Introducing Email Notifications for Tasks

We're happy to roll out a new version of TMetric with email notifications for tasks and reminders about due dates. Now TMetric will send you an email about any changes made to the tasks and remind you about their deadlines.

Introducing Email Notifications for Tasks

Today we are rolling out the new version of TMetric with email notifications for tasks. Now you will be promptly notified of any changes to tasks. Besides, TMetric will send you email reminders about your task due dates.

We continue to widen a bunch of useful features in the Tasks module. In this release, we've added email notifications for task updates.

You will get an email when:

  • a task is added to a project
  • a task assignee is changed
  • any other task properties (name, description, etc.) are changed
  • a task is completed or reopened

With email notifications, you can stay up to date on your tasks.

Due Date Reminders

To make sure that your tasks are being completed on time, you can set due dates for them and be reminded when they are due.

We've added a new option - Due Date to the task editor. Just select the date you need and don't miss your task deadline.

Other Features

Filtering tasks by creator

We've also added the possibility to filter a task list by Creator. So, you can easily see who created a specific task.

About TMetric

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