In the present TMetric release, we mainly focused on improving billing capabilities of the app, as well as enhancing overall user experience when working with TMetric.

Work types

A project may involve a variety of different tasks performed by different specialists, and these tasks may cost differently for a client. That’s why we’ve come up with a new feature that allows you to:

  • create custom work types;
  • set specific billing rates for each separate work activity;
  • provide more flexible billing to your client.

Furthermore, there is a default work type which you can set for a member in your account. When the member creates a time-entry, the default work type is automatically added to the time entry.

work types

Default billable rate for client

You can set a default billable rate for each of your regular clients so that you don’t have to keep it in your head and specify each time you create a project for a client.

client default billable rate

Project code

Project codes help you identify your project. As your project can be distributed between different external web systems, you can unite all of its parts under one project code.

project code

Regular account members can create projects

As an account owner, you can let your team create public projects. A regular member is now able to create a project and specify general information for the project. This option is especially useful when a project is automatically created through the TMetric extension.

Regular member can create a public project

Sorting time entries by time

We’ve added this small option at the numerous requests from our users. Now, you can sort time entries in time-descending and time-ascending order.

Time entry sorting