Today we released a major update of the TMetric Desktop client. We're happy to roll out the "offline mode" feature for you, which enables you tracking time with no internet connection available.

Now you can continue working on your tasks even in case you do not have internet access. For example, you may have a 6-hour flight that you want to spend hacking the code.

Now, with the offline mode available in TMetric Desktop, you do not have to worry about breaking the workflow or keeping data on your work time in case of disconnection.

If there is no connection to the server, TMetric Desktop will automatically switch to the offline mode and cache new time entries and user activity data locally. You can safely turn off your computer once you've done your work. No data will be lost.

Desktop Client will synchronize the data it cached locally with the TMetric server once you go online again.    

About TMetric

TMetric is a time tracking web app for both freelancers and big companies. Great control over time intervals and project budgets, flexible billable rates, crystal clear reporting, transparent team monitoring and lots of integrations, all wrapped up into a light interface. Calculation on how much time is spent on certain projects, clients and tasks in an instant.