Explore and Experience Grand New TMetric Desktop

The TMetric desktop application has undergone a major upgrade and now features a redesigned user interface that closely resembles the layout of the web version. We've also enhanced it with a more valuable set of features that will surely come in handy.

Explore and Experience Grand New TMetric Desktop

Today we are glad to present an entirely new TMetric desktop. We've completely replaced our desktop client, brought a new convenient interface, and added more features to your user experience. Now you can navigate and use the app with greater ease and seamless pleasure.

Now TMetric Desktop offers a more extensive set of capabilities, so there is no need to go to the web. Besides, it's quickly installed and easily configured on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. The new desktop apps can be downloaded from the TMetric Download page.

So let's take a closer look at what's new on the TMetric desktop.

Track time with ease

The desktop UI offers a comprehensive view of your daily tasks and agenda, time management options, and additional ones to configure the client. The user interface includes precise navigation buttons that direct you to your work history and allows you to switch between days with ease.

Start timer on a new task

TMetric Desktop allows you to quickly start work on a new task, saving you valuable time. You can start a timer for a new task from the dialog box that prompts you to start tracking time. Another way is to start a timer when you return to work. And by simply clicking the green play button on the main desktop screen.

See and manage your time quickly

In this release, we offer you a new look of the TMetric desktop client. We've improved the user experience to increase your interaction with the app. On the main desktop screen, you can view all at a glance and manage your time quickly. You can quickly start a task, check your agenda, pin recent tasks, and much more.

Add time entry with a click

When you need to quickly add a time entry to your worklog, you can use the What are you doing now field. Just type the name of the task you want to add and click the Create button. And your time entry is already in the list being tracked with the active timer.

We've also changed the look of a time entry, making it more intuitive for your work and possessing everything you need for your convenient time tracking in one place.

Record and change time accurately

TMetric is a reliable and easy-to-use time tracking tool that allows you to accurately track your time spent on projects, tasks, and activities. The app provides the possibility to easily add and edit time manually whenever you need. This reduces the risk of inaccuracies and errors.

Edit time entry effortlessly

You can easily edit an existing time entry if you need to add a project, adjust a time frame, or change other attributes. You can open the Edit Time Entry editor from the main screen by clicking the time entry you need. Also, you can edit a time entry when an active timer is running on it.

Add break when needed

You can add a break both during your work day and when it is finished. On the main screen, click the Add Break icon in the bottom-right corner. In a separate dialog box that opens, specify the start time and the end time of the break and click Add. And you will see a break in your work log on the main desktop screen.

Fix timer if you forget to stop

If you forget to stop your timer, TMetric will let you know about this and allow you to fix it. You can either delete the timer if it was started by mistake or change the duration of the time entry so that it is less than 12 hours. The end time of your last activity is automatically added.

Manage tasks flexibly

With TMetric, users can create tasks, assign them to team members, track time, and generate detailed reports. TMetric Desktop allows you to track time spent on both external and internal tasks, link them to time entries, and view them whenever you need.

Link task to time entry

TMetric Desktop helps you keep your tasks on track by linking a time entry with a task. So you can see how much time you spend on each of them. You can link a task to a time entry in the Edit Time Entry editor by selecting a task name in the corresponding drop-down list.

Get quick access to task

The new desktop client allows you to quickly open your task, veiw its contents and make some changes if needed. You will find a direct link to the task both on the main desktop screen and on the Edit Time Entry one. Just click the task name you need, and you'll be redirected to your task.

More Useful Options


In the desktop client, you can view all tasks and appointments for the day in one place using the Agenda widget. This helps you plan your time more efficiently and see what you are up every day. With Agenda, you don't need to go to the web app to start a timer for your scheduled events.


The TMetric desktop application allows you to set up reminders that will prompt you to start tracking your working time. On the Reminders tab of the desktop preferences, you can specify the time you want the desktop to remind you. Besides, you can configure the desktop to remind you on specific days and at a specific time.

TMetric tray icon

We've redesigned the TMetric desktop tray to improve your desktop user experience. You can open the tray by right-clicking the TMetric icon. There are a range of options, including starting or stopping a timer, refreshing the application, and accessing recently used tasks. You can also open the web and desktop apps or exit the desktop client when needed.

Work on Mac

The latest release of TMetric Desktop delivers a new app for macOS. Now you can track your time on Mac with pleasure, we've changed not only the look of the app but also improved its performance.

TMetric Desktop can now be used in different languages. In the web app, you select your native language to use TMetric in and refresh the desktop client. That's it!

About TMetric

TMetric is a web-based time tracking application for both freelancers and large companies. Great control over project timelines and budgets, flexible rates that ensure payment, crystal clear profits, transparent team monitoring, and many integrations all within an easy-to-use interface. Calculation of what from time to time is included in certain projects, clients and tasks instantly.