How much freelancers earn in 2019

Read on what financial benefits you get when choosing a freelancing job. With the diversity of tracking management tools that facilitated the routine freelancers focused on increasing their income that we discuss in our article.

freelancers' earnings in 2019

The diversity of tracking management tools that assist your online work has made a huge impact on the job market, shifting it in favor of freelancers.

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The idea of earning as much as office workers minus the trouble of commuting and time-consuming business routine (meetings, unproductive but unavoidable communications, etc.) appeals to people, translating into a bigger number of gig economy participants and the overall popularity of remote job trends.

According to Independent work: Choice, necessity, and the gig economy:

...up to 162 million people in Europe and the United States—or 20 to 30 percent of the working-age population—engage in some form of independent work.

If you are still hesitating to take a step and join the happy digital nomad community, then it is time to get to know the 💲numbers and see if it is worth it.

Below is a list of freelancing jobs that might be as competitive and lucrative as working for a prestigious company with good career prospects

Among the benefits that a freelancer enjoys, there is a flexible schedule (with the time tracking software, automatic timekeeping enables flexible scheduling opportunities).

In fact, freelancers work 4 hours less than office workers.

The other benefit we already mentioned above is the chance to work without having to commute to the office every day.

Freelancers, on average, work at a rate estimated as $21 per hour. The precise numbers vary, though, due to the wide range of job specs and industries that require freelancers' services.

In our research, we focused on the job trends that promise to stay, expand, and grow, and they include:

  • Online writers
  • Voice actors
  • Developers (the market offers a great range of jobs from app developers to online product designers)
  • Jobs related to online education (tutors, education advisors offering customizable services)
  • Internet marketing jobs
  • Legal aid consultants
  • Translators
  • Designers
  • Business coaches
  • Accounting freelancers.

So, what are the numbers that various industries offer?

Online Writers

Writing in a journal

If you are engaged in creating articles, posts, and or other relevant content, your market worth over time will certainly grow in whatever country you are located in. So, if you make a living by freelance writing, you can earn:

🪙from $10 to $76+ per hour

Voice Actors for Audio Content

Portrait of a lifeless Alexa.

Audio content is getting more popular, which means a rising demand for voice actors. The income of a freelancing voice actor will greatly depend on the type of project and experience the actor has.

The freelancing sites have many offers, starting at $30 for a local radio commercial. So if you make a living by freelance voice acting, you can earn the following:

🪙from $30 to $1000+ (custom quote for broadcasting needs)


Laptop coding programs

The basic front-end projects normally start at $50, while more functional or full-stack projects fall into the $100+ range.

So, if you make a living by freelance web developing, your income, regardless of who you work for, agencies or direct clients, might range:

🪙from under $30 to 150+ per hour

E-learning Consultants

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The e-learning industry is steadily growing, opening new perspectives for e-learning professionals.

It is expected, in particular, that the e-learning industry will be offering over 18000 e-learning design coordinator vacancies as early as the 2020s.

So if you make a living by presenting and developing e-learning service, you can earn:

Internet Marketing

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'E-meeting and e-selling' are the most rewarding skills in the digital era.

Hence, we observe the growing popularity of jobs related to the Internet marketing sector, and the financial opportunities there seem impressive.

So if you make your living by active participation in Internet marketing activities, depending on the scope of your expertise, you can earn:

🪙up to $127000 annually

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A lawyer providing consultancy and assistance in filing papers can be hired for either a fixed price or hourly basis.

In any case, the range of services the lawyers and legal aid consultants can expect to contract on is wide and opens up big opportunities for legal freelance careers.

If you make a living by providing the legal consultancy, you can earn the following:

🪙from $50 per hour to $100+ though the American rates are traditionally much higher with New York topping the list with $344 the following


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Translation and creative writing make up the majority of freelance jobs required online.

Though there are many tools automating translation as part of communication, translating services are still in high demand due to the necessity of the 'human touch' for successful business communication and collaboration.

So if you make a living by performing translating tasks, you can earn the following:

🪙from $0.18 per word


books, pencils, laptop, and iphone on a desk

Designers are at the top of the list of freelance opportunities nowadays.

At Upwork, you will be immediately directed to the section of hiring the designer online where you will find as many as over 3000 freelance projects in a search that will take you literally a second.

So if you make a living by offering designer's skills, you can earn:

🪙from $75 per hourat the top of

Business coaches

Model: @Austindistel

Photographer: @breeandstephen

When looking for the service of a business coach, you should be ready to hire the professional who will charge minimum $300 per hour for the executive level and about $200 per hour for training the middle managerial level.

These are the numbers for big companies; in other cases, the cost rates might be a bit lower. Big coaching platforms claim that if you make a living by providing the business coach service, your earnings can range:

🪙from $50 to $5000

Accounting Specialists

Accountant’s desk

Many accountants prefer to be self-employed as their work does not necessarily require a presence at the office.

Nowadays, they can perform as many projects as their time allows, so the income of a freelance accountant is certainly not limited by anything except the desire to expand their portfolio.

So if you make a living by providing the accounting service on a freelance basis, you can expect to earn the following:

🪙$63000 per year on average

Wrap it up

The good news is that the numbers above are certainly not the limit. The growth of the gig economy determines the increase in expected pay rates🚀. Find what you enjoy doing, join the tribe, and earn those millions!