10 Powerful Elevator Pitch Templates to Make Every Second Count

Want to make a great first impression? Check out these 10 powerful elevator pitch templates that will help you make every second count and impress the person you're pitching to.

10  Powerful Elevator Pitch Templates to Make Every Second Count
Crafting an elevator pitch is like painting a masterpiecešŸŽØ ā€“ it requires a delicate balance of detail and brevity.

An elevator pitch template is a structured framework that individuals use to concisely convey their career worth, expertise, accomplishments, or a business proposal, usually intended to captivate an audience in a brief period of 30 seconds, often the length of an elevator ride.

Benefits of Elevator Pitch Templates

  • They give clarity and focus by providing a structure to organize your thoughts before presenting them.
  • Having a clear plan helps you to save time and ensure that all important aspects of your idea are covered.
  • Templates can give inspiration for new ideas by highlighting common elements shared by successful pitches and provide insight into how to improve your own pitch.
  • Pitch templates can serve as shortcuts for those who are less familiar with the standard structures used in business communication.

Presented below are a few templates which demonstrate the practical application of crafting an elevator pitch. These templates aim to assist in creating a compelling elevator pitch.

Problem-Solution Format

What makes it good: This format helps generate interest from investors while showcasing your business acumen.

icon for exclamation mark

I help [target audience]

who have [specific problem] to [solution] by [method/technology/product].

If you ever encounter this issue, I can connect you with our expert team to assist you further. [CTA]

Story Format

What makes it good: This format creates emotional resonance through storytelling and presents a personal connection to solving the problem at hand, capturing both attention and empathy in a limited time frame.

icon for book

Remember when [short story related to the problem]?

That's what inspired me to start [company/product] to make sure that [resolution].

If this resonates with you, I can arrange a meeting with our team to discuss potential solutions. [CTA]

Benefits Focused

What makes it good: Featuring simplicity and a direct approach, this format focuses on emphasizing immediate advantages and tangible results, making it especially appealing for listeners seeking straightforward solutions.

icon for tick


provides [specific benefits] to [target audience] by [how you do it].

I'd be glad to show you how this could improve your current situation if you're interested. [CTA]

Question Format

What makes it good: The Question Format grabs listener interest by addressing commonly shared challenges, positioning your company as having a solution. Inviting further discussion demonstrates a willingness to assist and potentially leads to establishing a rapport and future collaboration.

icon for question

You know how [describe a common problem for the target audience]?

What we do at [company] is [explain your solution].

If you ever face this issue, I'd be glad to connect you with our solution team. [CTA]

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes it good: With the USP Format, you put emphasis on a unique advantage over competitors and promote specific benefits for potential clients differentiating your brand, which increases the chances of listeners' interest and action.

icon for signal

Unlike [competitor],

we [describe your unique approach]

to deliver [product/service].

This allows our customers to [benefit].

If you're intrigued, I can arrange a demo for you to see the difference. [CTA]


We are [company name],

and we provide [product/service]

that [unique selling proposition].

Contact us now and discover how we stand out from the competition with our [unique differentiator]. [CTA]

Passion Pitch

What makes it good: By expressing genuine enthusiasm and expertise in a particular aspect of your work, you show dedication. Presenting ways your passion benefits others and encouraging follow-up conversations fosters mutually beneficial relationships founded on trust and shared interests.

I'm deeply passionate about [aspect of your work].

Through [your company or project],

I'm able to [explain how you channel this passion].

If this appeals to you, we could arrange a discussion on how this passion could benefit you. [CTA]

The One-Word Power Pitch

What makes it good: This concise yet impactful format captures the listener's attention by immediately conveying a strong association between your brand and a powerful keyword or concept. Prompting curiosity may lead to meaningful exchanges and new partnerships.

icon for keyboard

One word that best describes our company/product/service is [powerful word].

If you're interested, we could further explore why this word defines us. [CTA]

The Comparison Pitch

What makes it good: Offering a personalized taste of your solution keeps listeners engaged and increases the likelihood they will take additional steps towards utilizing your services.

icon for squares

We're like [well-known company] but for [your market].

We [describe unique approach or offering].

If you're interested, I'd be happy to arrange a personal experience with our product/service. [CTA]

Future Vision Pitch

What makes it good: By painting a picture of a desired future state and portraying your role in shaping its realization, this format captures the imagination while also signaling your innovation leadership.

icon for transition

We're working on [your product/service]

to change [describe the future scenario or outcome].

We're at the forefront of this change because [explain how/why].

If this vision aligns with you, you might want to be part of this transformative journey. [CTA]

Testimonial Pitch

What makes it good: Testimonial Format highlights positive feedback from satisfied clients which not only validates your service quality but also serves as social proof.

icon for file

One of our customers recently told us [brief testimonial or story].

That's what we do at [company] - we [what your company does].

If you see potential in this, I'd be more than happy to explore how we could replicate similar results for you. [CTA]

Combination of Formats

Combining different elevator pitch formats allows entrepreneurs to convey their unique value proposition using various techniques like problem, story, or metrics, tailoring the message based on their listenerā€™s preferences and interest levels as in the examples you can find below.

Problem-Solution Format and the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

I'm [name],

and I help [target audience]

[solve the problem] by [unique selling proposition].

Let's work together and experience the [unique differentiator] that sets us apart from [competitor]. [CTA]

Problem-Solution Format, the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and the Benefits Focused pitch

We help [target audience]

[solve the problem]

by [unique selling proposition].

Our [product/service] is [unique differentiator].

Contact me, [name], today to learn more about how my [unique selling proposition] can help differentiate your business from the competition, and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. [CTA]

Problem-Solution Format and the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As [name],

I specialize in helping [target audience] overcome their [problem] challenges. Unlike [competitor],

my team and I [unique differentiator] to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

To get started, simply [insert next step here, e.g., schedule a consultation, sign up for a free trial, etc.]. Thanks for considering us! [CTA]

Problem-Solution Format and the Benefits Focused Pitch

template 1 for elevator pitch

I can help [target personas] [achieve goal] through a combination of:
Not only [differentiator 1], but also [differentiator 2], so you can benefit by:
[Benefit 1]
[Benefit 2]
[Benefit 3]
Over [X customers] have [achieved goal] with my help, and you can too!
Let's work together and get started on achieving your goal today. [CTA]


Crafting an effective elevator pitch requires identifying a compelling format that speaks directly to the listener's needs, highlighting a memorable hook, and presenting relevant details without overwhelming themāœšŸ»šŸ”ˆ

Using the ten effective templates provided, entrepreneurs can confidently communicate their offerings, make a memorable impression, and potentially gain connections or funding opportunitiesā³šŸŒŸ