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Whether you work for a company, or as an indie, stay in the office or enjoy the digital nomad's lifestyle, being a software developer means everyday learning on the job. With that said, we suggest you considered the highly recommended reads on which proven tools software developers choose in 2019.

If you don't want to beat around bushes and need a helpful A to Z software developer guide, here you will get what you need.

The author offers to dive in  results of research from technology learning platform, Pluralsight that revealed the top coding languages and programs studied by its users in 2018. An insightful piece, to say the least.

TOP 10 Must Have Software Development Tools for Any Developer by Lesley Haught

When making a choice in terms of tools you need as a software developer, the best advice is expected from a web development expert like the author of the article we highly recommend.

Software development is not only a difficult task, but it is an impossibility without the right kind of software development tool.

You will like the no-nonsense approach the author takes in picking and presenting the software developer must-haves.

The 11 Best Agile Software Tools For Project Management in 2019 by Zack Martin

ClickUp as a productivity platform offers tons of useful reads, and this article is no exception. If you searched for the best tools that would be keeping your team agile and the workflow unbroken, look no further.

When looking for agile software development tools, we had simple requirements: they need to work well together, be reliable and affordable, and most importantly, work well for team collaboration.

10 Very Useful Tools For Software Development in 2019 by Subham Kapiswe

Choosing among hundreds is not the easiest mission but the author accomplishes it with ease and grace.

There will be recommendations of the best software development tools applicable at various stages of developers' work starting with the prototype and user interface. You will find tools for PHP development, performance of design tasks, automation of applications deployment, and many more.