Time tracking for accountants: 5 reasons to try TMetric

Discover the top 5 reasons why accountants should try TMetric for time tracking. Boost productivity, analyze billable hours, and streamline your accounting processes with this powerful tool.

tmetric for accountants

Whether you're a freelancer seeking independence or simply looking to boost your income, TMetric can be your secret weapon for success.

This powerful time tracking and invoicing software eliminates the need for messy paper trails, ensures accurate time calculations, and simplifies invoice generation in one user-friendly platform.

The rise of remote work has opened doors for many professionals, including accountants and bookkeepers.

To understand what it means to be a freelance accountant, let's listen to the person who has been using TMetric while successfully submitting many projects.

How long have you been a remote accountant?

✅It took me over a decade to figure out how to work remotely and become a digital nomad. I always wanted to pursue goals outside my profession and dedicate more time to my family, and I understood that the traditional workplace would not be the ideal option.

I started as an intern and then went into corporate accounting as a full-time employee. I also worked in public accounting for government agencies. Thus, I acquired a lot of experience in understanding all the sectors of accounting, but I focused mostly on tax preparation.

What are the reasons for using TMetric in accounting?

✅I would name 5 reasons that make TMetric unbeatable for a remote accountant.

Reason #1: Neat data storage

One of the reasons I set out to work remotely was the tight office routine. However, freelance accounting still implies a busy schedule, and to handle it, you need failproof assistants.

TMetric is one of them: it helps allocate time wisely and keep all the information in one place. In particular, an accountant can conveniently store the data from one dashboard:

  • on daily time calculations,
  • on task/project performance (linking to individual tasks/projects, assignees/teams, created tags, and statuses indicating performance),
  • on reports (general and detailed).
Quickbooks time tracking

TMetric dashboard

Reason #2: Visualizing the work time in a timeline

With a time-tracker, the adjustment to the flexible schedule is easy. Time is tracked accurately without a fear of data loss. You see your time consumption in a timeline. Jumping from day to day is the easiest thing, and navigation is mostly intuitive.

Time recording software for accountants 1

Reason #3: Full project profile

You can create a project, name it, and assign it to a client. While creating the project, you can add notes (in case you come up with new project details, etc.).

Tracking work time while seeing what tasks you are working on will save tons of time. With TMetric, you can create and budget projects for any accounting-related tasks:

  • tracing and entering income, expenses, and pending bills;
  • dealing with bank statements;
  • working on employees’ payrolls;
  • recording disbursements and invoices;
  • tallying the accounts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis;
  • calculating the details of tax returns;
  • drafting financial statements for clients.
Time recording software for accountants 2

Reason #4: Create an invoice from a time tracker

Another feature that must be mentioned is the option of invoicing the clients based on time tracking.

You go to Invoices tab, which directs you to the Invoices screen.

Now, all you need to do is to click on the name of the client

Done, you can send the invoice to the client

Time & billing software for accountants 1

Reason #5: Reports in a click

With TMetric, I can also easily manage my team's administrative tasks in case I work on multiple projects or have to handle several tasks in a row.

There is no need to ask the team members what stage of completing the project they are at.

Generating reports will enable collecting the information related to the team:

  • apps the team used while doing tasks
Time & billing software for accountants 2
  • categorized summary of team performance
Time & billing software for accountants 3
  • detailed report on work time consumption
Time & billing software for accountants 4

Summarizing the Conversation

As a freelance accountant, I supervise, examine, and record the client's cash inflow/outflow. I can afford to have flexible working hours and communicate with clients from anywhere.

Being tech-savvy, I embrace technological changes and understand the importance of applying software in my freelance practice. To work remotely and successfully, all you need is to implement additional technology.

TMetric is a must-have service for freelance accountants as it allows them to ‘wear all the hats of a professional accountant,’ including meeting deadlines, arranging clients’ meetings, meeting with the team, and keeping all work hours accountable.

Key Takeaways: Benefits of TMetric for Accountants

Effortless Time Tracking: Ditch the manual time sheets and endless calculations. TMetric allows you to effortlessly track time spent on client projects, giving you a clear picture of your workload and billable hours.

💸Accurate Billing: Eliminate the risk of human error and ensure you get paid what you're worth. TMetric precise time tracking guarantees accurate invoices, fostering trust and transparency with your clients.

📃Frictionless Invoicing: Gone are the days of time-consuming invoice creation. TMetric streamlines the process, allowing you to generate professional invoices with just a few clicks.

🧩Improved Organization: Say goodbye to scattered records and lost data. TMetric keeps all your project information and time logs neatly organized in one central location, making it easy to access and manage your work.

🚀Enhanced Efficiency: Free yourself from administrative burdens and focus on what you do best. TMetric automates time tracking and simplifies invoicing, freeing up valuable time you can dedicate to serving your clients and growing your business.

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