Best Time-Wasting Websites to Dive in 2020

30% of employees worldwide, by their own confession, spend up to two hours a day aimlessly browsing online. Discard the old stuff from your search history and try the sites that would turn you into a smart time waster and surely refresh and benefit your mind.

Best Time-Wasting Websites to Dive in 2020

According to Internet live stats, the total number of sites available online is 1,928,395,907. It is far less than 3.5 trillion fish in the world ocean but still, it means almost two billion, which is kind of mind-blowing.

This enormous number easily explains why we never run out of interest in net surfing.

By the way, in case you are curious how come I know the number of fish, the answer is simple: you achieve it by aimless surfing perfecting the skill of smart time-wasting to the level of a net surf expert.  

Speaking of surfing: similarly to ocean surfers who know in advance the best surfing spots that promise unbroken waves, the pro net surfers must know the best sites where they can spend their time like a pro procrastinator.

Below, there is an ultimate list of 20 best time wasting sites in no particular order.

With that being said, time to dive in! 🏄🏿‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏿‍♂️🏄🏽‍♂️  

Awesome time waster #1


best time-wasting websites 2

Incredibox is a one-of-a-kind site that lets you create your own music in the company of cool beatboxers.
Why is it highly addictive? 😻Because music is the universal language of mankind, and, with rhythm and melodies Incredibox offers, you sure know how to speak it.

Awesome time waster #2

The Oatmeal

best time-wasting websites 3

If you don't know comics on the Oatmeal, you are missing a lot! Nowadays, obsession about comics is huge and getting bigger.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 The site, though being only occasionally educational, will surely make you laugh.  

Awesome time waster #3

Chill the Lion

best time-wasting websites 4

It is a pure time waster. 100% awesomeness. Now you have your own good lion. Happy when chilled.

As a side note: if you do it for long enough the lion will eventually get annoyed and eat the fan.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 Simply speaking, it is difficult to stop. I'm guessing everyone's having the same issue.

Awesome time waster #4

World Atlas

The quantity of fish is just a tiny bit of what you can easily find on this site.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 Because once you know what continent Istanbul is in, you will absolutely need to know why the ocean is salty.

best time-wasting websites 5

Awesome time waster #5  


If you want to explore your knowledge of geography further, then Geogessr is what you need. On this site, you will be shown a random landscape and offered to guess the location.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 You can choose between a single-player mode and challenge mode and, regarding the size of our planet, play and guess endlessly.

Awesome time waster #6  

Infographics Showcase

best time-wasting websites 6

Whether your question relates to technologies or show-biz, you will surely get an infographic answer.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 Because the data visualization is powerful and gives you a quick overview of the most complicated issues.

Awesome time waster #7  


best time-wasting websites 7

It is the case when you engage in fun-filled games not only for entertaining yourself but for getting practical knowledge.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 By unlocking the new levels in the wargames, you will easily learn command line basics and security concepts.

Awesome time waster #8  


best time-wasting websites 9

It is a challenge-based training platform for programmers where you can improve your coding skills with fun exercises (25+ languages supported).

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It teaches coding amazingly easily.

Awesome time waster #9  


best time-wasting websites 10

Whatever puzzle you want to get solved, Cymath will be a perfect tool to assist you. It has an extended keyboard you can open to find any math symbol. Part fun, full science, this site will surely enhance your advanced math skills.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 Because it has answers to all your math questions.  

Awesome time waster #10

PGF Drive

Knowledge is power, we all know it. To get empowered, people read books. All you have to invest in is the time you are ready to spend on this site.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It offers over 300 million free books ranging from the basics of astrophysics to advice on how to win every argument.

time-wasting websites 1

Awesome time waster #11  


time-wasting websites 2

It is a great site for finding project ideas and easy plans. Snoop around for free, there are plenty of categories to choose from.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It has a huge database of references and DIY tutorials.  

Awesome time waster #12

Difference between

time-wasting websites 3

It is a perfect boredom buster. Do you want to know the difference between taste and flavor, Miss and Ms., or Bitcoin and Litecoin? Search no further, they have it all.  

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It will surely have topics matching your passion and expertise.

Awesome time waster #13

My Food Data

food compare

Speaking of understanding the difference, there is a site that offers you to compare two and more meals and give you the complete profile on how useful/junkie they are and how wise you are in your choices.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻Getting the instant comparison can help you cultivate healthy eating habits (hopefully).

Awesome time waster #14


time-wasting websites 5

The site claims to offer mentally stimulating diversions.

You will surely get them: either play quizzes on guessing badly drawn flags or computer scientists by image, or create your quiz and get famous.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It ignites your competitiveness and fills your mind with tons of facts like no other.  

Awesome time waster #15

Addictive Tips

You must never visit this site in two cases: you have a deadline to meet, or you simply love tech. In both cases, you will be pulled in, and will not stop till you read it to the very end.  

time-wasting websites 6

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It answers all the tech 'how-to' questions!

Awesome time waster #16  


If you have a creative block, maybe you should try this site then. The site stat showed that they offered millions of prompts; surely, you can enjoy them too. The generator will guarantee to amuse you with a random prompt like this one.


Why is it highly addictive? 😻 Surprisingly, it can be an unplug-your-mind tool that you need right now.

Awesome time waster #17

Astronomy picture of the day

time-wasting websites 7

Are we alone in this vast universe? Frankly, have no idea. But I do know that this site is a gate opener for those who believe that astronomy matters.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It has hundreds of unique pictures accompanied by great professional comments.

Awesome time waster #18  


Age is just a number. Amplify the fun by having more numbers with exploring Exploratorium (yes, this pun was intended).

your age on other planets

Why is it highly addictive? 😻If you decide to apply for the next Mars mission, Musk will choose you if you add to your resume 'I am 2o Marcian years.'

Awesome time waster #19  

Little Alchemy 2

time-wasting websites 8

The site presents a crafting game that got popular worldwide.

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It lets you create hundreds of items mixing four elements of earth, water, air, and fire and rediscover the familiar things.

Awesome time waster #20  


This interactive platform is ideal for those who would like to kill time with a style. It lets you create artwork that can be shared on your social media or saved as a picture. The wavy patterns of light and colors on a black background will fascinate you with their simplicity.  

time-wasting websites 9

Why is it highly addictive? 😻 It is simple to use but the scope of options is enormous.

To sum up

30% of employees worldwide, by their own confession, spend up to two hours a day aimlessly browsing online. Discard the old stuff from your search history and try the sites that would turn you into a smart time waster and surely refresh and benefit your mind.

But be aware that the resources from our list are so addictive that the only way to get control over the time you waste (however smartly you do it) and the time you work is to apply a good time tracker.

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