Changes to Subscription: adding payment history and exporting invoices

In the new TMetric release, we've added the ability to view your subscription invoices in TMetric. The invoices can be downloaded as well. We've also redesigned the Help menu in the app.

Changes to Subscription: adding payment history and exporting invoices

Meet the updated version of the TMetric web app with more useful features for subscription management. In this release, we've added the possibility of viewing your subscription invoices directly in TMetric. You can also download them if you need. Plus, we've changed the Help menu in the app.

So, let's take a closer look at the changes we've made for your better user experience with TMetric.

Subscription invoice history

Now you can see the history and status of your payments in your workspace. It will save your time of having to search for e-mails in the mailbox and constantly asking for information from the support.

To view your payments, go to the Overview tab of the Subscription page. Your payment history will be displayed in the Invoice History section. Each invoice will include all the details of your subscription payments (date, amount, status, etc.).

It is also possible to export an invoice to a PDF file. You can export both a single invoice and all of them at once (as an archive). Now you can send the downloaded invoices to the financial department if needed.

Enhanced Help menu

Each page of TMetric contains the Help button. When you need some help using TMetric, you can click the button and select the menu item you need:

  • Support Center
  • TMetric Documentation
  • Context Help
  • Contact Support
  • Our Blog
  • Video Tutorials
  • Privacy Policy

With the Help option, you can quickly find solutions to any problems and obtain clarification on specific features or functionalities of TMetric.

About TMetric

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