Working From Home Memes Smackdown!

We've compiled the top working from home memes that most of us can certainly relate to. There are no tips, no lessons, we need a break, and so do you.

Working From Home Memes Smackdown!

When millions of employees moved to remote work in 2020, it brought a surge of working from home memes that reflected the struggle to adjust to a new and, at times, wildly weird, 'remote reality'.

meme on move to WFH

While things are changing, and the experience of the quarantine may fade (we hope for it wholeheartedly), memes are forever, especially in the view of the latest studies that prove humor to be a factor for rebuilding trust .

Here are your top 10 working from home memes to get you throughout those days.  

I Look Perfect Anyway, or WFH Wear

WFH wear became classic even before office exodus, and 'Pants? No, thanks' memes were circling around lots.  

meme on WFH

But good old days when freelancers were trendsetters of this dubious fashion are gone. 'Work from homers' elevated it to a level of 'casual Friday, every day', and making a call with a boss while wearing a robe is just one of many examples .

instagram post on men fashion parody

Dark Mode vs. Light Mode  

Using dark mode became so trendy that light mode users were doomed to become memes heroes. Well, we can say that all those meme generators did not let us down.  

light mode meme

Lawyer vs. Cat Filter

With a sudden shift to work from home, there came a time of 'Your-Honor-I-am-not-a- cat' lawyers.

call fail bbc news

The meme went viral and got so popular that it brought another series of memes after Margaret E. Artwood's tweet "I on the other hand am a cat. I just can’t get this human filter off".

While On Mute Multitasker

The blurred boundaries made blending work and home  so intense that we started to question the definition of the “normal”.

A half-assed effort to focus on many domains at once can backfire, and it certainly did for those who did not master the art of mute on those endless virtual meetings. Well, you can make them more tolerable with a cup of coffee!☕After all, time before the first cup of coffee does not count anyway.  

virtual meeting meme

Everybody Knows Your Friends (because probably they are theirs too)

When you catch yourself thinking 'What would Chandler say in this case?', it is probably the time to admit that binge-watching Friends non stop for a week was not a good idea.

But on the other hand, who could refuse a pleasure to dive in living an exciting life and get 10 seasons of happiness delivered with a guarantee?

friends tribute

And Now Vice-President Barkie

dog barking

If you did not have to apologize for the dog🐶🐕🐩🐕‍🦺 barking in the background, we bet you have pet fish🐟.

When everybody suddenly got shorter, or This is how I see people after a year of WFH

big head kfc meme

With all the meetings on camera🤳, it was inevitable.

Emoji and GIF fluent speaker

After a gazillion messages we sent to colleagues this year, lots of us can add this skill to a CV. Congrats🤨

emoji overuse meme

On the serious note, a symbolic gesture of sending gif for support or emoji heart for recognition can go a long way.

Off Screen. Never.

Without sugar coating, being off screen must be the hardest part of your work-life quarantine routine.

sleep fail meme

As a side note, staying on screen all the time creates unnecessary strain.

Early Bird Catches...A Nap

Now when early commute is off the schedule, burning that midnight oil became the norm. At least, some good news that we welcome.

working in the morning meme

Bottom Line: In Times Of Uncertainty, Let Productivity Take a Back Seat

The take-home message here is that your motivation bar on the productivity timeline can feel like non-existent but it is ok. It is time to misplace your panic and just welcome the day.

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