards

Create a "choice board" with different gift card options from various categories (retail, dining, experiences), allowing employees to pick something that truly interests them.

Offer subscriptions

Enroll employees in subscriptions to entertainment, learning, or hobbies services.

Personalized appreciation baskets for employees

Create themed gift baskets that highlight what you appreciate about each employee. For example, for an employee known for their meticulous attention to detail, you could create a "Because You're a Sharpshooter" basket filled with gourmet coffee, a high-quality pen, and a nice notepad. For someone who consistently goes the extra mile, a "Because You Always Hustle" basket might include a portable phone charger, a water bottle, and healthy snacks.

handwritter thank you for showing employee appreciation

Handwritten thank you note with a personalized gift card

Pair a heartfelt thank you note expressing your appreciation for a specific accomplishment or quality with a gift card to a store or service you know they'd enjoy.

Idea #8: Provide Office Perks

office perks for employee appreciation

Set a new precedent

Don't just replace outdated equipment. Instead, conduct surveys or hold focus groups to understand individual needs. Consider offering high-resolution monitors, ergonomic keyboards, or noise-canceling headphones for those who need them.

Personalization matters

Allow some level of customization for workstations. This could include sit-stand desks, task lighting options, or comfortable chairs with adjustable lumbar support.

Catered lunches and stocked kitchens

Cater meals from different restaurants throughout the week to keep things exciting. Offer healthy options alongside some indulgent treats.

Ergonomics for everyone

Provide ergonomic employee training and ensure all workstations are set up to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Offer adjustable chairs, proper keyboard placement guides, and monitor stands.

Idea #9: Showcase Community and Social Impact

community impact for employee appreciation

Volunteer together

Volunteering for a cause your employees care about builds team spirit and gives back to the community. This creates a positive association with the company and fosters a sense of purpose.

Employee Choice & Recognition

Take it a step further by allowing employees to nominate causes they're passionate about. Hold voting sessions to pick a cause for the next Volunteering Day. Publicly recognize employees who go above and beyond during these events.

Charity Matching

Double the impact by matching employee donations to their chosen charities. This incentivizes giving and demonstrates the company's commitment to social good.

Cause of the Quarter

Designate a different social cause each quarter and donate a portion of the company's profits to that cause. This allows the company to support various issues and keeps employees engaged.

Volunteer Grant Program

Offer grants to employees who volunteer a certain number of hours. This grant can be used for the employee's charity of choice, further supporting their passion.

Eco-Challenge Competitions

Organize friendly competitions between departments to reduce office waste or energy consumption. Reward winning teams with experiences or perks.

Employee Recognition for Sustainability Efforts

Publicly acknowledge employees who consistently use reusable water bottles, carpool, or bring eco-friendly lunches. This reinforces positive sustainability behaviors.

Idea #10: Foster Creative Expression

creative expression for employee appreciation

Embrace the outdoors

Plan a hike, bike ride, or picnic in a scenic location. This is a great way to promote wellness and create a casual environment for team bonding.

Create creative connections

Offer a variety of workshops catering to different interests. Think calligraphy, jewelry making, or even virtual reality sculpting! Partner with local artists to conduct these sessions, fostering a connection with the community.

To effectively develop employee appreciation strategies, focus on activities that foster a flow state, such as music, learning, hobbies, and gaming.

💡Host workshops during lunch breaks or after work to encourage team bonding. Provide refreshments and let employees unwind while exploring their creativity.

💡Dedicate a space in the office to display employee artwork. This not only personalizes the workspace but also celebrates individual talents.

Open mic nights

Organize regular open mic nights where employees can perform music, poetry, stand-up comedy, or even magic tricks! This can be a fantastic stress reliever and a way to discover hidden talents within the team.

Themed events

Plan themed talent shows around holidays or company milestones. Encourage group performances, skits, or even parodies to add a touch of humor. Offer prizes or gift cards to the most entertaining acts, voted on by colleagues.

Remote options

For a remote workforce, host virtual talent shows using video conferencing platforms. This allows everyone to participate and provides a platform for connection despite geographical distance.

Internal project incubator

Create a system where employees can submit their creative project ideas for consideration. The company can then offer resources, mentorship, or even seed funding to help develop promising concepts.

Relaxation Station

Set up a space in the office with comfy chairs, games, or calming activities.

Additional Tips

  • Make Appreciation Visible: Create a corporate chat channel with specific recognition for your staff or a physical appreciation board.
  • Use Survey Employees: Pulse surveys or feedback channels can be a great instrument for gathering information on employees' preferences for recognition, ensuring your appreciation efforts are tailored to their needs.
  • Be Consistent: Recognize employees daily, not just on Employee Appreciation Day, to drive lasting engagement and retention.

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