About Floowedit

At Floowedit we offer a CMS cloud solution with web marketing services for small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and France, consulting is an important part of our business and therefore accurate and efficient management of billable time is a critical point for both us and our customers.

Since 2011 we have been using time tracking software on a daily basis with our team, we have seen the evolution of these software, and today I can't imagine a professional time management without an efficient time tracking software like TMetric.

What challenges did you face when you realized that a time tracker could solve them?

From the beginning we have been working in a decentralized way with a team spread over different regions, which is why we had to find solutions very early on to record the time spent per task and per person.

Today we cannot possibly imagine working without time tracking software, because without it the management of the planning and invoicing of working hours would become very approximative!

Today we cannot possibly imagine working without time tracking software

How did you find TMetric and why did you choose it?

The last 10 years we have tested and used different solutions with more or less success (Rescuetime, Desktime, Hubstaff), before finally discovering TMetric we used Hubstaff for a very long time, we changed to TMetric because we needed a solution compatible with Wrike (Hubstaff is not really compatible even if they say the opposite) and TMetric is faster, more convenient and cheaper, the support is  responsive and they fixed some bugs quickly as we reported them with Wrike integration, other solutions have never been as effective with reported bugs.

TMetric is faster, more convenient and cheaper, the support is responsive and they fixed some bugs quickly

What issues did you solve and which goals did you achieve after TMetric implementation?

We can now use the integration with Wrike, which allows us to track the time spent on each ticket in a really accurate way, we also have a much better visibility on the productivity of our team and a management of fixed hours per customer, we can now use the count reports offered by TMetric to send them to our customers whereas before we had to do them by hand, this simplifies our life a lot and takes away many tasks that are now automated.

About the Author: This is a success story by Swen Roethlisberger CEO at Floowedit création de site internet Suisse.