Give your employees extra Time Off as a benefit

We're happy to roll out a new version of TMetric with the enhanced Time Off module. Now, TMetric allows you to add time off as a bonus or reward for your employees. We've also made it easier to create a new policy by copying a similar one.

Give your employees extra Time Off as a benefit

In this TMetric release, we've delivered new useful features and enhancements in the Time Off module. Now you can offer time off as a bonus to your dedicated employees. Plus, we've added the copy option for a time off policy and improved policy archiving.  

How to accrue extra vacation time

In TMetric, a bonus represents additional time off given to an employee after a certain period of time of their employment. For instance, you have employees who have been already working for your company for more than 2 years and you want to encourage them.

You can add extra time off on the Edit Policy page in the Accrual section. Just check the Bonus checkbox, enter the number of days, months, or years when a bonus should be accrued after the hire date. Finally, set the number of hours you want to give your employees as a bonus vacation.

How to copy a time off policy

Copying a time off policy is a convenient way to create a new one. You don't need to transfer time off balances and add team members to a policy manually.

To copy a time off policy, do the following:

  1. Open the Time Off Policies page.
  2. Find a policy you need in the list.
  3. Click the actions button on this policy, and select Copy.

4. In the opened dialog box, enter a policy name, select an accrual start date for it and click Copy.

5. The New Policy page opens where you can configure additional settings for the policy.  

Improved time off policy archiving

Archiving a policy can be useful when a company wants to change the rules of time off accrual but needs to save the history. In this case, you cannot change the settings of an existing policy, as an accrual balance will be incorrect. Though, you can create a new policy based on an old one (use the copy option) and archive the last one.

Now you can also select the date that will be the last day of the policy operation. This allows you to archive a policy retroactively or in advance. When you archive a policy, the requests that go beyond the last date of the policy will be split.

Other Features

Setting initial time off balance

When a company starts using TMetric for the first time, they need to transfer already existing time off balances of their employees (usually stored in an Excel file). We have greatly simplified this process by providing a possibility to quickly set an initial balance for each employee.

Hire and dismissal dates

Now you can set a hire date and a dismissal date directly on the Edit Member page of each team member. A hire date means a first working day and a dismissal date - a last working day of an employee. They are used for configuring a work schedule, calculating a time balance in the Team Summary report, determining missed workdays, and accruing a bonus.

This option is available only in the Business plan.

About TMetric

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