TMetric Hailed as a Great User Experience for Employee Monitoring Software by Established Business Software Directory

We’re honored to have passed Finances Online’s quality standards to receive the Great User Experience award for best employee monitoring software of 2018.

The B2B software experts from FinancesOnline have recently praised TMetric Time Tracker for helping companies as an efficient tracking tool. This includes tracking both employee work hours and billable rates not only for each team member, project, and account, but also the income for every client and project. With this, we received the software directory’s Great User Experience and Rising Star recognition.

We’re honored to have passed FinancesOnline’s quality standards to receive the Great User Experienceaward for best employee monitoring software of 2018. This distinction is reserved to software solutions that can guarantee an especially pleasant user experience due to an intuitive interface and masterfully designed functionalities.

Here are a few highlights from FinancesOnline’s review that showcases why TMetric Time Tracker received FinancesOnline’s prestigious recognition:

  • Boost worker productivity: “TMetric is designed to improve your workers’ focus and boost individual productivity day in and day out.”
  • Detailed insights at a glance: “The software lets you easily monitor working hours, activities, breaks, and more through a detailed visual timeline.”
  • Easily track income in multiple currencies: “It makes it so easy to track expenses per account project, project, or team member as well as income you get with every project and client.”
  • Keep costs within budget: “TMetric sends out email notifications every time a purchase has been made, helping you to follow project expenses and prevent going over budgets.”