How to keep track of work hours

A proper distribution of assigned tasks and an assessment of deadlines are essential not only for increasing a company performance, and hence its profit but also for gaining authority at the market.

How to keep track of work hours

Time is an integral part of project management in any business area.

Proper distribution of assigned tasks and an assessment of deadlines are essential not only for increasing a company's performance and hence its profit but also for gaining authority in the market.

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It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur or an employee, the issue of keeping track of work hours should be a priority for you.

As a business owner, sooner or later, you will definitely face the challenge of keeping track of your employees' work hours.

In addition, time tracking will provide you with a bunch of other benefits: you will raise discipline in your organization, coordinate your employees in order to increase their productivity, get reports about the completed tasks, obtain their real work hours, apply a flexible work schedule, and much more.

The method of time tracking you choose for your company will depend on the number of employees, the level of the company's management and organization, as well as free money resources.

There are different methods of keeping track of work hours.

Here are some of them.

A person who controls company workflow

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It is an old-fashioned way of tracking employees' work time. Imagine that your company has one hundred employees.

⚡It is impossible for one person to control all of them or to follow all their activities.


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Timesheets can be both paper and electronic.

Though they allow you to keep track of employees' work hours, billing, as well as accounting, all the data should be entered manually, which is also time-consuming.

Badge readers

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These devices read information from electronic cards, thus controlling the time of employees' arrival and departure.

However, they do not capture employees' work activity, so you cannot know for sure what an employee spends his/her work time on.

Access control systems

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With the help of these door-security systems, administrators can control their employees' activity and ensure the security of the establishment.

This method is related not to time or activity tracking but to controlling employees' presence on the premises. It suits enterprises that have a strict working schedule but not a flexible one.

Time tracking software

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Of course, this method is more convenient and popular nowadays, as it displays an employee's entire work activity during the day, including breaks and visited websites.

Such software also has the possibility of reporting, billing, payroll, and much more.

Time tracking motivation tips

So, let's consider the ways to make your employees track their time. It is the second challenge that you may face when running your business. People don't usually enjoy spending time filling in a lot of papers or calculating their work hours unless they are freelancers or get paid by the hour.

Here are some essential tips on how to make your employees control their work time efficiently.

Communicate with your employees

⏳Explain why keeping track of work hours is important for your company.

⏳Provide some examples of how the company's interests overlap with the employees' interests. In addition, explain how they can improve their productivity and grow professionally due to self-controlling.

Encourage your employees to track time

⏳Compensate your workers for accurate time tracking or overtime, which can be displayed in a time tracking system.

⏳They should realize that time tracking is not only important for their company, but it can be beneficial for them.

Help them with the system functionality

⏳Train people in your office on how to set up and use the selected time tracking system. Provide advice or technical support if it is needed.


In this article, we discussed the importance of keeping track of work hours in any organization.

It is impossible to run your business productively without controlling your staff or motivating them to manage their time.

By meticulously monitoring work time, we can identify productivity trends and inefficiencies, which helps make informed decisions for optimal resource allocation.

Hence, time tracking systems are vital for businesses as they:

  • enable accurate and efficient management of employee hours
  • foster accountability and transparency in the workplace
  • provide precise billing and payroll processing
  • ensure financial accuracy and compliance with labor regulations.

TMetric time tracker could be your best choice to keep track of work hours without the need to control your employees' every single move.