How TMetric helps SmallGiants use time effectively

Learn why TMetric is a helpful tool for the agency, what challenges it solves, and how the team uses it.

How TMetric helps SmallGiants use time effectively

About SmallGiants

SmallGiants is an award-winning digital brand transformation agency. Our journey began with a few dedicated founders, setting out to use their experience leading companies and teams towards expansion, to create new, exciting opportunities for clients ready to scale up, transform and inspire others. Today we serve brands that go from strength to strength, innovators in the space of FinTech, Institutional Investment, Big Data, and more.

We partner with marketing & growth teams to engineer robust brand, marketing, and tech foundations that enable them to evolve and expand in an effective and consistent manner.
Orsolya Anna Toth, Head of Strategy at SmallGiants

At SmallGiants, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. A structured approach, constructed from data-backed decisions, agile development of both tech and creatives, combined with constant experimentation to take campaigns to the next level. 

How we learned about TMetric

A couple of years ago our project managers spent a considerable amount of time researching what would be the best solution for us to track time and understand billable hours spent on client projects. We were looking for something easy to use, ideally with desktop or browser integration and connectability to our existing tools. TMetric came out on top of that research.

How TMetric helps our business

We use TMetric to make sure hours are used in the most effective way and on the priority tasks, keep track of time spent on projects, and also support our billing with a detailed breakdown of completed tasks when needed. 

It is a very useful tool for an agency aiming to both provide the most useful services to our clients and be mindful of the time available for each of them.

What problems and challenges it solves

Time tracking can be a very annoying extra task for team members. Thanks to the integrations with Google Workspace, Trello, and even the browser, there are so many ways to record time accurately and seamlessly.

It can also be a challenge to understand where team members might need further training or support, but with TMetric we can easily see if certain tasks take longer than they should and then use ethos knowledge together with our team to set learning objectives and training plans.

But possibly most importantly, our Account and Project Managers use TMetric to stay on top of project hours which would be very tricky without a dedicated companywide system.

What features we use

The most used feature is time tracking, combined with detailed project reports - with these, we can accurately understand how projects are going and what might need improvement.

The time off feature is also a game-changer to handle all vacations, bank holidays, and absences in one place - especially given the geographical spread nature of our team. You never know when someone in Argentine or the US might have bank holidays, without this handy tracker. 

About the Author: This success story is presented by Orsolya Anna Toth, Head of Strategy at SmallGiants.