6 time tracking and management solutions for students

They say knowledge is power. We say time is power: once you manage it, you will get power-up to open the portal to knowledge.

student managing time and tasks

Do you ever feel the urge to put off studying for "just a minute?"

That minute can easily turn into an hour, and those hours can add up to major stress later.

The truth is that mastering your time is the key to rocking your studies. Distractions are like bullies on the playground - they try to push you around.

But you'll be in control by using your time effectively, cruising towards success.

Time Management Tips for Students
To reduce stress of uncertainty and be responsive to change, students need to master the art of time management. Some practical time management tips on time allocation and balancing the load of studies can be a game-changer in reaching for goals.

Learning tools for busy students: secrets of successful time tracking and managing your life like a pro

Identify the ‘serial killers’ of your productivity and eliminate them once and for all. First, what challenges do students face in terms of time management?

Below are the survey results, which show the most common productivity issues in percentage (1,300 students participated in the survey).

time management


So, the typical problems college and university students try to cope with:

  • the curse of postponement, or, simply put, procrastination that usually stems from the lack of planning skills (the first year students are naturally most prone to mismanaging their time, so mentors and parents should stretch the helping hand);
  • feeling under pressure due to the overwhelming number of assignments (it is not always easy to adjust to sprint-like projects and quite a busy schedule indeed);

How can the college years, which are extremely important in the student’s future career opportunities, not become a nightmare of overload?

Students are strongly advised:

🔊to learn the essential time management techniques;

🔊 to choose and implement the tools that will effortlessly provide the optimal time distribution within the students’ daily routine.

The best software for perfect management of working time that any student will find useful includes.

Digital time trackers

As its basic function is the accurate time calculation, we choose TMetric for its precision.

We asked our student subscribers to share their stories with us.

Vlad, who has been using time tracking for over a year, told us:

‘Before TMetric, I relied on good luck. Unfortunately, good luck does not help much with the deadlines. Once I installed TMetric (simple click, and you have the Chrome extension always available for work), things changed for better. I am not afraid of deadlines any more because I take control of study time’.

With TMetric, you will level up time allocation and estimate the expected time consumption, whether planning an essay or an ambitious project.

Task planners

With planners, you have unlimited options for making digital to-do lists, which means that you can save the time you always seem to lose.

For academic success, keeping all the tasks, assignments, reminders of upcoming deadlines, and issues requiring immediate attention in one place would be useful.

One of the best task planners for students is Notion.

Notion Time Tracking - TMetric
Simple time tracking plugin for Notion! Track your work hours spent on Notion tasks and projects, create reports and invoice. Try free 30 days trial now.

It instantly syncs between a phone, a tablet, or a computer, so you can see and prioritize your to-dos from anywhere. It benefits students in multiple ways.

  • Organization Powerhouse: Notion lets you ditch the notebook clutter! You can create linked databases for classes, with separate pages for each topic, keeping all your notes, assignments, and readings organized and easily accessible.
  • Goodbye, Procrastination Monster: Notion's to-do list and calendar features become your weapons against procrastination. Set deadlines, track progress, and see your entire semester at a glance, helping you stay focused and avoid last-minute study jams.
  • Collaboration Champion: Working on a group project? Notion lets you share notes, brainstorm ideas, and divvy up tasks seamlessly. Everyone can access and edit information in real-time, keeping your study group on the same page (literally!).

Habit coaching apps

Are you trying to enhance your determination to achieve good test results but find it hard to keep within the schedule? Or maybe you are spending too much time on social media…

Then, you need a habit-tracking app available on Google Play or the App Store. One of the best assistants is Coach.me.

It offers students two key benefits that can supercharge their academic journey:

  • Personalized Goal Setting and Accountability: School can feel overwhelming with deadlines and competing priorities. Coach.me helps students set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) for their studies. But it doesn't stop there! You get matched with a coach who provides encouragement, feedback and helps you stay accountable to your goals. This personalized support system keeps you motivated and on track, maximizing your chances of academic success.
  • Developing Powerful Study Habits: Many students struggle with forming effective study habits. Coach.me connects you with coaches who are experts in time management, organization, and focus techniques. You can learn and implement strategies that fit your learning style through coaching. This can lead to increased focus, improved study efficiency, and better grades.
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Project management systems

Using project management systems prevents miscommunication or task mismanagement.

We would certainly recommend Trello. The digital boards have a drag-and-drop function, which helps monitor the assignments' status from ‘in progress’ to ‘done’.

Trello isn't just for teachers – it's a secret weapon for students too!

  • Visualize Your Success: Trello's boards with lists and cards turn your to-do list into a vibrant action plan. See tasks move from "To Do" to "Done," giving you a motivating sense of accomplishment.
  • Organization Champ: Juggling multiple classes and projects? Trello lets you create separate boards for each subject, with lists for assignments, readings, study guides, and more. No more information overload!
  • Collaboration Made Easy: Working on a group project? Share your Trello board with classmates. Assign tasks, track progress, and brainstorm ideas in one central location. It's like having a virtual study room accessible anytime, anywhere.

Use Cases

  • Conquer a Research Project: Create a Trello board for your research project. Make lists for "Sources to Find," "Articles Read," "Key Points," and "Outline." Add cards for individual tasks, attach relevant documents, and set deadlines.
  • Master Your Study Schedule: Create a weekly Trello board with daily lists. Add cards for assignments, due dates, and study sessions. Drag and drop cards to adjust your schedule as needed.
  • Ace That Exam: Build a study guide Trello board for an upcoming exam. Create lists for each topic, with cards containing key concepts, practice problems, and flashcards. Use Trello's power-ups to add checklists and quizzes for more effective memorization.

Digital distraction blockers

According to Harry Potter’s creator, world-famous J.Rowling, relying only on inspiration might be a losing strategy.

You’ve got to work. It’s about structure. It’s about discipline.

One of the best apps that students might find beneficial is FocusMe.

With this app, a learner can blacklist distracting websites or apps for a week, a month, a year, or even forever, so it will enforce the student’s concentration ability and, thus, result in a multifold increase the learning efficiency.

Blocking on social media or any other online distractor will facilitate a realistic estimation on time that a student needs to complete certain assignments and schedule steps for writing essays and research papers on time.

Default storage libraries

Forget wasting hours in the library! With Scribd, you have a powerhouse of knowledge at your fingertips.

Millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and documents are available instantly, saving you time and keeping you ahead of the curve.

Imagine this: you need a specific book for a research paper.

Instead of library hunts or overpriced textbooks, you can search, find, and start reading in seconds with Scribd.

It's like having your own personal library, accessible 24/7. Signing up is quick and easy – two steps and you're ready to turbocharge your studies!

Wrap Up

The key takeaway?

Don't settle for the bare minimum.

Embrace these awesome tools, and watch your personal productivity skyrocket. Information becomes a superpower, and your schedule transforms from a tyrant to a trusted ally.

So, grab your laptop, explore your options, and get ready to conquer your studies – and maybe even squeeze in some guilt-free Netflix time (we won't judge!). Remember, a well-rested and organized student is a successful student!