Time tracking solution for remote marketers: TMetric case study

To ascend to a level of being fail-proof productive, a remote marketer needs lots of project management software. A reliable time tracker appears to be a top tool at all the stages including planning the strategy of implementing the project and monitoring the process.

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A quick look at the site that offers remote jobs shows that remote marketing workers are the third most demanded group after developers and customer service.

LinkedIn offers many remote marketing jobs filtering them by countries for a better search.

The digital marketing sector responds to remote hiring to the extent of going 100% virtual.

For remote marketers, achieving consistent productivity and minimizing the risk of failure requires a robust project management software suite. This goes beyond simply having a to-do list app.

A comprehensive project management solution offers a centralized hub for all your marketing initiatives. This includes features like:

  • Task Management: Break down complex campaigns into manageable steps, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitate seamless communication and information sharing within your remote team, regardless of location. This can include features like file sharing, real-time messaging, and video conferencing.
  • Project Planning & Scheduling: Visually map out your marketing strategy, define dependencies between tasks, and allocate resources efficiently. Tools like Gantt charts can be particularly helpful here.
  • Progress Tracking & Reporting: Gain real-time insights into project progress, identify roadblocks early, and adjust your approach accordingly. Detailed reports can help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Time Tracking: A Powerful Ally Throughout the Project Lifecycle

A reliable time tracking tool complements your project management software perfectly.

Applying a time tracker addresses several issues in a row:

  • It automates the admin tasks that you would otherwise spend time on.
  • It creates the database on projects including the time metrics you can use for other marketing projects.
  • It integrates with project management software, which helps you build a smooth workflow and monitor the progress of your marketing team.
  • It generates the invoice based on billable hours and sends it directly to the customer, ensuring that the remote marketer is paid on time.
  • It facilitates marketer-client relationships by translating a project into a transparent timeline picture.

For precise work time calculations, consider a tool like TMetric.

TMetric is ideal for precise work time calculations.

It helps remote employees improve productivity and save significantly on office maintenance costs.

Moreover, it easily caters to different professional needs.

We did research that proved it.

Below, you will find the reviews by marketers who incorporated TMetric into their remote work.

Anita, Marketing Manager, has been working remotely for 2 years

I often apply Notism to my work.

This app is a helpful tool for marketers. A remote worker turns creating a marketing project into a mission that can be easily accomplished from any place or gadget. I can create several types of projects, including videos pre-designed for various screens.

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Besides, I can invite team members or people outside a team to be editors or reviewers of your project.

I can also directly email the person when filling out the invitation form in two clicks.

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The group working on my project can also be added at this stage so I do not lose time on updates.

Sometimes we perform several projects: some tasks are your billable time, and some tasks belong to fixed fee projects. Not to feel drowned in calculations, we needed a reliable time tracker.

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Now, we use TMetric as a browser extension: without closing the dashboard, I hit the TMetric icon, which opens the active timer window showing your current task. It is very handy, as all the info is stored, and then you just review it to make a report.

I do not have to spend tons of time on administrative tasks or constantly get in touch with my team members to know what they are busy with because a time tracker is a tool for making the individual workflow transparent and clear.

Jadd, Market Research Assistant, has been working remotely for a year

My day is tightly scheduled. I work with customer surveys so I monitor and distribute reports, to provide customer feedback and satisfaction metrics for the company, which involves a lot of tasks

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Not to lose any task and get paid in time, I put time tracking as the high priority in organizing my workday.

TMetric integrates with Doit.im. When I open the task, the first option in the description shows me the information on the task and project. I use tags to quickly search or include my task in the company database to start a timer.

Once I click on it, I see information on the task and project. I use tags if I need to do a quick search or include my task in the company database description.

Mike, Digital Marketer, has been working remotely for 3 years

I am leading our email marketing strategy (writing conversion-oriented emails, and making targeting recommendations).

Most of the communication goes by Gmail channel: TMetric integrates there easily. I do not have to keep track on a number of letters or any related information as time tracker will store the data.

Our HR Manager requests monthly summaries and reports through company communication channels, and I can easily create them from my TMetric account.

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Ellian, Content Marketing Manager, has been working remotely for 4 years

I believe content marketing nowadays mostly implies digital marketing, which means this job can be done remotely.  Of course, there’s a lot to handle at the strategic stage of planning and executing. You need to develop a content calendar to successfully create, optimize, and evaluate.

I use SEMrush to adjust a content marketing plan to rising trends, creating and distributing content.

SEMrush is a multi-functional tool with wide research and analysis options, so I incorporate time tracking to evaluate the research and analysis time.

TMetric browser extension is a helpful tool when it comes to ‘numerizing’ such activities and meeting deadlines on the projects.

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Wrapping up

Remote marketing jobs are a hot trend that you can easily follow once you apply the software to assist you in tracking the progress of your work.