New release of a mobile app for iOS and Android

We are greatly pleased to present the updated version of the TMetric mobile app for iOS and Android. Install it on your phone or a tablet device to work on the road and simultaneously on several devices.

New release of a mobile app for  iOS and Android

The latest release of TMetric delivers new mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our mobile apps now have an entirely new user interface and make time tracking on the fly more convenient. Install the mobile application on your smartphone and monitor the duration of meetings, as well as time spent outside the office.

TMetric mobile application allows you to track time from anywhere and at any time. It's perfect for freelancers, remote workers and their managers, allowing them to maintain an organized workflow.

A brief overview of the app's functionality

With a mobile app, you can perform a variety of actions, such as creating an account, starting and stopping a timer, adding breaks, monitoring your team's work, and viewing reports.

The time recorded on the mobile app is smoothly synced with your TMetric workspace, and vice versa.

Starting a timer and working on a task

Upon logging into the app, you can initiate time tracking by tapping the green play button displayed on the Time screen.

In the Start New Time Entry screen that opens, you can select a task or project, add tags and a task description, and set the start time for your task.

Click the Start button, and your work time will begin to be recorded by the app.

Adding and editing a time entry

You can quickly add a time entry to any day that you need by tapping the plus button.

In the Add Time Entry window, you can select a project and task, set the start and end time for a task, add the task description, add tags, etc. And tap Add.

To edit a time entry, just tap the time entry you need and make any changes to it, e.g., change a task or project, its start and end time, etc. Tap Save.

Checking Team Work

TMetric mobile app allows you, as a manager, to monitor your team's work in real time. The Team View functionality is available when selecting the Check Team Status option from the Overflow menu in the upper-right corner.

You can see whether your team members are working or not, the task they are doing at the moment, and the time they worked.

So, you can track the progress and availability of team members at work.

Viewing reports

The TMetric mobile app is a simple tool that enables users to generate reports displaying key data about a project, time, costs and billable amounts over a specific period.

You can easily customize your report by choosing the information you need and viewing it in a clear and concise manner.

What's Next

The current release is just the start. In the nearest future, we'll be gradually improving our mobile app to meet your needs and wishes.

About TMetric

TMetric is a web-based time tracking application for both freelancers and large companies. Great control over project timelines and budgets, flexible rates that ensure payment, crystal clear profits, transparent team monitoring, and many integrations all within an easy-to-use interface. Calculation of what from time to time is included in certain projects, clients and tasks instantly.