Being a bit cynical and Valentine-hating but still welcoming the idea of Valentine gifts, we decided to breakdown this topic to facts and numbers to understand why this day comes the third most expensive holiday and makes the average consumer spend 142 dollars. (Spoiler: to show love!).

How long is forever  

Type “love that lasts lifetime” to look for in a search engine, and you will be 'rewarded' with over 7 billion(!) results.  

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Here is what makes your chances of long-lasting love bigger: happy couples spend at least 5 hours a week talking and having quality time. As they say, there is only one thing that is more precious than time, and that is who you spend it on. It is expected that taking their date to a dinner or show will be one of the most popular entertainment on this day, with spending reaching $4.5 billion.

The speed of liking

To be sure about yes or no when it comes to the question "Will you be my Valentine?" takes only between 90 seconds and 4 minutes: it is the time we need to shape like/dislike while meeting a person.

And if you believe that we base our choices on some rational algorithm, you are wrong!

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55% of information is processed by perceiving the other person' body language, which means that a single wink on this special day can communicate a whole lot 😉.

There is no way you stop marketers people in love

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British decided not to limit themselves to one 'loveful' day and rolled out the week calendar that includes  Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Promise, Teddy, Hug, and Kiss Days!

The Valentine's week starts on the 7th with a Rose Day when you can present red roses to your beloved, yellow roses to your friends, or pink roses to someone you admire, and finishes with full-motion St.Valentine's Day celebration on the 14th.

It is all about timing

Chances that you will fall in love from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. are minimal because the level of 'affection-related' hormones is quite low at this time, which means we work to occupy time when we are too lazy to love, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

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For love or money

According to the 2019 economic forecast issued by National Retail Federation, consumer trends indicate the increase of Valentine's Day popularity because this day is marketed as holiday of love sharing not only with your significant other but with friends, colleagues and family as well.

It translates into specific numbers: in particular, consumers plan to increase spending on Valentine's Day by $60.  

Gift guide in numbers

Let alone flowers, jewelry, and candies that lovers splash billions on, Americans will spend $681 million on Valentine's Day presents for their pets.

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And for people who can afford more than just bouquets, chocolates or even an engagement ring, there are plenty of offers. You are supposed not to put a price tag on love though and be ready to spend no less than $23000 on a romantic weekend catered by luxurious hotels.

💖 for sale

Valentine might be not impressively rich in symbols like other holidays as it is traditionally associated only with a heart but the variety of heart-shaped symbol applications can strike your imagination. Conversation heart candy was America's most popular Valentine's candy in 2018.

Sweethearts Dream Big box

Overall, the list of instantly recognized Valentine gifts is endless: they are not only hearts on candies but cards, clothes, lingerie, toys, bags, and souvenirs. Name it, we have it.

Science behind love

When the poet said: The simple lack of her is more to me than others’ presence, he knew exactly how it feels to lose motivation to work because according to the latest research, if you want to feel more productive you need to be in proximity to your lover as it increases the level of dopamine accountable for our feeling rewarded.

On the contrary, when the person who is intensely in love has to be at a distance from the object of love, it can trigger addictive mechanisms and significantly decrease productivity.

Well, we hope nothing will shatter your motivation while you are looking for vibe on this 💖🙌💖 holiday.