Top 10 Work Hours Calculators for 2024

Looking for the best work hour calculators for 2024? Check out our top 10 list of efficient and reliable tools to help you manage your work hours effectively.

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If you feel frustrated with clunky spreadsheets and unreliable time trackers, your search🧩 for the perfect work hours calculator ends here🏁

This roundup showcases the best options available, empowering you to effortlessly track your time and maximize efficiency.

How Work Hours Calculators Ensure Fair Pay

  • Accurate Tracking: Work hour calculators eliminate manual calculations and potential errors, ensuring all hours worked are reflected for payroll.
  • Overtime Recognition: These tools can automatically detect overtime hours and apply the appropriate increased pay rate.
  • Transparency: Both employers and employees have a clear record of worked hours, reducing disputes and fostering trust.
  • Break Management: Some calculators can factor in breaks, ensuring employees are paid only for actual work time.
  • Compliance with Labor Laws: By ensuring accurate overtime calculations, work hour calculators help businesses comply with labor regulations.
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Work Hours Calculation with Ease
tmetric work hour calculator

✅TMetric is more than a standalone calculator for basic time calculations like adding or subtracting hours. Since it offers a comprehensive approach to work time management, it performs the functions of a work hours calculator at best when incorporated into your workflow.

  • TMetric integrates with various project management tools and automatically tracks task time. This eliminates manual calculations and reduces errors.
  • You can generate reports showcasing total work hours, billable hours (if applicable), and earnings for specific periods. This provides a clear picture of work activity and simplifies payroll calculations.
  • TMetric allows team members to set individual work schedules. This caters to diverse work styles and time zones.
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  • TMetric empowers you to track work time precisely and stress-free. With clear task classification and manual start/stop timers, users have complete control over their work hours data.

🚀If you're looking for a simple time calculator, TMetric might be an overkill. But, for those seeking a solution to manage and analyze work hours within a broader project management context, TMetric offers a powerful alternative.

🪙TMetric presents free (available for teams of up to 5) and paid plans with access to advanced time tracking


Simple Work Time Management
buildremote work hours calculator

✅This simple calculator allows you to calculate working hours between two dates.

It allows users to:

  • Define work days (weekdays, specific days, etc.).
  • Set work hours per day (default is 8 hours).
  • Exclude holidays (US Federal Holidays are pre-populated by default).


  • The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • It adapts to various work schedules (standard week, 4-day week, etc.).
  • The calculator considers the number of weekdays within the date range and subtracts holidays for a precise result.
  • This is a valuable tool without any hidden costs.

❌There's no option to factor in breaks when calculating work hours.
❌The pre-populated list focuses on US federal holidays. Users working in other regions might need to adjust the list manually.

Despite limitations, this is a robust tool that provides options to customize the calculations for the end date. You can also input the start and end dates to calculate the hours worked for a specific schedule, job, or company.


Hours Calculator

Simplify Your Hours, Amplify Productivity
hours calculator

✅The Hours Calculator by PureCalculators is designed to accurately calculate the difference in hours and minutes between two times💡

  • Allows calculation using both 12-hour and 24-hour formats, accommodating different timekeeping preferences.
  • Includes a feature to deduct break times from the total hours worked, ensuring accurate calculation of work hours.
  • Can convert minutes to decimal hours, aiding in precise time tracking and salary calculations based on work duration.

❌Lacks the capability for multiple work period entries in a day, which might not accommodate users with split shifts.
❌Absence of export or system integration features, which could limit its utility for transferring work hours data to other software or payroll systems.

This tool helps track working hours and convert minutes to decimals, making it easier to calculate salaries based on hours worked.



Master Your Minutes, Conquer the Clock
Atracker work hours calculator

✅ATracker is a visually appealing and user-friendly option for those who prioritize simplicity in setting goals and tracking work hours.

  • Starting and stopping timers with a simple tap on colorful tiles for tasks reduces the friction of logging work hours.
  • ATracker encourages users to prioritize their tasks and potentially helps identify peak performance times by concentrating on the most productive hours.
  • Creating custom interfaces with colorful tiles for different projects or tasks allows easy visual identification and organization.
  • Generate reports on work hours using pie charts and bar charts.
  • Exporting timesheets via email or sync with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox ensures that your work-hour data is readily accessible and transferable.

❌ATracker is focused on ease of mobile time tracking, potentially lacking features found in more robust time tracking apps like overtime tracking.

🪙Free for basic time tracking. The web app is available for premium users for $2 .99 per month.

Hours Tracker

Work Hours Calculations for Apple Users
hours tracker for work hours calculations

✅This timesheet calculator is designed to facilitate the tracking of work hours. The app is praised for its ease of use and helpful reminders.

  • Users can effortlessly record their work hours by simply inputting the start and end times, allowing them to view the total hours worked.
  • By entering their hourly rate, users can accurately calculate the wages they've earned.
  • Users can account for break times to ensure precise work hours.
  • Work hours can be shared effortlessly with employers or saved for personal records, thanks to easy timesheet exporting.
  • The straightforward interface simplifies the process of tracking work hours for users.
  • Users receive timely reminders, ensuring they never forget to punch in or out.
  • Users can set the application to use their local currency for accurate pay calculations.
  • Users can maintain a log of their work history for easy access and reference.

❌It lacks features for managing complex break schedules.

🪙Available for free on the App Store


Comprehensive Work Hours Tracking
timeneye work hours calculations

✅Timeneye features easy time logging, calendar visualization, and project management integration, enabling users to use it as an employee hours calculator with extra benefits.

  • Emphasizing a clean, minimalist design translates to effortless time tracking. Users can quickly punch in and out, eliminating the need for complex calculations.
  • Visualizing work hours within a calendar view clearly explains daily, weekly, or monthly work patterns. This can be particularly helpful for identifying peak productivity times and areas for improvement.
  • By connecting Timeneye to project management tools, users can track time spent on specific project tasks. This streamlines the process of calculating work hours associated with different projects.

❌The drawback is the software's limitation to basic reporting

🪙On Pro Plan, the cost of service is $6 per user per month

Hi Bob

Work Time & Attendance Solution
hi bob software for work hours calculations

✅HiBob Time and Attendance is your one-stop shop for work hour calculations, offering a suite of features that simplify time management for employees and managers.

  • No more scrambling to remember your start time. HiBob's Time and Attendance lets you clock in and out with a tap, and the "Quick Fix" feature is there for occasional adjustments.
  • Stay on the same page with your team. Every month, HiBob provides transparent summaries of activity, including overtime, for easy team hour approval.
  • Need to track hours while working remotely? HiBob mobile app keeps you covered. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Slack and Microsoft Teams, letting you manage time right within your workflow.
  • HiBob doesn't just track hours, it helps you understand them. Get detailed attendance metrics that empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your work processes.

❌For those who require just the calculator, the cost of the entire suite of features may seem excessive.

🪙For the entire set of features provided, the service fees vary between roughly $16 and $25 per employee each month


Effortless Scheduling, Exceptional Results
zoomshift work hours calculators

✅ZoomShift offers a work hours calculator as part of its employee time tracking software.

  • ZoomShift automatically calculates regular work hours, breaks, meal times, and overtime based on employee clock in/out punches. This eliminates manual calculations and reduces errors in payroll processing.
  • It can track different break types (regular, meal, etc.) ensuring accurate deductions from total work hours.
  • The software identifies overtime hours and can be configured with specific overtime pay rates for easy payroll calculations.
  • Managers can view employee work hours in real-time, allowing for better project management and workforce optimization.
  • For employees working remotely or in the field, ZoomShift's paid plans offer GPS verification (for paid plan users) of clock in/out locations, minimizing buddy punching (someone clocking in for another employee).

❌ Accessing the full array of features might feel unnecessary for those who only need a basic calculator.

🪙Work hours calculations are available on the Starter Plan for $2 per month


Streamlining Work Time, Elevating Efficiency
papershift work hours calculations

✅Papershift is a comprehensive workforce management solution that caters to various industries and business sizes.

  • It stands out for its intuitive scheduling system.
  • It offers powerful work hours calculation functionality and advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Papershift enables seamless employee scheduling, real-time updates, and efficient payroll processing, making it a go-to for businesses aiming to optimize productivity and efficiency.

❌Its pricing structure might be higher compared to some alternatives, posing a challenge for businesses with limited budgets.

🪙The paid plans start at €49.00 per month


Unlock Time, Unleash Potential
manictime dashboard

✅ManicTime is robust time tracking program suitable for self-hosted deployments.

  • Automatic time tracking reduces manual entry
  • Detailed productivity analysis reports provide insights into employee productivity
  • Away time tracking eases work hours calculations and contributes to forming accurate time records
  • Tagging and categorization for efficient organization of work time
  • Integrates with popular services (e.g. Google Calendar, FreshBooks).

❌Though ManicTime can facilitate better resource allocation and coordination among team members, its complexity and wide array of features might be seen as unnecessary for those who are seeking simple work time calculations.

🪙On the Standard Plan, the cost of service is $7 per user monthly

Billable Hours Calculator
Free automatic template of Billable Hours Calculator. Get a single-step calculation on how much you should charge your clients to obtain a required profit mark-up

Choose TMetric✅⌛It offers a comprehensive and legally compliant solution for accurately calculating work hours for an unlimited number of employees.